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Denticon Charting Software Overview

Denticon’s feature-rich charting software allow you to quickly and accurately record patient information, so you can focus on other valuable tasks to improve your business.

Having comprehensive and information-rich charts in your clinical records is important for educating patients on potential treatments and justifying procedures to insurance carriers. However, exhaustive charting and note-taking is a time-consuming and tedious process that takes valuable time away from other important tasks in your organization.

Denticon’s fully-featured charting and note-taking modules allow you to quickly create accurate clinical records. Also, Denticon is cloud-based, so charts and notes can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

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What is Denticon?

Denticon is a popular, cloud-based practice management software that is ideal for practices with multiple locations. It is one of the most fully-featured products on the market today, offering scheduling, patient communication, and claims processing. Additionally, Denticon has robust dental charting that is useful for practices of any size.

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Charting Overview

Denticon comes equipped with numerous features that make charting faster and easier. This tool allows you to spend less time taking notes, so you can focus on other important tasks like marketing & patient care. There are four tabs found in the charting module.

  • Restorative charting
  • Perio charting
  • X-ray
  • Progress notes

Restorative Charting

Denticon’s restorative charting comes loaded with features to help you quickly and efficiently record information.

Robust Odontogram

denticon odontogram

Denticon is equipped with an advanced and user-friendly odontogram. From one view, you can multiselect teeth, and add pre-existing conditions, completed procedures, and treatment plans. All actions are recorded at the bottom of the module.

The timeline allows you to track the progress of your patients. You can view all chart updates by clicking on the nodes in the timeline.

Watch Feature

denticon watch feature

Watch feature allows you to take notes directly on the chart. You can place arrows anywhere on the chart, and patient information appears when you hover with your cursor.

Perio Charting

With Denticon’s fully-featured perio charting module, you can quickly and easily conduct periodontal examinations. There are several useful features that accelerate perio charting in Denticon.

Perio Charting FeaturesDescription
View ToggleToggle between data entry and graphical views in the same tab
Voice-activated Perio ChartingUse Denticon’s speech-recognition technology to annotate pocket depths, bleeding, and suppuration. Although voice-activated perio charting is included in the purchase of Denticon, you need to request activation.
Keyboard ShortcutsUse hotkeys to quickly annotate pocket depth, bleeding, suppuration, and more.
Specialized TemplatesChange the orientation of the chart, and set which direction you want data to be inputed. Custom templates can be created for and assigned to every user.
Error PreventionDenticon can prevent some instances of human error. For example, Denticon will not allow you to add furcation defects on teeth that are not multirooted.


Switching between practice management software and imaging software is inefficient. Dentiray Web subscribers can view and edit images directly in the charting module. Dentiray Web costs a few hundred dollars per month if purchased separately. However, Denticon offers a discount, if purchased in a bundle package.

denticon xray

Clicking on the tooth in the odontogram will show a thumbnail of the x-ray. This thumbnail can be resized, moved around, and displayed on a second monitor.

denticon xray 2
“One of the benefits of having Denticon is the embedded X-ray option. You can click right on the tooth that you want to see, and it will pull up the x-ray. It reduces friction with the patient because you don’t have to be fiddling around, pushing a bunch of buttons. It’s right there.” -Dr. Krista Kappus TruFamily Dental

Progress Notes

Recording accurate progress notes is an important, but time-consuming task. Denticon is equipped with features to accelerate the process.

Pop-out Window

Because the progress notes window can pop out, you can take notes of other charts without switching back and forth between tabs. This is ideal for users who use multiple monitors.


Denticon allows you to create advanced macros to accelerate progress note-taking. You can create custom pick lists in drop down menus to help you enter repetitive information such as teeth numbers, quadrants, and materials. Denticon’s macro categories cover the most commonly used fields including:

  • Diagnostic
  • Preventive
  • Endodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Prosthodontics (removable & fixed)
  • Maxillofacial prosthetics
  • Implant services
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Orthodontics
  • Adjunct general services
  • Insurance
  • Watches (charting)

Is Denticon Charting Right For You?

Denticon’s advanced charting is an ideal tool for most practices. It comes equipped with a variety of features, like macros and voice-activated perio charting, to help accelerate the charting and note-taking process. These features allow you to spend less on the computer, and more time building patient relationships and improving your practice.

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