Jobsoid Review

Jobsoid Review

Jobsoid is a cloud-based applicant tracking system best for businesses and recruitment agencies interested in streamlining their hiring processes.


  • Automates the recruitment process, from job posting to hiring
  • Unique functionality such as "Smart Filters" and video interview submissions help screen candidates more effectively
  • Has all of the functionality you'd expect from your ATS, and then some


  • Lacks real-time video interview functionality, but this can be handled with other third-party video conferencing systems (Skype, Google Hangouts)
  • No onboarding capability, data cannot be easily transferred to your human resource management system (HRMS)
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Jobsoid Pricing

  • Jobsoid pricing starts at $49/month (paid annually) for small businesses, with the most popular package for growing teams available at $99/month.
  • Free plan is available with one job posting.
  • Phone support is available only with the Pro plan.

Jobsoid Full Review

Jobsoid is a cloud-based applicant tracking system that helps businesses and recruitment agencies streamline their hiring processes. Founded in 2016, the software is used worldwide by more than 2000 companies to simplify their recruitment.

Jobsoid offers an integrated solution that simplifies recruitment all tasks, from sourcing to hiring. The software stores all candidate information in one place, simplifying collaboration with other departments and hiring managers. Job openings can be automatically posted to multiple job boards and advertised on social media. Businesses can set up branded career portals to display job openings and offer information about their company’s culture to attract top talent.

The software includes an intuitive applicant tracking system that can create a pipeline customized for your recruitment process. Jobsoid’s “Smart Filter” technology automatically recommends top applicants according to requirements you specify. Managers can reduce the time spent on first-round screening interviews via a unique Video Screen tool, which delivers pre-set questions that candidates answer using a designated app. Interviews can be scheduled via the built-in calendar, and managers can send automated emails or text messages to keep candidates informed about application status.

Jobsoid has a free plan for small businesses that need to post only one job opening at a time. However, for growing companies, the Standard plan (for up to 10 job openings) may be a better option; it provides a range of tools to improve decision-making and recruitment productivity.

Key Features

Below are Jobsoid’s key features and how they can benefit your business.

Creating Job Postings

Jobsoid streamlines the recruitment process by offering a simple layout that captures essential information about each job. Once you have worked out clear expectations and responsibilities for the role, you can quickly fill in the required information. The job form allows you to customize your post by adding the job’s industry, department, salary, required skills and experience in addition to a description of the role. You can manually add skills to the job posting or have skills fetched automatically according to the job description.

Questionnaires can also be added to your post, allowing you to pre-screen applicants. A variety of field types is available, including yes/no, checkboxes and radio buttons. Using questionnaires, you can build a highly targeted job posting and make sure that only qualified applicants make your short list. For example, you might want to include a checkbox for applicants that are eligible to work in the US. Questions can also be competency-based and non-mandatory. Answers are displayed under the candidate’s profile, making it easy for managers to see potential employees that meet your requirements.

Jobsoid Review Candidate Questionnaire

Job Advertising

Jobsoid simplifies job posting with a “one-click” posting function that allows you to publish on multiple job boards without manually creating each listing. Over 15 job boards are offered (including Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter), allowing recruiters to manage everything in one place. The option to upgrade to Premium job boards allows you to post a listing that appears in search results and reach a wider audience.

Jobsoid Review Posting to Job Boards

Recruiters need to use a variety of channels to reach top talent in your industry. Jobsoid integrates with Facebook’s Career Tab, allowing recruiters to automatically publish openings on your company’s Facebook page. As the largest social network (with over 2.2 billion active users each month), Facebook is an ideal platform for advertising your opening. Listings can be shared with your followers and their friends, helping you reach the widest possible audience and fill vacancies faster. Job seekers apply directly on Facebook for a more efficient application process. The software supports social sharing on other platforms, including LinkedIn and Twitter.

Jobsoid has a personalized Careers Portal that allows you to display job openings and create customized company pages to attract candidates via improved branding. Recruiters can include images and customize various sections of each page to make them more engaging. For example, you might want to include a “Company Culture” section that showcases images of your office and the day-to-day environment that new employees can expect. Providing information about your company and showing a professional and appealing brand can significantly enhance the quality of your applications. The Career Portal has its own link, which can be shared on social media or on other online platforms.

Jobsoid Review Careers Portal

Candidate Management

Jobsoid consolidates all candidate information into one comprehensive profile, which includes contact details, qualifications, education, candidate resume and upcoming interviews. Recruiters can add tags for quick filtering or notify other team members by using internal comments. Tasks can be assigned and prioritized to provide structure and make sure that no steps are missed.

Jobsoid Review Candidate Profile

If you have resumes stored on your computer, Jobsoid uses advanced parsing technology to read and convert each file into a designated candidate profile. Applicants can apply via an email address (for example, [email protected]), and each email message will be routed to the Jobsoid mailbox, where a profile will be created automatically.

The software also has some excellent automation features to help recruiters streamline recruitment. Recruiters can customize the hiring pipeline (the New Job Posting, Screening, Review, Interview and Hire steps) and attach automated tasks to specific stages. For example, when an applicant hits the “Review” stage, a team member may receive a task notification to conduct a background check. This feature highlights important tasks and offers a more efficient recruitment process.

Jobsoid can automatically score and short-list candidates via “Smart Filter” technology. Each skill advertised in the job posting is assigned a default value of 10 (this value can be changed to reflect the skill’s importance). For example, when hiring a public relations assistant, you might consider communication skills more important than time management skills and therefore assign these 15 and 5, respectively. The “Smart Filter” will then display a total score according to your requirements. A score of 100 means that an applicant has the required skills.

Interview Management

Scheduling interviews can be a tedious task for busy hiring managers. Jobsoid has an integrated email and calendar to help with interview scheduling. Users can send one person a request for an interview at a specific date and time or set batch interviews to invite multiple candidates to choose from several available time slots. Instead of managers sending invitations back and forth to find a convenient time for both parties, applicants can simply select a suitable time from a list of pre-approved slots. This provides greater flexibility and streamlines the interview scheduling process by eliminating the need for multiple emails. The calendar updates in real time, preventing scheduling conflicts. To further streamline communication, recruiters and interviewees receive automated notifications, confirmations and reminders.

Screening applicants can be an extremely time-consuming task, and Jobsoid uses Video Screen Interviews to help simplify it. Hiring managers can set an unlimited number of questions and send interviews out to applicants, who can respond by smartphone. Each question allows preparation time (for example, 20 seconds) and starts recording once this time has elapsed. Once complete, the video interview is sent to recruiters and can be accessed directly from the app.

Jobsoid Review Video Interview

One downfall of Jobsoid is the absence of a native real-time video interview feature. Companies who value their remote employees’ ability to effectively communicate via video conferencing use real-time video interviews to assess this skill. Although interviews can be scheduled through Jobsoid, they must take place externally (via Skype or another web conferencing software).

Candidate Communication

Jobsoid provides an all-in-one system to communicate with candidates. Emails can be sent from an individual candidate profile, eliminating the need for additional email software. Jobsoid also supports bulk email, allowing you to update the status of applications automatically. For example, you might want to send a disqualification email to candidates to thank them for their application. You can set up templates to ensure consistent communication, and you can add merge fields for a more personal touch. This can save recruiters a significant amount of time and improve overall communication with candidates. Recruiters can also send text messages to each candidate’s phone to get responses sooner.

Jobsoid Review Email Templates

Team Collaboration

Jobsoid is particularly useful for large companies that hire for roles in multiple departments and need a robust system to communicate internally. Recruitment generally involves collaboration between multiple managers, and a centralized applicant tracking system provides clarity and helps you select the most suitable candidates.

Jobsoid supports an unlimited number of user accounts, whose logins are assigned according to role-based permissions. For example, you might need to assign a “Manager” to approve and review applicants and an “Admin” to deal with scheduling and updates.

The platform provides a central location where teams can manage many applications with minimal effort. Users can add comments and assign tasks to ensure clear communication. Candidate profiles can be shared with external users, such as investors and managers of other departments.


Jobsoid has several pre-set reports to help your team identify delays and improve the hiring process. Managers can analyze how each applicant applied (job board, website, referral, etc.). Reports can also help you visualize each applicant’s place in the hiring process and the percentage of applicants that move to the next stage.

Jobsoid Review Report Example

Although the pre-built reports provide an excellent overview, Jobsoid has a custom report builder that enables recruiters to dig deeper into the data. Users can select any captured data field (applicant name, position, location, etc.). Data fields can be displayed in pie charts, bar graphs, line charts or a table. Reports can be saved and even shared with other team members.

Jobsoid Review Custom Report

Jobsoid vs. Breezy HR

In contrast to Breezy, Jobsoid is more suitable for businesses than for recruitment agencies. The pricing structure is based on the number of positions advertised; the Standard plan allows up to only 10 job postings. Larger companies and recruitment agencies are better off using Breezy so that they can benefit from Unlimited Positions.

Both companies offer very similar features: the ability to automatically post on multiple job boards, build custom recruitment pipelines and manage all applicant information in one location. Scheduling interviews and communicating with applicants is straightforward on both platforms.

Although Jobsoid and Breezy are both very intuitive, small features distinguish them. For example, Breezy offers a more visual representation of candidate management, via the Kanban pipeline. Breezy also uses a step-by-step approach, including helpful prompts, making it extremely easy for non-technical users to get started.

Is Jobsoid Right for You?

Jobsoid is an applicant tracking system that helps businesses simplify various recruitment tasks. Companies can automatically post to multiple job boards and utilize a branded Career Portal to attract potential candidates. Customized pipelines help to streamline the hiring process and make tracking progress easy. The software also helps to improve team collaboration by allowing tasks to be assigned and allowing you to comment on and share candidate profiles.

Overall, Jobsoid is well-suited to small or medium-sized businesses that need a robust ATS to simplify their recruitment efforts. However, large companies and recruitment agencies may struggle with the limited number of job postings available. Furthermore, if you hire remotely and require video interview software, Breezy may be the better option. For in-house recruiters and hiring managers that are looking for intuitive recruitment software to improve efficiency and hiring decisions, however, Jobsoid is definitely something to consider.

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