Pipedrive Review, Pricing & Features

Pipedrive Review, Pricing & Features

Pipedrive is a basic, user-friendly CRM solution that's best for individuals and SMBs that primarily need a tool to visually manage their deals.


  • Pipedrive is a better fit for individuals and entrepreneurs
  • Pipedrive is user-friendly and offers an intuitive interface
  • Pipedrive offers an in-platform live chat lead capture tool


  • Pipedrive’s task management feature does not let you set reminders
  • Pipedrive does not offer an in-platform email campaign feature
  • Pipedrive does not offer an automatic activity feed
  • Pipedrive does not offer lead scoring
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What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a user-friendly CRM solution that has over 95,000 customers. It offers features in these key categories – lead capture, contact and deal management, workflow automation, and insights reporting. We recommend Pipedrive for those with a lower budget who need a basic CRM tool to mainly manage their deals and pipelines.

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Pipedrive Review Summary

Pipedrive was founded in 2010 by Michael Schrezenmaier, Timo Rein, Urmas Purde, Ragnar Sass, Martin Tajur, and Martin Henk. Its mission is to support sales and marketing teams with easy-to-use, powerful tools that make everyday work faster and easier. Today, Pipedrive has over 600 employees and is based in New York, NY.

Pipedrive helps its customers focus on scheduling, completing, and tracking sales activities. It offers tools for lead capture, contact and deal management, workflow automation, and insights reporting. Overall, Pipedrive is best for those who want a low-cost, basic solution and primarily need a CRM for visual deal management.

We spoke with several Pipedrive customers who appreciate how easy it is to use the platform. Sandeepan Jindal, founder of BidFortune notes that the ability to drag and drop deal stages in Pipedrive is super intuitive and reduces friction when updating a deal stage.

In terms of pricing, Pipedrive falls more towards the middle. Its most popular plan costs $59 per month, and its most expensive plan costs $99 per month. Overall, we found Pipedrive’s pricing to be slightly more expensive because other solutions like Copper and Zoho CRM are more feature-rich and cost similarly.

Pipedrive is a basic CRM solution that is best suited for those who mainly need a solution for easy-to-use deal management. We recommend it for individuals and small businesses with less than 50 employees.

  • If you want an advanced, all-in-one CRM solution with high-quality marketing tools, then we recommend HubSpot
  • If you want an advanced, affordable tool and currently use other Zoho products, then we recommend Zoho CRM
  • If you want a highly customizable, advanced platform that can also support enterprises, then we recommend Salesforce
  • If you want a basic CRM that integrates tightly with Google Workspace, then we recommend Copper

Pipedrive Pricing & Cost

Pipedrive’s pricing ranges from $18 to $99 per month. You can also save up to ~31% if you pay annually. Pipedrive also offers a free 14-day trial for each plan.

Essential$18 per month
Advanced$33 per month
Professional$59 per month
Enterprise$99 per month
Pipedrive Pricing

Pipedrive Features

In our review, we will walk through the features offered by Pipedrive. We’ll discuss its usability, customer support, and describe the major benefits and drawbacks of Pipedrive. We’ll also show real images of the software to give you an idea of what it’s like to use the tool.

Lead Capture

A lead is an individual or organization that has an interest in your products or services. Lead capture refers to the process of acquiring a lead’s information, with the ultimate goal of converting them into a paying customer.

Lead Forms

Pipedrive offers its own feature that lets you create web forms. Forms are one of the easiest lead capture methods because they allow the leads to provide their information themselves.

After someone submits a form, Pipedrive lets you capture the person as a lead and choose who in your organization is the owner. This feature is easy-to-use and best for making simple forms.

Pipedrive lead forms

You can include standard contact form fields – including name, email, phone, and message. You can also edit the color, font, layout, and field styles and choose whether to embed your form or share it as a link.

Live Chat & Chat Bots

Pipedrive lets you create a live chat and chat bot widget that you can embed within your website to capture lead information. Overall, this feature is very intuitive to use.

Pipedrive Live Chat

As shown above, Pipedrive lets you create a flow map that visually represents how a person you are chatting with can become a lead. You can choose which fields or questions are applicable in the workflow, and depending on how a person answers, you can capture them as a lead.

Pipedrive lead chatbot

An advantage of Pipedrive’s chat bot and live chat feature is that you can have them in over 15 languages, including Mandarin, French, Spanish, and Italian. You can also choose the color scheme for your chat window.

Contact Management

Capturing a lead’s contact information is crucial in converting them into a paying customer. However, the type of information you can record, and how it’s stored and managed will determine the value you gain from your CRM. This is known as contact management.

Contact Profiles

You can create a profile for every lead you have captured in Pipedrive. In general, the more information and the more unique a profile, the better the chance you have of converting someone into a lead. Pipedrive lets you create basic contact profiles that include key information.

Pipedrive contact profile

You can include standard contact information like email addresses, phone numbers, associated deals, and files. You can also create custom fields that can capture unique information and be specified for certain clientele and even industries.

Pipedrive also includes an activity feed for every contact. This is where you can schedule events involving that contact like meetings, calls, tasks, and emails.

Contact Storage

It’s important that your contacts are easy to access and stored in an organized manner. Contact storage in Pipedrive is basic, but effective.

Pipedrive contact storage

Pipedrive divides your contacts by individuals and organizations. Pipedrive automatically segments your contacts alphabetically and you can use filters with certain criteria to further segment them. Your filters can relate to deals, contacts, and activities.

Communication Channels

Maintaining consistent communication with your contacts is imperative in converting them into a paying customer. Pipedrive only offers email and phone as communication channels.

Email Marketing

Pipedrive lets you sync your email into its system. This means you can access and send emails from within Pipedrive. This tool is basic, but is only effective for sending individual emails. You would have to integrate with email marketing software like Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor if you want to send mass email campaigns.

Pipedrive email

Pipedrive lets you send basic emails to your contacts, which can include images, files, and even a signature. Pipedrive also lets you add merge fields, which pull data from your CRM and insert them into your email body. Some of the merge fields you can insert include name, phone, email, organization, and address.

Pipedrive also lets you create templates of your most frequently used emails. You can include in your templates the same email elements listed above. You can also track emails that notify you when an email has been opened and when a link in an email has been clicked.


Pipedrive lets you integrate your phone system with its CRM system. This feature saves you time because with it you can call contacts without having to leave Pipedrive.

You can either choose to make calls from Pipedrive’s web app or transfer calls to your phone. You can also log calls, which are trackable once the call ends.

Deal Management

Once a lead becomes qualified, you’ll need an organized system that manages your deals. Proper and efficient deal management provides the most up-to-date information and allows sales representatives to focus their attention on building strong relationships with potential customers.


Pipelines let you visually track the progress of prospective customers through every deal stage. Similarly to Copper, Pipedrive is not ideal for handling a high number of deals – it’s best for businesses with less than 10 deals occurring at once.

Pipedrive deal management

Pipedrive lets you create and customize your pipelines so that they can best align with your business’s sales funnels. You can drag and drop stages, rename them, and even insert a "win probability" percentage.

You can also use and create custom filters to further segment deals from one another. This includes filters related to won, lost, and inactive deals.

Task Management

Tasks in a CRM are actions that need to be performed in order to bring a deal to completion. These can be assigned to you or others in your organization. Overall, this feature in Pipedrive is efficient and best for those who are handling less than 50 tasks at once.

Pipedrive task management

You can organize your tasks through the use of different filters related to your deals, organization, contacts, and when tasks are due. An advantage of Pipedrive’s task management feature is that you can view your tasks in a calendar format.

Pipedrive lets you set a due date, write a description, and attach related deals, and organizations for your tasks. A disadvantage of tasks in Pipedrive is that you cannot set reminders, which are key for tasks because they reduce the chance of losing a potential deal.

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is the process of automating common tasks through the use of apps, tools, and technology. Automating your workflow reduces the chance for human error, and ultimately saves time. Pipedrive’s only workflow automation tool is triggered events.

Triggered Events

Pipedrive lets you set up workflow rules where events trigger a specific action. For example, when a deal is created, you can automatically make a specific person in your organization the owner. This feature in Pipedrive is intuitive to use and can be used for simple workflows.

Pipedrive automation

Pipedrive lets you create automations for leads, contacts, and activities like tasks. You can create multiple actions for one trigger – including field updates, emails, task creations, and contact deletion.


Reporting in a CRM offers key data that helps individuals and businesses make strategic decisions and the necessary tactical changes. This includes key insight reports like deals won and lost, pipeline progressions, your sales funnel, and sales forecasting. Pipedrive offers all of these key insights in the form of dashboards and the data is easy to read.

Pipedrive reporting

Pipedrive also offers insights on email and task performance. Also, depending on the insight, you can choose whether to visualize your data as a column, bar, or pie chart or table.

Pipedrive’s Integrations

Pipedrive offers integrations that result in automated actions that expand the functionality of your CRM. They also eliminate the need to move back and forth between systems. Some of Pipedrive’s key integrations include:

  • Google Workspace
  • Zapier
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Intercom
  • Shopify


Pipedrive offers an effective mobile app for both Android and Apple. Having a mobile CRM gives you the best ability in ensuring that your customers are getting the best service available. While Pipedrive’s mobile app lets you capture leads and create new deals, we recommend primarily using it to stay up to date on your current lead and deal activity.

Pipedrive mobile

On mobile, you can add activities that let you know what needs to be done on certain days. This includes calls, meetings, tasks, and emails that need to be sent out. Disadvantages of Pipedrive’s mobile app include not being able to view reports or important analytics data in regards to your deals and sales.

Legal & Security

Having proper security and data protection is critical for your CRM. This is because data breaches can harshly affect your company’s reputation and allow competitors to steal your customers’ information. Pipedrive offers key security features and compliances to make sure your data is secured and protected.

FeatureOffered by Pipedrive
SSL CertificateYes
Role Based ViewsYes
Secure StorageYes (AWS)
International CompliancesYes (GDPR)
HIPAA ComplianceNo
Single Sign OnYes

Customer Support

Overall, we found Pipedrive’s customer support to be above average. This is because Pipedrive offers a wide variety of customer support channels and 24/7 support. Pipedrive’s live chat is also quick and responsive.

Pipedrive’s help articles are also easy to read because they do not use intricate language. They also include elements like bolded terms, and images with helpful markings like arrows and boxes that specify the feature being referenced.

Customer Support ChannelsLive chat, [email protected], Support tickets, Phone
Customer Support Availability24/7
Other Support ResourcesKnowledge Base, FAQs, Pipedrive Academy
Platform Update NotificationsYes
Application Status PageYes

Pipedrive vs. Competitors

Overall, Pipedrive is the most similar to Copper – both are basic and user-friendly CRMs. However, Pipedrive is better for individuals and entrepreneurs. Compared to HubSpot and Zoho CRM, Pipedrive is less feature-rich. Compared to Salesforce, Pipedrive is much better suited for SMBs.

The top Pipedrive competitors are:

Is Pipedrive Right For You?

Pipedrive is a basic CRM solution that is best suited for those who mainly need a solution for easy-to-use deal management. We recommend it for individuals and small businesses with less than 50 employees.

  • If you want an advanced, all-in-one CRM solution with high-quality marketing tools, then we recommend HubSpot
  • If you want an advanced, affordable tool and currently use other Zoho products, then we recommend Zoho CRM
  • If you want a highly customizable, advanced platform that can also support enterprises, then we recommend Salesforce
  • If you want a basic CRM that integrates tightly with Google Workspace, then we recommend Copper
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