FieldEdge Review, Pricing & Features

FieldEdge Review, Pricing & Features

FieldEdge is a popular field service management solution used by over 15,000 active customers


  • FieldEdge is one of the most robust solutions on the market
  • FieldEdge is ideal for mid to large service businesses in electrical, HVAC, and plumbing
  • FieldEdge allows you to present eye-catching quotes with good, better, and best options to your customers


  • FieldEdge is premium product that is less affordable than many of its competitors
  • FieldEdge does not offer online booking that allows customers to schedule jobs through your company’s website
  • Fieldedge does not offer an open API
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What is FieldEdge?

FieldEdge is a popular field service management (FSM) solution used by thousands of service businesses and over 15,000 active customers. FieldEdge is mainly used by businesses in electrical, HVAC, and plumbing. The majority of businesses generally range from 3 to 15 trucks. FieldEdge includes useful features such as call booking, quote management, invoicing, a dispatch board, and electronic payments.

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FieldEdge Review Summary

FieldEdge was founded by George and Glenn Slay in 1979. Today, this solution is used by thousands of service businesses and over 15,000 active customers.

FieldEdge offers useful features that help improve efficiency and increase revenue. These features include call booking, quote management, invoicing, a dispatch board, and electronic payments.

About 90% of businesses that use FieldEdge are in electrical, HVAC, and plumbing. FieldEdge also services some businesses in other industries including locksmith and appliance repair. Most businesses that use FieldEdge manage 3 to 15 trucks, but FieldEdge is also used by large organizations with 75 to 100 trucks.

FieldEdge’s price point and advanced feature suite make it most suitable for medium to large businesses looking to invest in a robust system to differentiate themselves from competitors. A subscription to FieldEdge typically costs $100 to $150 per user per month.

If you are a medium to large service business that manages 3 to 15 trucks trucks and has the budget to invest in an advanced solution, then we recommend that you evaluate FieldEdge and ServiceTitan. If you are a small to medium sized service business on a tighter budget, consider testing more affordable solutions such as Housecall Pro or Jobber.

FieldEdge Pricing & Cost

FieldEdge pricing ranges from $100 to $150 per user per month with the purchase of an annual subscription. If you have a large team in the office, you can purchase a package from FieldEdge that allows you to add an unlimited number of office staff to your account.

Other costs in addition to the core FieldEdge subscription are:

  • Implementation fees that vary depending on the size of your company.
  • A flat-rate fee for their pricebook feature.

FieldEdge Features

Below, we'll discuss the key features of FieldEdge, and how they can improve efficiency and increase revenue. We include screenshots of the product to give you a sense of its design and layout.


FieldEdge’s dashboard offers a bird’s eye view of your company’s performance. The dashboard includes modules with reports that are updated in real-time. Reports that are included in the dashboard include:

  • Revenue
  • Quote conversion rates
  • Jobs sold
  • Sales performance
  • Marketing performance

Modules include filtering capabilities to show performance by day, week, and month. Additionally, FieldEdge includes permission-based settings that limit which team members are able to view performance data.

fieldedge dashboard

Call Booking

FieldEdge’s call booking feature helps your office staff provide excellent customer service, and efficiently collect information. When a call is received, a customer profile appears in FieldEdge, so your office staff immediately knows who they are speaking with. Office staff can quickly access account information, input caller details, and schedule work orders directly in the call booking module.

Incoming calls are color-coded based on the type of customer, and will identify whether the caller is a new customer, existing client, or a solicitor. For new customers, FieldEdge automatically populates customer information into the database including their personal information, phone number, and address based on data from WhitePages.

Additionally, FieldEdge tracks the lead source of every incoming call. This helps you identify which marketing channels are profitable.

Quote Management

FieldEdge helps you quickly create, send, and track quotes, so you can close more leads. FieldEdge allows you to create company-branded quotes that include important details such as:

  • Services
  • Equipment
  • Contract terms
  • Payments due

FieldEdge includes a pricebook that helps you create eye-catching quotes. The pricebook is a digital catalog that stores your inventory items along with its corresponding prices and images. Technicians can use the pricebook to quickly find the items they are looking for, and add them to quotes.

FieldEdge allows you to create good, better, and best quote options. By presenting quotes with different equipment, services, and prices, technicians are able to upsell more easily.

Client Management

FieldEdge’s customer relationship management software (CRM) helps you track and manage your clients. Client information is automatically stored into FieldEdge when you create work orders, and can be entered manually into the database.

FieldEdge also includes reminders to help you track open quotes and invoices, and follow up with clients in a timely manner. All reminders are saved in FieldEdge’s database, and managers can view all reminders created by employees.

Scheduling & Dispatching

Jobs can be assigned to technicians by dragging and dropping the work order directly into the dispatch board. The dispatch board shows the statuses of work orders, and updates as the technician progresses through the job. The dispatch board can be filtered by shift, day, week, and time.

The dispatch map allows your office staff to view where your technicians are currently located. When you create a work order, FieldEdge will automatically drop a pin of the technician’s location on the dispatch map. Office staff can use this map to quickly choose the closest technician that is best for the job.

fieldedge dispatch board

Mobile Application

FieldEdge’s mobile application is the primary tool that field staff use to complete their tasks. Here are several tasks you can execute in the mobile application:

  • Access client information
  • Access equipment history and track aging equipment
  • Access work order history
  • Automatically record tech’s time
  • Complete customizable forms
  • Create estimates with images
  • Receive payments
  • Quickly text, call, email clients
  • Send arrival updates and on-my-way texts to clients

FieldEdge’s mobile application includes an offline mode. This is a particularly useful feature for technicians that may not be able to access a reliable internet connection during a job.



With FieldEdge, you can create company-branded invoices to send to your customers electronically. Invoices can be presented to the client in-person through the mobile application, printed through a mobile printer, or sent by email. Invoices can be customized to include:

  • Attachments
  • Contact information
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Equipment
  • Payment due, amount, and type
  • Services
  • Work order details

FieldEdge Payments

With FieldEdge, you can receive payments from your customers electronically. Payments can be received in-person through the mobile application. You can also send customers an email with a link to send payments online.

FieldEdge has partnered with Clearent to accept electronic payments. Standard fees apply for credit, debit, and ACH transactions processed by Clearent.


FieldEdge includes a variety of reports that help service businesses organize key data points and track performance. Below are some of the reports you can create in FieldEdge.

Agreement Reports
  • Agreement items required
  • Missed visit, invoices, autopay
  • Anticipated upcoming events
Financial Reports
  • Invoice estimated profitability
  • Quote anticipated profitability
General Reports
  • Equipment list
  • Marketing performance
Performance Reports
  • Dispatcher performance
  • Item sales by employee
  • Time entries by employee
Work Order Reports
  • Incomplete payments
  • Quote anticipated profitability
  • Work order expenses


FieldEdge integrates FieldEdge offers live integration with QuickBooks, and all data entered in FieldEdge flows into QuickBooks in real-time. In contrast, many competitors have batch integration with QuickBooks, which is less efficient and can lead to data loss.

FieldEdge also offers integrations with other third-party vendors. Here are some of FieldEdge’s most notable integrations:

  • ArgoTrak
  • Broadly
  • Customer Lobby
  • GreenSky
  • Podium
  • pulseM
  • ReviewBuzz
  • Schedule Engine

Industry Specializations

About 90% of FieldEdge’s customers are in the electrical, HVAC, and plumbing industry. However, FieldEdge does serve businesses in other industries including commercial equipment service and locksmith.

FieldEdge Alternatives & Competitors

FieldEdge competes with many other field service management solutions that offer similar functionality. The best choice for you will depend on your budget and feature preferences.

FieldEdge's top competitors are:

Is FieldEdge Right For You?

FieldEdge is a popular field service management solution with over 15,000 active customers. Most businesses that use FieldEdge are in the electrical, HVAC, and plumbing industries. Fieldedge includes features such as call booking, quote management, invoicing, a dispatch board, and electronic payments.

Overall, FieldEdge is a robust solution that offers advanced features not found in many of its competitors. If you are a medium to large service business that manages 3 to 15 trucks and has the budget to invest in an advanced solution, then we recommend FieldEdge or ServiceTitan for you. If you are a small to medium business that desires a more affordable and lightweight solution, consider testing Housecall Pro or Jobber.

If you're interested, you can try FieldEdge today.

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