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SimplePractice Launches Monarch: A Directory To Connect Clinicians & Patients

SimplePractice customers will now be able to attract patients through this new, proprietary channel. Monarch differentiates from other online directories through its deep integration with SimplePractice's practice management system.

SimplePractice, the leading healthcare technology company providing the tools and resources health and wellness professionals need to grow a thriving private practice, has launched Monarch, an online directory to connect clinicians and patients.

Therapy seekers can search through the profiles of more than 90,000 SimplePractice customers, and request appointments directly through Monarch. Monarch will be free to use for both clinicians and patients in 2021.

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What is Monarch by SimplePractice?

Monarch by SimplePractice is an online directory built to connect behavioral health therapists and counselors with patients. Therapy seekers can use Monarch to find trusted, qualified experts in behavioral and mental health.

SimplePractice Monarch Directory Profile

How is Monarch Different From Other Directories?

On the surface, Monarch functions similarly to other online directories like Psychology Today, Good Therapy and TherapyTribe. However, Monarch's integration with SimplePractice's practice management system unlocks unique value for both clinicians and patients.

For clinicians, this integration makes it easier to create a directory profile and manage appointments. SimplePractice customers can create directory profiles using the information already stored inside of SimplePractice. When a patient requests an appointment, the request is routed to SimplePractice's scheduling module. From there, the appointment flows through the SimplePractice system like any other appointment.

For patients, the connection with SimplePractice's practice management system means that they are able to see real-time availability of all clinicians on the platform. This removes a key barrier that prevents many therapy seekers from scheduling an appointment.

In addition, SimplePractice has a dedicated team that will help its customers grow their practices through the network. The team plans to invest in marketing to drive awareness and traffic, and develop direct partnerships with companies that offer employee assistance programs.

How Does Monarch Work for Clinicians?

Joining the Monarch directory is extremely simple for SimplePractice customers. There is a single button that SimplePractice customers can push to enter the Monarch network.

SimplePractice Monarch Opt-in

Each clinician can control the information that is shown publicly in Monarch. This includes their name, image, an introduction, their email, and personal website.

SimplePractice Monarch Clinician Profile

When therapy seekers request an appointment, an alert shows up on the clinician's calendar. As you can see below, the calendar displays an icon that indicates that the appointment was requested through Monarch. Clinicians have 72 hours to accept the appointment, and receive a 24 hour reminder.

SimplePractice Monarch Appointment Calendar

From here, the appointment functions the same as all other appointments in SimplePractice. This means that clinicians can take advantage of SimplePractice's client intake, appointment reminders, telehealth, treatment plans, and billing functionality for appointments booked through Monarch.

SoftwarePundit's Take

Over the past 10 years, SimplePractice has built the health and wellness industry's top practice management system. The company has consistently pursued opportunities to create more value for therapy seekers and clinicians.

Monarch is the latest major product launched by SimplePractice. Based on the company's track record, we can expect SimplePractice to leverage its knowledge and resources to create an innovative, differentiated directory that adds considerable value to the mental health industry.

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