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What is Workiz?

Workiz is a field service management (FSM) solution used by over 43,000 service professionals. Workiz specializes in a variety of industries including appliance repair, carpet cleaning, junk removal, and locksmith. This solution helps businesses automate and optimize important tasks with features including online booking, call booking, quote management, invoicing, online payments, and reporting.

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Workiz Review Summary

Workiz was founded by Saar Kohanovitch, Dan Kadosh and Erez Marom in 2015. Today, this solution is used by over 43,000 service professionals.

Workiz includes several useful features to help service businesses increase revenue and optimize operations. These features include online booking, quote management, invoicing, online payments, and reporting. Additionally, Workiz includes call booking, a feature not found in many of its biggest competitors including Housecall Pro and Jobber.

Workiz is a flexible tool that is used in a wide range of industries. A few of Workiz’s industry specializations include appliance repair, carpet cleaning, junk removal, and locksmith.

Overall, Workiz is a robust field service management solution best suited for small to medium-sized on-demand businesses. If you desire an affordable solution that includes call booking tools, we recommend Workiz. If you are a large business that is looking for a high-tech solution to differentiate your business, consider testing Service Titan.

Workiz Pricing & Cost

Workiz pricing ranges from $79 to $359 per month. The company offers a 17% to 21% discount for annual contracts that are paid upfront. Here’s an overview of Workiz’s pricing plans:

Starter plan
  • $79 per month
  • $65 per month under annual contract
  • Up to 2 users
Team plan
  • $199 per month
  • $169 per month under annual contract
  • Up to 6 users
Professional plan
  • $359 per month
  • $299 per month under annual contract
  • Up to 15 users

Workiz Features

Below, we'll discuss the key features of Workiz, and how they can streamline your workflow and automate many of your day-to-day tasks. We include screenshots of the product to give you a sense of its design and layout.


Workiz’s dashboard offers an overview of your business, and helps track your team’s performance. The dashboard includes modules that display KPIs, and can be added, removed, and reorganized. Some of the modules that Workiz offers include:

  • Dispatch scoreboard
  • Estimates
  • Invoices
  • Jobs by status
  • Recent calls
  • Sales
  • Tech scoreboard
  • Top sources
workiz dashboard


Workiz’s online and call booking tools help businesses receive more jobs and increase revenue. Workiz allows clients to book jobs through a widget you can include on your website and social media channels. Also, Workiz offers tools that help your office staff interact with your customers by phone.

Online Booking

Workiz’s online booking feature allows your customers to schedule jobs through a widget on your website or social media channels. Customers select preferred times and job details directly in the widget, and all information automatically flows into the Workiz application. Workiz’s booking widget syncs with your calendar in real time, so customers always have an accurate view of your availability.


Call Booking

Workiz’s call booking feature helps your office staff efficiently field phone calls and provide excellent customer service. The call booking tool includes useful features including:

  • Automated greetings
  • Call masking
  • Call queuing
  • Call recording
  • Call routing with interactive voice response
  • Call transferring and conferencing

With Workiz, you can generate unique phone numbers dedicated to your business. Workiz provides up to 10 phone numbers depending on your subscription plan.

workiz call booking

Quote Management

With Workiz, you can create, send, and track your quotes and estimates. You can include essential details into your quotes including:

  • Amount due
  • Attachments
  • Billing information
  • Contract terms
  • Deposits
  • Estimate items
  • Notes
  • Signatures
workiz estimates template

All generated quotes are stored and tracked in Workiz. The top panel of the module provides an overview of your quote statuses. Additionally, quotes can be exported as a CSV file.

workiz estimates manager

Client Management

Workiz is equipped with customer relationship management (CRM) functionality to help you manage your client relationships. You can use Workiz to store important client data including:

  • Ad source
  • Call history
  • Estimates history
  • Invoices past due
  • Jobs history
  • Notes
  • Outstanding balance
  • Personal and contact information
  • Revenue

Workiz’s CRM includes search and filtering tools to help you quickly find the clients you are looking for. Additionally, Workiz helps prevent double entries in the database by alerting you when you input new client information that matches a previous entry.

workiz CRM software

Scheduling & Dispatching

Workiz helps you schedule and manage jobs, and efficiently dispatch your technicians. Workiz’s drag-and-drop calendar allows office staff to quickly create jobs and adjust schedules. You can change the calendar view to display your schedule by day, week, or month. Additionally, you can color code jobs to help you organize and dispatch jobs.

workiz calendar

Workiz includes a map to help you track and dispatch your technicians. The software tracks your technician’s location, and automatically updates the pins on the map as they make progress in the job. Technician locations update every 60 seconds in the Workiz map.


Mobile Application

Workiz’s mobile application is the primary feature that field technicians use. Workiz’s mobile app allows field technicians to:

  • Access timesheets
  • Communicate with team and customers
  • Receive electronic payments
  • Send invoices
  • View calendar
  • View job details and history


Workiz allows you to send electronic invoices to your customers. Invoices can be sent by text message or email. Invoices include essential details such as:

  • Amount due and due date
  • Billing information
  • Contact information
  • Notes
  • Payment history
  • Service descriptions and amount
  • Terms
workiz invoice

You can track the statuses of your invoices using Workiz’s invoice dashboard. The top panel of the dashboard shows invoices that are due, overdue, unsent, and not yet created. The invoice dashboard can also be filtered by time and status to help you sort through your invoices.

Workiz allows you to perform bulk invoice actions. These actions include sending invoices and payment reminders to a group of customers simultaneously.

workiz invoice dashboard

Online Payments

With WorkizPay, you can accept electronic payments from your clients. Technicians can use the mobile application to take payments by swiping the client’s card, or by inputting card information into the mobile app. Chase Bank customers are eligible for same day payouts.

WorkizPay is powered by the online payment service provider, WePay. Here is an overview of Workiz’s payment processing fees.

  • Starter Plan: 2.89% per transaction
  • Team Plan: 2.79% per transaction
  • Professional Plan: 2.69% per transaction


Workiz offers built-in reports with real-time data to help you monitor your business’s performance. All reports can be exported as a CSV file. Here are some of the reports you can create in Workiz:

  • Estimates
  • Invoices
  • Items and services
  • Job statistics
  • Payments
  • Sales
  • Timesheets
  • Website requests


Workiz offers integrations with several third-party solutions. Workiz’s integrations include:

  • Apple, Google, and Outlook Calendar
  • CompanyCam
  • MailChimp
  • QuickBooks
  • Zoom

Industry Specializations

Workiz is utilized by a wide range of service businesses. Some industries that Workiz specializes in include:

  • Appliance repair
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Computer repair
  • Electrician
  • Garage door
  • HVAC
  • IT services
  • Junk removal
  • Locksmith
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Service dispatch

Workiz Alternatives & Competitors

Workiz competes with many other field service management solutions that offer similar functionality. The best choice for you will depend on your budget and feature preferences.

Workiz's top competitors are:

We've analyzed Workiz compared to its top competitors. Read these in-depth analyses that evaluate Workiz's cost, features and ease of use compared to alternatives:

Is Workiz Right For You?

Workiz is a popular field service management solution used by over 40,000 service professionals. Workiz includes a variety of useful features including online booking, call booking, quote management, invoicing, online payments, and reporting. Service businesses use Workiz in a wide range of industries including appliance repair, carpet cleaning, junk removal, and locksmith.

Workiz is an ideal option for small to medium-sized on-demand service businesses. If you are searching for a lightweight and affordable solution that includes call booking functionality, then we recommend Workiz for your business.

If you're interested, you can try Workiz today.

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