Best Accounting Software 2021

Best Accounting Blogs 2021

We've created a list of our favorite accounting blogs and resources that are actively producing original content in 2021.

Accounting blogs are fantastic resources for learning about the latest trends in accounting, preparing for tax season, and understanding how to minimize your chance of financial mismanagement. Especially during this past year, blogs wrote about how to maximize your profits during the pandemic and manage a business during a tumultuous economic time.

We've created a list of our favorite blogs that are actively producing content regarding accounting, small business finances, and more. Many of the blogs below also have associated Facebook groups and YouTube channels that you can use to supplement the written content.

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QuickBooks Online Blog

QuickBooks Online is the leader in accounting software for small businesses, and it has an informative blog to match. This blog publishes content regarding current financial news, tips and tricks for using QuickBooks Online, advice from accountants, and more.

Post Frequency
  • Multiple times per week
Readers Per Month
  • 6,000
Favorite Posts is a massively popular educational resource for bookkeepers, small businesses, and accounting students. Along with accounting material, there’s also bookkeeping and managerial content. While more of a learning resource than a blog, this website is a must for anyone looking to learn both basic and advanced financial material.

Harold Averkamp, who is a Certified Public Accountant, spent 25 years as an accounting instructor and built the entire resource himself. While there is a paid option, which gives subscribers access to more sophisticated material, the bulk of the information is free to the public.

Post Frequency
  • N/A
Readers Per Month
  • 470,000
Favorite Sections

Lyfe Accounting Blog

Though the Lyfe Accounting blog has a relatively small readership, they provide some of the best resources for those who need to learn the basics of accounting. Along with their blog, which is updated multiple times per week, they have a YouTube channel with videos that run anywhere from five to 20 minutes in length. Particularly for freelancers or small businesses who are not well-versed in accounting terminology, this is a fantastic resource.

Post Frequency
  • Multiple times per week
Readers Per Month
  • 200
Favorite Posts

5 Minute Bookkeeping Blog

This easy-to-digest blog was created by Veronica Wasek, a Certified Public Accountant who started by giving QuickBooks Online tips and tricks. The blog has since expanded to provide freelancers and entrepreneurs with QuickBooks Online tutorials, bookkeeping how-to articles, and posts regarding accounting for ecommerce businesses. This blog is particularly helpful because there’s an associated Facebook group with more than 13,000 members who actively ask questions and provide advice.

Post Frequency
  • Once per month
Readers Per Month
  • 2,000
Favorite Posts

Accounting Today

More of a news source than a blog, Accounting Today publishes multiple articles per day about the stock market, small business accounting, tax information, and all things business-related. The resource provides tips mostly for accountants, but small business owners can still glean valuable information from the multitude of articles. This resource is best for entrepreneurs who enjoy staying on top of current economic news and trends.

Post Frequency
  • Multiple times per day
Readers Per Month
  • 80,000
Favorite Posts
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