Breezy HR Review

Breezy HR Review

Breezy HR is award-winning applicant tracking software (ATS) used by over 3,000 businesses to streamline all aspects of recruitment, from sourcing candidates to hiring.


  • Customizable pipeline with drag-and-drop functionality to organize candidates visually
  • Automated emails, templates and advanced scheduling for candidate communication
  • Integrated two-way video meetings and one-way video questionnaires for remote hiring


  • No customizable reports
  • Lack of a mid-tier pricing option, which makes it expensive if you need to advertise only a few positions
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Breezy HR Pricing

  • Free plan available with a single job posting and candidate pool
  • Paid plans start at $149/month (billed annually) for unlimited job positions
  • Most popular plan is $299/month (billed annually) for all features

Breezy HR Full Review

Breezy HR is award-winning applicant tracking software (ATS) designed to streamline all aspects of recruitment, from sourcing candidates to hiring. Founded in 2014, Breezy has a growing customer base of 3,000+ companies across the globe and has established itself as a market leader via exceptional usability and a rich set of features.

As end-to-end recruitment software, Breezy helps businesses manage large numbers of applicants with less effort. The software has a modern feel with an intuitive design, making it extremely straightforward for teams to adopt with limited training.

With Breezy HR, you can automatically post to dozens of job boards (free and premium). You can also build a personalized Career Portal to showcase your business and attract prospective candidates. You can track applicants through recruitment stages (Applied, Interviewing, Feedback, etc.) using a drag-and-drop Kanban-style pipeline. The visual approach provides an excellent overview and can be customized to suit your business needs. You can also automate individual stages to streamline your workflow and reduce manual tasks (such as sending disqualification emails) for your team.

The software has several pre-built reports that offer insights into your recruitment process (there is currently no option to build custom reports). This can limit organizations that want to utilize different data fields to analyze metrics or KPIs.

Overall, Breezy HR is an ideal option for large teams that need robust recruitment software to manage candidates and streamline various tasks. However, paid plans start at $149/month (billed annually), which can be expensive for new businesses that need to advertise multiple positions infrequently.

Key Features

Below, we'll discuss the key features of Breezy, and how they can benefit your business.

Creating Job Postings

Breezy HR's step-by-step wizard makes it straightforward to create a job opening. You can create customized job descriptions from scratch or utilize one of the hundreds of templates. You can tailor the Application Form to collect essentials (such as name, email and resume) from candidates. You can also pre-screen candidates by including a questionnaire.

Breezy HR Review Creating Job Posting

Job Advertising

Advertising your job is arguably the most important part of the recruitment process. A well-advertised job allows you to reach the largest qualified audience and find the perfect candidate for your role. Breezy offers several ways to promote your job opening, including automatic posting through social media and on leading job boards (Indeed, Glassdoor and Google Jobs) via a career portal. Breezy also integrates with several premium job boards to increase your exposure.

Breezy offers a customizable Career Portal that can be used to showcase your new openings and inform applicants about the role and your company. The Career Portal has a simple and intuitive step-by-step wizard that makes it easy to get started. Companies can customize the appearance of the page and add text and images to provide a more engaging and professional advertisement. For example, you can add images of your office space and include company perks to entice prospective candidates. Unlike Jobsoid, Breezy HR offers no option to add pages to your site. However, there is a “Jobs Widget” integration that allows you to host the job openings on your website, providing more control over styling and layout.

Breezy HR Review Posting Job on Website

Candidate Management

Breezy HR utilizes intuitive pipelines to manage candidates. Pipelines are visual representations of recruitment stages (Applied, Interviewing, Feedback, etc.). Businesses can customize a pipeline for each role and for current hiring processes, and candidates can be moved across the various stages through a drag-and-drop user interface.

To further streamline hiring, Breezy also provides the option to set up automatic actions, which are triggered when a candidate reaches a certain stage. Possible actions include sending an email or SMS, asking candidates to fill in a questionnaire, and requesting feedback from colleagues. By utilizing automation, you can make sure that routine tasks are always completed. For example, you can send out a questionnaire to request references, or set up automated disqualification emails.

Breezy HR Review Candidate Pipeline Management

Breezy HR has in-depth profiles that store all necessary information about candidates, including contact details, resume information and team correspondence. If you upload a resume manually, the software will parse the information and create a comprehensive profile. The clean layout makes it easy to find essential information.

Breezy HR Review Candidate Profile

All recruitment tasks can be completed through the profile, including scheduling an interview on the calendar, sending an email, and even requesting feedback about the candidate from other hiring managers with scorecards (if enabled). Scorecards provide open-ended feedback on specific attributes and can be customized for job openings. For example, you might ask hiring managers to review candidates’ “Communication” or rate a candidate on a scale from “Very Good” to “Poor.”

Breezy HR Review Candidate Scorecard

Interviews & Scheduling

Scheduling interviews and communicating with candidates can be completed on the platform. To set up interviews, you need to access each candidate’s profile. Hiring Managers can offer multiple dates/times, allowing candidates to choose the most suitable time slot from a list. This reduces back-and-forth email communication and provides a more efficient solution. Only Hiring Managers can schedule interviews; however, other attendees can be added. Upcoming interviews appear in the Breezy calendar, which can integrate with external calendars (such as Google Calendar and Outlook).

Breezy HR Review Interview Scheduling

The software has a built-in Video Conference interview feature, which is particularly useful when hiring remote employees or conducting interviews away from the office. Candidates are supplied a unique link that is activated five minutes before the start of an interview. During the interview, the candidate’s profile and Interview Guide are available on-screen (viewable by Hiring Managers only) to make sure that key questions are not missed and that the interviewer has all the necessary information at hand. Breezy also offers an incredibly useful interview recording option, enabling Hiring Managers to replay the interview and review important sections.

In addition to built-in Video Conferences, Breezy provides the functionality to conduct one-way video questionnaires called Video Responses. Candidates record their answers to pre-selected questions in a video. This is an efficient way to assess soft skills, such as language, presentation ability and problem-solving. A candidate’s video responses are stored with their other information, on their Candidate Profile.

When you regularly hire as part of a team, it’s important to have a pre-defined interview structure. Interview Guides include several sections (situational, behavioral, role-specific, etc.) and related questions. For example, you might start each interview with a series of cultural questions, then go into role-specific skills. Following a structure ensures that conversations stay on track and allows your team to provide a fair assessment of each candidate by asking the right questions. You can link Scorecards (criteria associated with a role) to Interview Guides so that you can gather useful information and evaluate candidates accordingly.

Breezy HR Review Interview Guides

Team Collaboration

Breezy HR offers a real-time messaging system for sharing important candidate information with your team. Discussions are in the potential employee’s candidate profile, providing centralized communication. Comments appear in chronological order, making it easy to view updates. You can attract the attention of individual team members using "@" or address your team as a whole. Breezy integrates with Slack, allowing you to gather feedback and use the tools your team may be familiar with already.

Breezy HR Review Candidate Discussion


Implementing a data-driven recruitment process is essential to improving your workflow and reducing costs and time spent filling positions. Breezy has in-depth reports that both support candidate tracking throughout the hiring cycle and provide insight into potential areas of improvement.

Pipeline metrics show the number of applicants that have advanced to the next stage in your recruitment funnel and how long applicants spent in each stage, allowing you to see where bottlenecks occur. This report allows you to compare job postings to see how much time you need to allocate for future hires. For example, hiring for an entry-level customer service position may take only 14 days, while hiring a Developer may take more than 30 days (depending on the requirements). You might run these metrics with the “Time to Fill” report to gain insight into how decisive individual team members are.

Breezy HR Review Report Example

The “Open Positions” report offers a high-level overview of each role, including the position creator, the location, the total number of days open, and the number of applicants who have reached each stage. Source reports demonstrate how applicants apply (job boards, Facebook, web portal), allowing you to see where you need to focus your efforts. All data can be exported to Excel, allowing you to combine different metrics and build powerful reports.

Breezy HR vs. Jobsoid

Jobsoid is a leading recruitment and applicant tracking systems. The software’s features are similar to Breezy’s: job advertising, advanced scheduling, in-depth candidate profiles, and team collaboration tools.

Breezy's modern interface is more user-friendly, with the Kanban board pipeline providing an excellent visual approach to candidate management. Breezy also supports remote hiring with an integrated video interview option (a feature not currently available on Jobsoid) for which users need to implement external software, such as Skype or Google Hangouts.

However, one area in which Breezy lacks is analytics. The pre-set reports offer a great overview, but there is no way to customize report data fields. This may not be a particularly big issue for you.

Is Breezy HR the Right Software for You?

Breezy HR is excellent for businesses and recruitment agencies that are growing and looking to streamline their onboarding process. By automating tasks like advertising, screening and follow-ups, Breezy frees up time for connecting with candidates and conducting fair and thorough assessments.

With sourcing tools that connect to LinkedIn, a visual pipeline for candidates to move through, interview guides and scorecards, Breezy HR makes the entire hiring process not only easier but also more successful. If you run a remote business, Breezy should be at the top of your list for its integrated video conference interviews and video response questionnaires. Paid plans include an unlimited number of job positions, making Breezy HR suitable for recruitment agencies and large companies that hire regularly.

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