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Is Integromat or the better solution for you? This in-depth, feature-by-feature breakdown will help you select the best integration software for your business.

Integration software is designed to automate workflows across separate software applications. This software can be an incredible time-saver for small businesses that spend significant time every day completing manual tasks.

Throughout this article, we’ll compare and contrast Integromat and There will be comparisons between the platforms’ features, pricing, and usability. We’ll include some expert recommendations to help you pick the best software for you.

Our software recommendations are based upon extensive research, discussions with small businesses, and dozens of hours spent hand-testing the leading integration software platforms. Learn more about our research process here.

Integromat & Comparison Summary

Integromat and were tested in-house by SoftwarePundit. After testing, Integromat received a SoftwarePundit Analyst rating of 90, and received a rating of 87.

Integromat received a higher rating because it integrates with more applications and is more data-focused for a similar price. On the other hand, is more basic, easier to use, and better for smaller businesses who use popular software applications.

Here’s a breakdown of our review criteria and how Integromat and stacked up in each category.

CriteriaAnalyst RatingFeaturesUsabilityPricingCustomer Support

Integromat is an advanced integration software that’s one of the top platforms in the space. With around 650 applications and a drag-and-drop workflow builder to create complex scenarios, it’s a solid option for many small businesses. has a smaller application library and offers less functionality, though it is a bit easier to use. We expect that the software will only improve as more applications are added to its library.

Here are a few quick points to summarize who we recommend each tool for:

You'll prefer Integromat if:

  • You want to automate workflows with over 650 applications
  • You need to perform more complex actions with data
  • You have more confidence to work with your software

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You'll prefer if:

  • You want an easy-to-use, entry-level platform
  • You want to pay slightly less for your software
  • You only need one or two users to access the software

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Table of Contents

Who Should Purchase Integromat?

If you want to build complex workflows and incorporate actions like data parsing and error handling, Integromat is the right integration software for you. It’s relatively affordable given the functionality that’s provided. There are more than 650 applications available to create integrations with.

If you’re daunted by more advanced software tools, Integromat may be a bit intimidating to use at first. However, customers shouldn’t have too much of a problem learning to use the tool with the variety of customer service options available.

Who Should Purchase

With the most affordable pricing and one of the easiest-to-use workflow automators, is an excellent choice for freelancers and very small businesses.’s main limitation is that there are currently only about 200 applications available to integrate. This is the least applications of any integration software we’ve reviewed. If you opt for, you’ll need to check carefully that it has the applications you’ll need.

Integromat & Price Comparison

Integromat and are very comparable in terms of pricing, though Integromat’s top plan is slightly more expensive. Given Integromat’s more advanced data processing features, the discrepancy in pricing is fitting.

Integromat Pricing Details

Integromat pricing ranges from $9 per month to $299 per month.

  • Free
  • 1,000 Operations per month
  • 100MB data transfer
  • 15 minute minimum interval
Basic Plan
  • $9 per month
  • 10,000 Operations per month
  • 1GB data transfer
  • 5 minute minimum interval
Standard Plan
  • $29 per month
  • 40,000 Operations per month
  • 20GB data transfer
  • 1 minute minimum interval
Business Plan
  • $99 per month
  • 150,000 Operations per month
  • 70GB data transfer
  • 1 minute minimum interval
Platinum Plan
  • $299 per month
  • 800,000 Operations per month
  • 200GB data transfer
  • 1 minute minimum interval
Custom Plan
  • Custom Pricing
  • More than 800,000 Operations per month
  • More than 200GB of data transfer Pricing Details is very affordable with plans ranging from $9.99 per month to $199 per month.

  • Free
  • 300 actions
  • 5 Bots
  • 5 minute data check
  • 1 user
Personal Plan
  • $9.99 per month
  • 600 actions
  • 10 Bots
  • Multi-action Bots
  • 5 minute data check
  • 1 user
  • 1 Premium app
Professional Plan
  • $29 per month
  • 2,000 actions
  • 20 Bots
  • Multi-action Bots
  • 5 minute data check
  • 1 user
  • Unlimited Premium apps
Startup Plan
  • $49 per month
  • 10,000 actions
  • 50 Bots
  • 2 minute data check
  • 1 user
  • Auto-retry
Growth Plan
  • $99 per month
  • 30,000 actions
  • 100 Bots
  • 2 minute data check
  • 3 users
  • Shared folders
  • Excess actions
Business Plan
  • $199 per month
  • 100,000 actions
  • 200 Bots
  • 1 minute data check
  • 10 users
  • Data controls

Integromat & Feature Comparison

Integromat is significantly more advanced than, with data parsing, data manipulation, and multi-step workflow building capabilities. is a bit easier to use given that it’s less data-intensive.

Integromat's Top Features

The best features that Integromat offers are the application list and the advanced data handling features, which we will illustrate with an image.

For a more in-depth look at Integromat’s offerings, read our full Integromat review.

Application Library

Integromat has about 650 applications available to create integrations with, which is about three times the amount that has. Some popular applications include:

Complex Workflows

With Integromat’s complex workflows, you’ll be able to add text parsers, data parsers, routers for different branches of the workflow, and more. The image below illustrates how you can create different pathways and add many applications to a single workflow.

Integromat Complex Scenario

Error Handlers

Most integration software platforms will simply have an auto-retry feature in case an error inhibits the workflow. Integromat, on the other hand, includes error handlers, which allow you to bypass certain errors and let workflows continue without active supervision.'s Top Features includes integrations with the top applications for small businesses. It also includes a library of pre-built workflows and easy-to-build workflows. While it’s simpler than other tools, it can be very beneficial for companies who need a no-hassle platform.

Read the full review for a more in-depth overview about’s features.

Applications’s library of applications spans the following categories:

  • Marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Project Management
  • File Management
  • Calendar
  • Analytics
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Payments
  • Operations

This list is not exhaustive, and if you use the most popular software tools across these categories, it’s likely that you’ll find a few integrations that you’re looking for.

Workflow Builder

When building workflows with, you’ll select your intended actions with dropdown lists and can see the intended triggers and outcomes next to each other. Bot

While Integromat’s workflow builder is not exceedingly difficult to use, this one is likely going to be less intimidating for the average user.

Automation Library

When you select the applications you intend to use with, you’ll receive recommended workflows in your dashboard, as seen in the image below. This means you can install workflows with just a few clicks. Dashboard

Bottom Line

Integromat is more advanced and more data-oriented. If you want to create more complex workflows with more technical aspects, choose Integromat. is still a reliable option, though it’s significantly more elementary.

  • Integromat should be a top consideration for businesses that want advanced data handling features like data parsing and error handlers.
  • is a smaller and slightly more affordable integration software that’s more ideal for those prioritizing ease of use.

If you’re interested, visit Integromat or today to get started.

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