CompanyCam Review, Pricing & Features

CompanyCam Review, Pricing & Features

CompanyCam is a photo documentation platform built for contractors. It enables real-time photo capture and uploading for documentation of jobsites, renovations, and more.


  • Unlimited photos can be stored, so customers will never hit an upper limit
  • Photos are uploaded instantly from the mobile app
  • CompanyCam is very easy to use and has intuitive organization of photos and projects


  • Customers have reported that the GPS address can sometimes be incorrect
  • Large teams may face high monthly payments depending on the number of users
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What is CompanyCam?

CompanyCam is a jobsite management tool that enables real-time photo documentation of job sites, renovations, and more. The platform was designed for contractors who need to document their job sites. All photos and notes are cloud-based from the point of capture and data are organized by date, time, and location.

The application allows contractors to take unlimited cloud-based photos across different projects. CompanyCam integrates with popular field service management tools like Housecall Pro, meaning that you can seamlessly transfer your data across applications relevant to your service business.

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CompanyCam Review Summary

CompanyCam was founded by Luke Hansen in 2015. The aim of the application is to ease a main pain point for contractors, which is that photos are usually locally stored and jumbled on a personal phone. CompanyCam automates the photo documentation process from the point of capture to storage. With CompanyCam, you’ll create different projects and take photos that will be assigned to each project. You can annotate and adjust photos, as well as share photo reports with collaborators and clients.

CompanyCam is industry-agnostic, meaning that contractors within a variety of industries can use the tool. The company recommends that the tool is helpful to all except for contractors who are working for extended periods of time—a year or longer—at just one job site.

When we tested both the desktop and mobile versions, we found that photos were uploaded instantly to the dashboard. We were able to annotate photos easily, and the interface is very intuitive to use.

Overall, CompanyCam is an extremely valuable tool that organizes photos for contractors who work at many different job sites. Because images upload in real-time and are stored so strategically, contractors will be able to sort through projects almost instantly. This product isn’t recommended for those who work at one site for extended periods of time.

CompanyCam Pricing & Cost

CompanyCam has three plans, and pricing is either free or $19 per user per month. Those who need more than 250 users on one account can contact CompanyCam directly for a custom quote.

  • 3 users
  • 50 projects
  • Unlimited photos
  • Text and drawings
  • Photo tags and project labels
  • Upload photos
  • Scan documents
Pro$19 per user per month
  • Everything in the free plan
  • 250 users
  • Unlimited projects
  • Take videos
  • Before and after cam
  • Project collaboration
  • Photo reports
EnterpriseCustom pricing
  • Everything in the Pro plan
  • More than 250 users
  • Priority support
  • Custom training
  • Dedicated success manager

CompanyCam Key Features

Throughout this review, we’ll provide an overview of CompanyCam’s features, usability, and customer service availability. Comparisons between CompanyCam and similar tools will be provided throughout. We’ll also include images of CompanyCam to give you a sense of what it’s like to work with the platform before you purchase it.

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When logging into CompanyCam, the dashboard is the first thing you’ll see. It’s the main navigation screen for the application. On the left, different tabs will let you navigate to your projects, photos, users, groups, reports, or a map. In the center, you’ll automatically see your projects when you log in.


This dashboard makes it extremely intuitive to navigate through the tool. Along with the tabs on the left, you’ll be able to filter through all sections to narrow down your choices if you’d like to see specific items only.

Taking Photos

The main purpose of CompanyCam is to capture and store photos of your job sites. You can take photos with your mobile app and they’ll upload to your projects instantly. As you can see in the image below, you can create projects and take photos for projects easily with the mobile application.


You’ll be able to see photos in their assigned projects or in chronological order in the Photo Feed, where all photos will be displayed based on the times they were taken.

Photo Information

As a contractor, it’s important to keep diligent time-stamped documentation to show proof of progress, before and after images, and liability protection. All CompanyCam photos and videos have time stamps, location stamps, and will show which user took the photo. Images and videos also have geotags.

Sorting Through Photos

CompanyCam customers can sort through photos by image size, or by seeing newest first or oldest first. Photos can also be filtered by:

  • Photos or videos
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Project
  • Users
  • Groups
  • Tags

Editing Photos

CompanyCam allows a variety of editing options for your photos. You can zoom in or out, add tags, comment, add descriptions, tag collaborators, and more.


More annotation and editing options include:

  • Add time stamp
  • Add stickers
  • Draw lines
  • Add text
  • Edit brightness, contrast, and saturation


As a contractor, you’ll want to add your teammates and collaborating companies to your projects on CompanyCam. This allows for full transparency and teamwork, and means that multiple people can upload photos for the same project.

While collaborators can be invited to your projects, you can still limit what they see by creating custom permissions for each collaborator. This ensures that they can only see what is relevant to their work.


The reports feature in CompanyCam pulls everything from a project together into a PDF template. These reports can be used in the middle or at the ends of projects to deliver a visual timeline of project progression.


CompanyCam integrates with key applications both within and outside of the field service management field. Some of these important integrations include:

Connecting CompanyCam with your CRM or other field service management tools makes it even smoother to transfer data across your applications.

Additional Features

A few additional features that contractors may find useful are displayed in the table below.

Open to Nearest ProjectsWhen you open your CompanyCam application on a job site, the app will automatically pull up the nearest project. This is a helpful feature that will eliminate some time.
Site WidgetTo share photos with potential customers, you can put a widget on your site and it will pull photos from past projects.
Before and After OverlayTo share even more vivid before and after photos, you can pull up a ghost overlay of the “before” photo to put on top of the “after” photo. You can also put your logo on photos.
Unlimited PhotosAs a customer, you co-own all photos that are uploaded with CompanyCam. The photos will never delete after a certain period of time, so you’ll never have to worry that photos will disappear.

CompanyCam Customer Support

If you’re logged in, you can live chat with customer support within the mobile app or on desktop. Live chat agents are available between 8:30AM and 5:00PM CST Monday through Thursday, and from 8:30AM to 4:00PM on Friday. Other avenues include the support email or the Help Center.

Customer Support ChannelsLive Chat, Help Center, Email
Other Support ResourcesProduct Demos
Application Status PageNo

CompanyCam Alternatives & Competitors

CompanyCam is a fairly unique product. No other field service management platform that SoftwarePundit has reviewed does exactly the same. However, there are some tools that you can consider in conjunction with CompanyCam, such as:

Is CompanyCam Right For You?

CompanyCam is a highly functional and well-designed photo capture tool that helps contractors organize photos for their various projects. The mobile application works very well, photos are uploaded instantly, and there are a variety of photo editing and sharing capabilities. We came across no issues while working with the platform, and the main drawback customers have noted is that the GPS location can sometimes be inaccurate.

Overall, CompanyCam is a powerful, reliable product. It’s a great tool on its own but also because of the variety of integrations with CRM products and other field service management tools. We recommend it to any contractor that needs to take photos of their projects and to contractors who want to track project progress.

If you are interested in trying CompanyCam, sign up here.

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