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What Is Doctible?

Doctible is a cloud-based patient engagement platform used by thousands of dental and medical practices. The platform comes with several software tools that help practices automate patient communication, improve their patient experience, and grow their businesses. Specific modules on the platform include a website chatbot, online scheduling, appointment reminders, email & text messaging, online forms, payment processing, online reviews, and patient recalls. Doctible's dental software also provides website development and content production services to a fraction of its customers.

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Full Review: Doctible

Doctible was founded in 2013 by Ajit Viswanathan, Leon Hu, and Michael Anderson. The team has focused on building a robust, yet simple platform that allows dental and medical practices to efficiently attract and retain patients. Since 2013, Doctible has grown to serve over 5,000 practices in the dental, medical, optometry, chiropractic and podiatry verticals. Doctible is based in San Diego, California and has over 65 employees.

Doctible's platform includes a range of modules that practices use to increase patient engagement and grow their businesses. This includes a website chatbot, online scheduling, two-way texting, appointment reminders, email & text messaging, online forms, payment processing, online reviews, and patient recalls. Doctible also provides website development and content production services to a fraction of its customers.

Doctible’s unique pricing model allows customers to select and pay for the specific software modules that they want to use. For example, you can choose to only purchase Doctible's website chatbot, reputation management tool, or patient communication module. This approach often makes Doctible more affordable than alternatives that require you to purchase the entire platform. Modularity also means that your team only needs to be trained on the products you'll use.

Practices use Doctible to replace multiple software vendors. The Doctible platform offers features found in patient communication systems like Lighthouse 360 and Solutionreach, online scheduling tools like LocalMed, and reputation management systems like Podium and Swell. In addition, all Doctible modules are built specifically for dental and medical practices.

Overall, we highly recommend Doctible for practices that desire a simple, yet powerful patient engagement tool to help grow their business.

Doctible Pricing & Cost

Doctible pricing ranges from $100 to $500 for a single location. Cost details include:

  • Pricing depends on the tools you decide that you would like for your practice
  • Doctible is priced a per-location basis, with bulk discounts for multiple locations
  • Free demo

Doctible Features

As mentioned above, Doctible offers a wide range of tools, and customers only need to purchase the tools they would like to implement for their practices. Below, we'll discuss the key features of Doctible, and how they can improve your end-to-end patient experience. We'll also share some photos of the actual product to give you a sense of its design and layout.

Website Messenger (Chatbot)

Doctible has a website chatbot tool that can be used to engage patients who visit your website at any time. Doctible's chatbot is fully automated, and does not require anyone from your team to manage the conversations. The chatbot’s goal is to secure new appointments for your practice.

Doctible's tool is optimized for your individual practice during implementation using information like the insurance you accept, the procedures you perform, and your hours of operation. When website visitors initiate the chat, they are asked if they would like to schedule an appointment, whether they are a new or existing patient, and for their contact information.

Doctible Chatbot Screenshot

Patient appointment requests are immediately emailed to your team along with a transcript of the entire chat conversation with the patient.

Online Scheduling

Doctible also offers an online scheduling tool that integrates with your practice's website. In a few clicks, patients can select a date and procedure, enter insurance and contact information, and request an appointment. Appointment requests from this tool are added to the Doctible dashboard and emailed to your team.

Doctible Online Scheduling Tool

Appointment Reminders

Reducing no-shows is an important part of practice operations. As patient appointments near, you can use Doctible to automatically send a series of text and email reminders that will increase the percentage of patients who show up for their appointments.

These email and text campaigns can be customized to send to patients as much as 30 days prior to their appointments. Doctible also recommends sending patients a final text message reminder one hour prior to appointments. When a patient confirms the appointment, its status is automatically updated in your practice management software, which greatly reduces staff time spent confirming appointments.

Here is an example of an appointment reminder that is sent automatically through Doctible:

Doctible Appointment Reminder

Appointments that are confirmed can also be viewed in Doctible’s dashboard. The dashboard indicates which appointments have been confirmed and which ones require follow-up from your team.

Doctible Online Appointments Dashboard

Patient Communicator

One of the most valuable modules within Doctible is its Patient Communicator module. This inbox aggregates all patient conversations into a single interface that your team can use to manage two-way conversations. This application is a valuable tool for your practice to keep track of communications with each patient and strengthen your overall patient experience.

Doctible Patient Communicator

All messages sent from the patient communicator are text messages. Your team can build templates for the most common responses, and flag conversations for follow-up with different teams.

The system also allows you to set away responses that activate outside your hours of operation. This is ideal for patients who contact you about emergencies that require an immediate response. You can also set always-on messages that send an auto-reply at all times. This is a useful feature in the event your practice is closed for a prolonged period of time.

Additionally, the Patient Communicator allows a practice to broadcast a message to a group of patients. This is useful in situations where your practice needs to get in touch with many patients urgently. For example, if your practice is running behind schedule on a given day, or has to close unexpectedly. Additionally, this module can be used to create lists of patients who would like earlier appointments if openings arise.

Doctible Text Message Broadcast

Online Forms

During the onboarding process, Doctible works with your team to digitize your intake forms. Digital forms are far more efficient than paper forms, and eliminate a time-consuming front office task.

The system can be set up to send digital intake forms to patients a few days ahead of their appointments. Patients can enter information and sign the documents with electronic signatures.

Doctible online form

Payment Financing & Processing

Doctible's platform includes payment processing and fully managed payment plan services that are customized for your practice. This allows you to quickly invoice patients for services, and offer flexible payment for patients who require assistance. Patients can choose to pay immediately, or pay over a defined period of time with interest.

Doctible Payment Plans

During onboarding, customers work with Doctible to create payment plans that allow patients to finance payments over a period of time. Doctible manages payment collections and sends the money into a merchant account that you set up during implementation.

Doctible Payment Plans

Online Reviews

Docible also has a module that allows you to strengthen your online reputation by generating patient reviews. Their system integrates with your practice management system to send these communications automatically.

As you can see below, Doctible asks your patients for reviews as well as general feedback about the practice. You can create templates that auto-respond to Google reviews based upon the rating.

Doctible Patient Review Form

All patient reviews and social media mentions are pulled into the Doctible application. Your team can monitor your overall ratings, view the most recent patient feedback, and see how many patients are opening and clicking on your emails. Patient feedback data surfaces opportunities for your practice to improve the patient experience, and allows you to recognize members of your practice who are going above and beyond.

Doctible Review Dashboard

Missed Appointment Reminders

Unfortunately, no-shows are part of running any dental practice. Doctible’s Missed Appointment Reminders module automatically detects no-shows and proactively reaches out to these patients to reschedule their appointments. This ensures that your team no longer has to monitor no-show call lists and can leverage automation to bring these patients back into the practice.

Doctible Missed Appointment Reminder

Patient Recalls

Doctible has a patient recall module that identifies patients who are due for an appointment, but have not scheduled an appointment. The system automatically sends these patients emails and text messages to encourage them to schedule these overdue appointments.

The Doctible system is configurable to send patient recall messages for different services at different times. You can use the dashboard below to select which campaigns you want to activate, the name for the campaign, and the timing of the campaigns. The messages for your practice are developed with Doctible during the onboarding process, and are easy to edit thereafter.

Doctible Recall

Virtual Waiting Room

Doctible has recently launched a Virtual Waiting Room to streamline contactless patient check-in. The goal of the Virtual Waiting Room is to help usher each practice into the contactless era needed to protect the safety of its employees and patients.

The Virtual Waiting Room automates patient communication in the 24 hours prior to each appointment to ensure that all patients have completed any necessary screening forms prior to their appointments. The product includes a dashboard for your front office team to monitor progress and ensure that all patients have completed the necessary pre-appointment forms. In addition, it includes a button that allows your team to remotely notify patients that you are ready for their appointment to begin.

Doctible Virtual Waiting Room

You can read our step-by-step breakdown of the Virtual Waiting Room to learn more.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Doctible has a campaigns module that can be used to send mass emails. Common use cases for this tool are monthly newsletters, seasonal updates, and promotions. The tool allows you to create patient segments to send campaigns to targeted audiences. Messages sent through Doctible can leverage dynamic content to include the patient's name, the specific dental location they visit, and the corresponding phone number.

Doctible Campaign Creation Tool

Website Services

Doctible also offers website development and content creation services. These services are only offered to existing Doctible customers who have an outdated website or need support developing content. All website content is customized for individual practices and is optimized for search engine optimization (SEO).

An example of a website developed by Doctible is York Dental:

York Dental website

Doctible Integrations

Doctible has built over 40 integrations with leading practice management systems including:

Doctible Alternatives & Competitors

Doctible combines several features offered by competitors into a single solution. This includes more established patient communication systems like Lighthouse 360 and Solutionreach, and reputation management systems such as BirdEye and Podium. The most similar products on the market are Legwork and NexHealth.

Here is a full list of Doctible alternatives & competitors:

Online Scheduling Tools

Reputation Management Software

Email Marketing Software

Payment Processing Tools

  • PayPal
  • Square
  • Paper-based systems

Is Doctible right for you?

Doctible is a cloud-based patient engagement platform used by thousands of dental and medical practices. It differentiates itself from other solutions by offering a wide range of patient engagement tools that can be purchased in a modular fashion. Your practice can discuss the various Doctible modules with their team, and decide to only purchase those that you need.

If your practice is exploring ways to improve your patient experience and wants one vendor that can provide all of the most commonly used tools, Doctible is an ideal option. We recommend that determining the tools that your practice determines needs, and then comparing Doctible against vendors who specialize in those features. If you're interested in purchasing the full range of Doctible modules, then you should consider it alongside Legwork and NexHealth.

If you're interested, you can schedule a Doctible demo today.

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