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Weave Alternatives & Competitors

Are you considering purchasing Weave for your dental practice? Before making the purchase, it's best to learn about Weave's top competitors. The seven best alternatives are listed below, along with details on their features and pricing.

Since being started in 2014, Weave has quickly grown to serve over 13,000 customers. With its integrated VoIP phones and month-to-month contracts, Weave has established itself as a leader in the patient engagement software market.

To help you decide if Weave is the best solution for you, we share Weave's top competitors below, along with a detailed look at their features and pricing. To fully understand Weave, you can also read our in-depth Weave review.

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Weave Features

Before evaluating Weave's competitors, it's important to understand the features offered by Weave. Weave's platform includes the core patient communication tools found in all systems, as well as some innovative, new features. The nine most important features that Weave offers are described in the table below.

Online SchedulingOnline scheduling allows patients to schedule new appointments through your website and other digital channels.
VoIP PhonesThe Weave platform integrates software and Yealink VoIP phones to streamline operations and save money.
Call PopsCall pops are windows with useful patient information that show up on your computer screen when patients call your practice.
2-Way TextingTwo-way texting allows you to have SMS conversations with your patients.
Appointment RemindersAppointment reminders are sent to your patients prior to their appointments to reduce your no-show rate.
Payment ProcessingContactless payment processing allows you to charge patients for appointments and services through Weave.
Patient RecallPatient recalls are messages sent to patients when they are overdue for appointments.
Patient ReviewsPatients can leave reviews for your practice that are posted on Google, Facebook and other third-party platforms.

Email MarketingEmail marketing allows you to send newsletters, promotions and other email marketing campaigns to your patients.

Weave Competitor Overview: Pricing & Features

Weave is one of the fast-growing patient engagement systems in the dental industry. As you can see in the chart below, it performs nicely compared to its top competitors in terms of pricing and features.

Weave pricing starts at $399 per month. This price does not include an add-on monthly charge of $100 for patient reviews. At around $500 per location per month, Weave is priced comparably to its competitors. Some solutions, like Doctible and NexHealth offer cheaper starting subscriptions, but these do not include all features.

The Weave platform has more features than most patient communication systems. It offers all but four of the major tools offered by its competitors. The four features it does not include are:

  • Webchat
  • Virtual Waiting Room
  • Digital Forms
  • Telehealth
Weave feature comparison chart vs. competitors

Weave Competitors

There are dozens of patient engagement systems in the market. We've narrowed it down to the top seven Weave competitors that you should consider implementing at your practice, and ranked them by overall features, pricing, and usability.

Rating 95
Rating 93
Rating 93
Rating 90
Rating 90
Lighthouse 360
Lighthouse 360
Rating 88
Lighthouse 360
Lighthouse 360
Rating 88
Rating 85
Rating 85

The top Weave competitors are:

  • Doctible
  • NexHealth
  • Lighthouse 360
  • RevenueWell
  • Solutionreach
  • Demandforce
  • OperaDDS

#1: Doctible

Doctible is our top overall pick in the patient engagement system category. This is because it offers the widest range of features and most flexible pricing. While Doctible starts at $99 per month, you'll need to spend closer to $500 to get access to its full range of features.

You'll prefer Weave if:

  • You want a system with integrated VoIP phones
  • You want an internal team chat tool
  • You prefer a more mature company
You'll prefer Doctible if:

  • You want a webchat tool for your website
  • You want digital forms & a virtual waiting room
  • You want to pay only for the features you need
Rating: 95
Starting Price: $99 per month

Doctible is a cloud-based patient engagement platform used by thousands of dental and medical practices. The platform comes with several software tools that help practices automate patient communication, improve their patient experience, and grow their businesses. Specific modules on the platform include a website chatbot, online scheduling, appointment reminders, email & text messaging, online forms, payment processing, online reviews, and patient recalls.

  • Offers a very wide range of features including automated reminders, two-way texting, intake forms, a chatbot, online scheduling, reputation management, and payment processing
  • Has a modular pricing structure that allows each practice to choose only the products it needs
  • All tools are built specifically for dental and medical practices and are fully HIPAA compliant
  • Ability to text images is still under development
  • Payment and scheduling tools are not fully integrated with your practice management system
  • The payment collections tool requires you to set up a merchant bank account with a third-party

#2: NexHealth

NexHealth is another modern patient engagement system that offers a wide range of features. The company recently added telehealth to its impressive platform. The company serves over 5,000 practices and is growing rapidly.

You'll prefer Weave if:

  • You want a system with integrated VoIP phones
  • You value having strong call pops
  • You want an internal team chat tool
You'll prefer NexHealth if:

  • You need a tool for digital forms
  • You want a solution for telehealth
  • You value a slightly cheaper solution
Rating: 93
Starting Price: $300 per month

NexHealth is a patient experience management platform used by thousands of dental and medical professionals to grow their practices. NexHealth's platform includes all the necessary tools to manage the patient experience end-to-end: email & text messaging, online reviews, appointment scheduling, online forms, appointment reminders, recalls and reporting.

  • NexHealth is a full suite of patient engagement features in one platform
  • Online booking module is highly customizable, and integrates directly into your emails & website
  • Two-way integrations with all major practice management systems
  • More expensive than individual tools like Lighthouse 360 or LocalMed, however each of these only offers a subset of the features included in NexHealth
  • Does not currently support payment plans or recurring payments

#3: Lighthouse 360

Lighthouse 360 is a high-quality patient communication system that has been in the market since 2002. It has over 10,000 customers and is owned by Henry Schein – the same company that owns Dentrix. While it's cheaper than Weave, it does lack many key features found on the Weave platform.

You'll prefer Weave if:

  • You want a system with integrated VoIP phones & call pops
  • You need a solution for online scheduling
  • You want a best-in-class two way texting solution
You'll prefer Lighthouse 360 if:

  • You want a platform with digital forms
  • You need a front desk task list solution
  • You prefer a slightly cheaper subscription
Lighthouse 360
Rating: 88
Starting Price: $329 per month

Lighthouse 360 is a top patient communication and marketing system designed specifically for dentists, that integrates with many of the top dental practice management software systems.

  • Designed specifically for dental practices
  • Excellent for increasing existing patient recall and engagement
  • Encourages patients to write reviews of your practice to improve your online reputation
  • Sends automatic appointment reminders via text or email to reduce no-shows by an average of 40%
  • Does not include some core features found in competitors including teledentistry, appointment scheduling, and online payment processing
  • Reporting on marketing campaign performance is not robust
  • Communication history with each patient is not aggregated into a single inbox

#4: RevenueWell

RevenueWell is a popular patient communication system with over 7,500 customers. It includes nearly all the major features found in Weave with the exception of online scheduling. RevenueWell is the only other solution on this list that comes with integrated VoIP phones.

You'll prefer Weave if:

  • You want a system with online scheduling
  • You want an internal team chat tool
  • You prefer working with a larger software vendor
You'll prefer RevenueWell if:

  • You want a platform that includes digital forms
  • You want to offer an online portal to your patients
  • You prefer a slightly cheaper subscription
Rating: 85
Starting Price: $339 per month

RevenueWell distinguishes itself from the competition with its ability to automatically message patients with unscheduled procedures, based on their treatment plan.

  • Capable of identifying patients with unscheduled procedures based on their treatment plans, and automatically messaging those patients
  • Online patient portal helps streamline the patient experience
  • Best microsite (Patient Connect 365) compared to its competitors
  • Only offers online appointment requesting capabilities, as opposed to end-to-end online appointment scheduling. However, many practices enjoy having this control over their schedule, and the flexibility that this provides
  • Limited integrations (though it supports some of the most popular systems)

#5: Solutionreach

With over 25,000 customers, Solutionreach is the most popular patient communication system in the dental industry. It's been around since 2000, and offers a very robust platform. It is roughly the same price as Weave, and offers some unique features that Weave does not.

You'll prefer Weave if:

  • You want a system with integrated VoIP phones
  • You want an internal team chat tool
  • You value a more flexible, month-to-month contract
You'll prefer Solutionreach if:

  • You prefer a tested, mature platform
  • Telehealth is an important feature for you
  • Digital forms are important for your practice
Rating: 83
Starting Price: $299 per month

Solutionreach (formerly known as Smile Reminder) is a popular patient communication system used by over 25,000 customers in the medical industry, and is especially popular among dentists and optometrists.

  • Popular, established product used across several medical fields, especially dentistry and optometry
  • Robust communication capabilities help reduce no-shows and reactivate patients
  • SR Conversations makes it easy to quickly communicate with patients via text messages
  • Requires long-term contract that can be difficult to get out of, and auto-renews
  • Additional fees for certain modules, such as SR Schedule and SR Smart Reviews
  • Communication history with patients is not aggregated into single inbox, which can negatively impact patient engagement

#6: Demandforce

Demandforce is another mature, tested patient communication system. It was founded in 2003 and has over 30,000 customers across different industries. It costs roughly the same amount as Weave, but is lacking a handful of major features.

You'll prefer Weave if:

  • You want a system with integrated VoIP phones
  • You want to work with a more modern, innovative vendor
  • You value a more flexible, month-to-month contract
You'll prefer Demandforce if:

  • You prefer a tested, mature platform
  • You don't need call pops or digital forms
  • You already have a solution for payment processing
Rating: 81
Starting Price: $399 per month

Demandforce is a powerful marketing system that's known for helping dental practices collect patient reviews, which helps boost each practice's online presence.

  • Excellent for soliciting patient reviews
  • Greatly improves employee efficiency
  • Increases patient recall
  • Integrates with many popular dental & chiropractic practice management systems
  • Reviews are stored on Demandforce's servers, so if you switch to another system you'll have to back them up
  • Not a worthwhile investment solely for reviews -- but is worthwhile if you use the patient recall & retention capabilities
  • Demandforce reviews show up when users search for your business, potentially outranking your own website

#7: OperaDDS

OperaDDS is a patient communication system used by over 5,000 practices. It integrates with the major practice management systems – Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental, Patterson – and is significantly cheaper than Weave. At the same time, it is lacking many of the key features in the Weave platform.

You'll prefer Weave if:

  • You want a system with integrated VoIP phones
  • You want an online scheduling tool
  • You want a solution for payment processing
You'll prefer OperaDDS if:

  • Saving money is a top priority
  • You want to offer telehealth appointments
  • You're interested in its OperaVR digital nitrous headset
Rating: 81
Starting Price: $199 per month

OperaDDS is a HIPAA-compliant communication system designed to help staff communicate more effectively with each other in order to provide a more streamlined patient experience.

  • Provides both automated patient communications, as well as intra-office communication capabilities
  • Paperless forms streamline the patient experience
  • Affordable, without requiring any long-term contract
  • Newer, yet well-regarded company that is less well-known compared to its competition

Bottom Line

Weave is a modern, fast-growing patient communication system. The Weave customers we've spoken with have all been highly satisfied with their purchase. If you want to save money by consolidating your phone and patient communication software vendors, then its unique offering that includes VoIP phones makes it a top choice.

Before purchasing Weave, we recommend evaluating it against the most mature solutions in the market – Lighthouse 360 and Solutionreach. In addition, you should consider up and coming platforms Doctible and NexHealth. These systems are still growing, but offer a wider range of features at a cheaper price.

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