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GrowthPlug Announces Enhanced Capabilities to Help Healthcare and Dental Practices

GrowthPlug recently launched a new version of its healthcare SaaS to help dental practices modernize front desk operations, improve online visibility, engage patients, and increase revenue. Below we share a breakdown of the product and its benefits.

GrowthPlug is a healthcare SaaS product built to help practices grow and automate their operations. Hundreds of dental practices use GrowthPlug to make it easier for them to establish a modern web presence and acquire new patients with ease.

GrowthPlug recently released a new version of its dental software that makes it easier for healthcare practices to accelerate patient acquisition while automating front desk operations. Below, we share the key benefits of GrowthPlug 2.0 and the best way for you to get started with GrowthPlug.

If you're interested, you can visit GrowthPlug to schedule a free demo today.

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What is GrowthPlug?

GrowthPlug is a practice growth and optimization platform built to help healthcare and dental practices acquire new patients, raise their reputations, automate front desk operations, and develop their online presence. The platform typically replaces several software tools – a practice website, reputation management system, appointment scheduling, and email marketing software. GrowthPlug was founded in Silicon Valley and currently serves hundreds of healthcare practices across the country with offices in San Jose, California and Beaverton, Oregon.

How Does GrowthPlug Help Practices Grow?

The GrowthPlug platform offers several benefits to practice managers and doctor offices. It increases the online visibility of practices, streamlines appointment scheduling, improves patient engagement, and surfaces valuable business insights. It’s an all in one practice growth and automation platform that addresses multiple use cases.

Greater Online Visibility

The GrowthPlug platform comes with a number of modules that make it easier for new patients to discover your practice online and enhance its visibility across all search engines. This includes a modern website, reputation management system, and business listing optimization.

One of the core modules of GrowthPlug's product is a custom-designed practice website that is mobile optimized, modern, and offers several capabilities for patients to seamlessly schedule appointments and connect with doctor offices using phone, chat or email. Healthcare practices are able to optimize the patient experience from patient acquisition to patient recall. Here's a GrowthPlug customer example – LemonTree Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ:

GrowthPlug Customer Website

GrowthPlug offers a powerful content management system that makes it easy for healthcare practices to create and manage their own content, publish blog posts and create social media posts. Over time, this content starts ranking well in Google's search results and helps practices to easily connect with prospective patients via their highly optimized online presence. In addition to the website, GrowthPlug also includes tools to help customers manage their online reputations and business listings. Both of these tools improve search visibility and local discovery. Using the GrowthPlug platform, you can create and run customized surveys for your patients to provide you feedback via email or text message. This helps you to understand the patient experience and ensure you can leverage that feedback to improve your staff performance as well as offer better services. Frequently capturing reviews is an important signal in achieving and maintaining a strong position in Google’s organic search rankings. The GrowthPlug platform also helps you maintain latest and consistent information on your business across several business directories, including:

  • Facebook
  • Foursquare
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo
  • Yelp

Increased Appointments

GrowthPlug offers a module for patients to easily request appointments online. Patients can enter their information and select a preferred day and time, and even select a preferred provider. Practices can start capturing a lot of new patients who may prefer to schedule appointments online instead of calling the doctor’s office. On average, practices start to see about 50% to 100% increase in patient appointments via their online presence.

GrowthPlug Appointments Widget

Practice team members receive alerts about appointments and can confirm them using their practice management systems. As of now, GrowthPlug does not include two-way integrations with practice management systems but this is part of their product roadmap and they are in conversations with leading practice management software to enhance the overall customer experience.

Better Patient Engagement

The GrowthPlug platform helps practices engage existing patients in addition to improved online visibility and increased appointments. Two features that are particularly valuable are 1) the ability to email specific segments of patients and 2) the ability to respond to patient reviews.

GrowthPlug users can design and run email campaigns to keep their existing patients engaged while providing new information and resources. After creating a new template, you can select your target segment and schedule the email campaign. This tool is meant to replace a simple email system such as Mailchimp or Mad Mimi.

Finally, once review platforms are integrated with GrowthPlug, healthcare teams have the ability to respond to reviews from inside the platform. Quickly responding to patient feedback is important for maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. It also helps ensure that prospective patients who read your reviews come away with a positive opinion.

Smarter Business Insights

The GrowthPlug platform helps dental practices better understand their business performance, website activity, patient experience and patient acquisition growth. The product's analytics dashboard includes valuable metrics such as:

  • Website views, patient leads, appointments and phone calls
  • Web traffic sources and locations
  • Top performing website pages
  • Button clicks
  • Number of reviews generated

GrowthPlug is able to provide these metrics in a single consolidated view for practice managers and business owners so they don’t have to use multiple tools or disparate systems to gain these insights . This business performance dashboard allows practices to get insights like never before as they can identify the key performance indicators which are helping the practice, and also spot areas of improvement where there is a lack of activity.

How Can I Get Started Today?

The best way to get started is to visit GrowthPlug to schedule a free demo of their platform. Their team can walk you through the product and help you determine if it's the right solution for your dental practice. If you choose to partner with GrowthPlug, you can expect to have the platform fully live within a few days to a few weeks depending upon your requirements.

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