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Interview with ChiroSpring User: Tracey Harju, Office Manager at Water’s Edge Chiropractic

This interview is with Tracey Harju, Office Manager of Water's Edge Chiropractic. We recently spoke with her to learn more about her experience with using ChiroSpring practice management software.

This interview is with Tracey Harju, Office Manager of Water's Edge Chiropractic. We recently spoke with her to learn more about her experience with using ChiroSpring practice management software.

Tracey Harju ChiroSpring user

Hi Tracey, nice to meet you. Can you briefly introduce yourself/business?
I’m the Office Manager of Water’s Edge Chiropractic in Gladstone Michigan. We’re a smaller chiropractic office, with 1 doctor, an office assistant, and 3 massage therapists in addition to myself. Dr. Pat opened the office 8 years ago, and I joined him a few months later. Our practice has a single location, but we’re growing rapidly and are moving to a larger office space soon. Right now we have about 1,000 active patients.

What were the main features you were looking for when evaluating potential chiropractic software systems?
I was looking for a system that would be customizable and easy to use. As the Office Manager, I use the system to do different things than Dr. Pat does. We knew that we’d both be spending a lot of time using whatever system we chose, so we wanted to find something that would suit both of our needs within one simple, but effective system. It was important to us that the system be customizable, since we want to organize our screens differently.

What other functionality is important from the perspective of the Office Manager?
Billing! And reconciling payments. We see a lot of different insurance companies, so want to be able to make sure we can bill them correctly. If the payments do come back incorrect, they need to be easily corrected and resubmitted.

What options did you consider, in addition to ChiroSpring?
We looked into 4 or 5 different systems. Ultimately they all seemed easy to use from the doctor’s perspective but not the office manager’s, or vice versa. This was a deal breaker for us.

Have you used any other comparable products previously?
We used Future Health (which became ChiroTouch) for about 7 years. We found it confusing to use when Future Health combined with ChiroTouch. It was difficult to do the billing, claims and ERA’s. I couldn’t just jump from screen to screen. I had to jump across multiple screens. In ChiroTouch, we couldn’t really see claims before we sent them out. After we pulled in ERA’s, it was difficult to find and categorize different claims. We ended up spending a lot of time with their support.

Water's Edge Chiropractic

Why did you ultimately choose ChiroSpring?
Everything fit together. You can find different screens really easily and you can dock screens which allows you to keep multiple screens open, so you don’t have to close them in order to jump around. It’s easy to go from screen to screen.

I like that we can see all of the bills before we send them out. On the Billing tab, I can see the Medicare patients, and make sure that they’re all coded correctly. Reconciling is also easy. The way they were set up, you can just go right through the tabs and it’s fast.

I also really like the reports. I look at the reports often, and it’s easy to hop between the different reports. We print out the schedule report every day, and it’s nice because you can pick which day you want printed, or you can print the whole week. We also look at the insurance payments report for the insurance payments we entered, and the patient payment detail report for all the payments we enter from the patients. It all works well together. I also look at the practice analysis reports, and practice financial summary. The patient referral report is also useful in order to see how people are getting referred to us.

Dr. Pat Johnson ChiroSpring user

Dr. Pat was initially concerned by the prospect of learning a new system, since he was used to our last system. But he likes it now, and finds ChiroSpring easier to work with also.

Since billing is important to you, did you have any issues integrating ChiroSpring with your clearinghouse?
We use Trizetto for our clearinghouse and haven’t had any issues using it with ChiroSpring. We considered Office Ally as well, but it doesn’t accept all of the insurance companies we use.

Are you happy with your choice?
Yes! We don’t have any desire to change systems.

What are some improvements that you’d like to see?
When you’re in the calendar for the schedule, it would be nice to be able to drag and drop a patient’s appointment in order to reschedule them (for patients who already have appointments scheduled). Right now, you have to right click and edit the appointment time.

The price is maybe a bit high and can add up over time, even though it’s a lower startup cost compared to other systems. You get what you pay for, though.

What kind of feedback have you gotten from your staff about the software?
Well, the massage therapists don’t use it. Our Office Assistant has only been with us since May or June, and she was able to understand it quickly. It’s easy to use. The doctor loves it, and loves building his own macros for his SOAP notes. We all have very different dashboards because we work in different ways, so it’s nice to be able to do that. Everyone loves it, nobody has said that they miss the old system.

Is there any type of practice that you think wouldn’t be appropriate for ChiroSpring? For example, you guys are a smaller practice, but would it make sense for larger practices?
We only have 2 adjusting rooms in our practice, but if we had more rooms and offices, the system lets you move patients around from room to room easily and maintain different schedules for different offices. As a smaller practice, we just don’t have much use for this feature right now.

How often do you end up needing support from ChiroSpring, and how helpful is the support (if you’ve used it)?
It varies... sometimes I go for a month without needing support, and sometimes it’s a few times in a month. But whenever I need support, they’re fast. Miranda is fabulous -- I’ll email her and get an answer back within 15 minutes. For more complicated questions that can’t be answered over email, she’ll call me immediately.

They’re also great about taking our suggestions and ideas and incorporating it into the product. If we have a good suggestion they’ll incorporate it; if not, they’ll let us know or they’ll help talk us through an alternative way of doing something.

About ChiroSpring

ChiroSpring is a fully customizable cloud-based chiropractic practice management software designed specifically for chiropractors. The software is fully integrated, and includes all of its modules in the quoted $299/month price, without any hidden fees. ChiroSpring has exceptionally strong documentation, billing, and reporting capabilities, yet is also intuitive to use and easy to navigate.

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