TpT ClassFund Review, Pricing & Features

TpT ClassFund Review, Pricing & Features

TpT ClassFund is a completely free fundraising tool built by Teachers Pay Teachers to help educators bring more teacher-created resources into their classrooms.


  • Raising funds on TpT ClassFund is completely free
  • TpT ClassFund is open to any educator
  • There are no fundraising targets required to access the money you raise


  • Funds raised must be spent on Teachers Pay Teachers
  • You are responsible for the marketing campaigns that generate contributions to your classroom
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What is TpT ClassFund?

TpT ClassFund is a fundraising solution launched by Teachers Pay Teachers in 2019 to help teachers bring more teacher-created, teacher-tested resources into their classrooms. The tool makes it easy for teachers to raise funds from their communities that can be used on over 3 million Teachers Pay Teachers resources. Teachers Pay Teachers, founded in 2006, is the world's most popular online marketplace for original educational resources and is used by 70% of teachers in the United States each year.

To get started with TpT ClassFund, visit the website today.

TpT ClassFund Pricing & Cost

TpT ClassFund is completely free for educators to use. The company states that: TpT doesn't charge any platform fees, expense fees, transaction fees, payment processing fees, or fulfillment fees. In addition, contributors are not asked for tips or donations, and 100% of each contributor's gift goes to the fundraising teacher.

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Full Review: TpT ClassFund

TpT ClassFund is an web-based tool created by Teachers Pay Teachers to make it easier for educators to raise funds for their classrooms. Using TpT ClassFund, any educator can raise an unlimited amount of funds from any individual or organization to be spent on the Teachers Pay Teachers marketplace.

Teachers Pay Teachers is the go-to online destination for educators to find the resources, knowledge, and inspiration they need to teach at their best. Teachers Pay Teachers offers more than 3 million free and paid resources, created by educators who understand what works in the classroom. Over 1 billion resources have been downloaded from the Teachers Pay Teachers website since 2006.

If you are one of the 5 million educators who uses Teachers Pay Teachers on a regular basis, we highly recommend exploring TpT ClassFund.

Key Features

Below, we'll discuss the key features of TpT ClassFund, and how they would benefit your classroom. We'll also share some photos of the actual product to give you a sense of its design and architecture.

TpT ClassFund Setup

Setting up your ClassFund on TpT is simple and takes only a few minutes. To get started, you name your ClassFund page, share a few sentences about your students, how contributions will support your students, and create a thank you message that will be shared with your contributors. Here's what the setup screen looks like:

TpT ClassFund setup

Once you've entered the required information, your TpT ClassFund page will instantly be created. The page will feature all the information you shared in the previous step. Here's a look at an example TpT ClassFund Page:

TpT ClassFund page

Fundraising with TpT ClassFund

Fundraising with TpT ClassFund is simple, and the company has created tools and tips to support your effort. Once your ClassFund page has been created, you'll notice a unique link that you can copy to share in an email, on social media, through text message, or through any other marketing channel. The page also includes Facebook and Twitter buttons that make it easy to share your page on social media. Here's a look at the link and social media buttons:

TpT ClassFund marketing

Contributors can give funds using a credit card, debit card, or through PayPal. To read frequently asked questions about fundraising and contributing, visit TpT's FAQs page here.

Finally, you can read this article on the Teachers Pay Teachers Blog with useful case studies on four teachers who have successfully raised funds using TpT ClassFund.

Using Funds on Teachers Pay Teachers

The funds that you've raised on TpT ClassFund are added to your account balance right away. You can spend the funds on any of Teacher Pay Teacher's three million resources. You can visit this page to view your account balance at any time.

Is TpT ClassFund right for you?

TpT ClassFund was built to support the 5 million educators who use Teachers Pay Teachers to bring teacher-created resources to their classrooms each year. If you're an educator who regularly uses Teachers Pay Teachers, and are interested in accessing an additional source of funds to spend on the educational resources available in the TpT marketplace, then we recommend giving TpT ClassFund a try.

To learn more about TpT ClassFund, visit the website today.

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