Moosend Review, Pricing & Key Features

Moosend Review, Pricing & Key Features

Easy-to-use email marketing platform perfect for budget-minded businesses seeking industry-leading features without the heavy price tag.


  • Support is available to all customers by phone, email and live chat with no additional fees for any level of support
  • Users have access to 100% of the features regardless of the size of their account
  • Advanced automation workflow builder, with built-in automation templates


  • Sign-up forms are basic and may need additional customization
  • Native integrations are lacking

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Moosend Pricing & Cost

Moosend's pricing is based upon your number of subscribers, starting at $10 per month.

  • Free for up to 1,000 subscribers
  • Monthly plan starts at $10/month for up to 5,000 subscribers and $150/month for up to 50,000 subscribers
  • Discounted rate up to 20% for yearly subscriptions and 15% for 6-months

To sign up for a free account, visit Moosend's website today.

Moosend Full Review

Founded in 2011, Moosend is an affordable email marketing platform used by businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. With an easy-to-use interface, intuitive automation and advanced list segmentation, Moosend provides a robust set of tools needed to build and maintain strong customer relationships.

The company has an intuitive user interface that is simple to navigate and is quick for beginners to learn. Creating marketing campaigns is extremely straightforward, with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy to compose engaging emails from scratch. There are over 40 different templates included with Moosend, although this is limited compared to AWeber’s 700+ and Constant Contact’s 100+ templates.

Moosend includes advanced automation functionality across all of its plans, even for free trial accounts. Moosend's automations utilize a visual workflow builder that includes subscriber welcome emails, abandoned cart reminders, and even lead scoring. There is also a library of "recipes" (pre-defined automations) that can help you save time during the setup process. We really like that Moosend provides all of its functionality across all of its plans, compared to some of its competitors who charge additional for some of their more advanced features.

While Moosend delivers a lot in terms of email capabilities, the software isn’t designed to be an 'all-in-one' marketing solution. Sign-up forms are extremely basic and need to be customized using code, and native integrations are very limited. Moosend also doesn’t offer additional marketing tools such as landing pages, which means that you may want to combine Moosend with other systems in order to satisfy your needs.

Though Moosend is a smaller company compared to some of its more well-known competitors, Its affordable pricing structure lends itself to businesses on a tight budget, while its range of industry-leading email features ensures that you don’t have to compromise on functionality.

Key Features

Below, we'll discuss the key features of Moosend and how they can benefit your business.

Creating Campaigns

Moosend provides a straightforward way for users to send emails to existing subscriber lists. Similar to other email marketing providers, Moosend includes a step-by-step "Campaign Creation Wizard", which guides users through the process of creating email campaigns.

To start a new campaign, users will need to first select the campaign type ("Regular" or "A/B Split Test Campaign"). Regular Campaigns are one-off emails sent to existing subscriber lists, while A/B Split Test Campaigns allow you to compare different email variations to maximize performance and delivery. Moosend has several options for A/B split testing, and you can test variations to things like your email subject line and the content within each email, to pick the variant that has the best conversion results.

Moosend Review Setting up Campaigns

After selecting the campaign type and subscriber list, you will be able to create a newsletter using Moosend’s drag-and-drop Campaign Editor. The editor is designed for beginners, meaning users with no technical or coding skills can easily create compelling newsletters from the ground up using movable containers and elements.

Moosend Review Drag and Drop Editor

There are approximately 40 built-in templates available, useful for all sorts of different industries from real estate to e-commerce. The template selection is slightly underwhelming, especially when compared to Constant Contact and AWeber, but the editor is very intuitive, meaning you can customize and match your branding without too much difficulty or effort. If you have prior experience with HTML, Moosend also provides you with the option to edit the code alongside the visual builder, allowing you to visualize changes as you develop your project.

Moosend Review HTML Split View

One newer feature that can improve your conversions is Moosend's countdown emails. Providing a sense of urgency or perceived scarcity can help your subscribers make a quick decision and take action. As an example, you can include a timer in your email to showcase a deal that expires in a few days, or even a countdown timer to build suspense for an upcoming event.

Moosend Review Countdown Timer

Before launching your campaign, Moosend provides a few convenient tests to help improve your email deliverability and design. You can send your newsletter to a specified tester email address to see how effective your design is in addition to running a content spam test, ensuring your email makes it into each recipients’ inbox instead of their spam folder.

Moosend Review Spam and Delivery Test

After sending your email, you can see an overview of your recent campaign performance through a dashboard. You can quickly analyze important information such as the open rate and click-through percentage and the number of subscribers emailed.

Moosend Review Campaign Dashboard

List Management

When choosing an email marketing provider, it’s important to consider how easy it is to bring any existing subscribers across, or add new subscribers. Moosend provides several different upload options including CSV/Excel compatibility, copying & pasting contact information, or importing existing contacts from Google or Salesforce.

Moosend Review Importing Lists

A key component to sending emails to the right audience at the right time is list segmentation. Moosend allows you to collect detailed information about your subscribers that can be used to build targeted lists. Custom fields can be added as text, date/time, dropdown list, and checkboxes, all of which can be customized to collect any information you need. As an example, you might want to gather data about your subscriber’s birthday to send them a personalized email. Custom fields can be specified as being optional or required, although it’s important to note that required information will be needed each time you add or import new subscribers to your list as well as when subscribers are added through sign-up forms.

Moosend Review Adding Custom Fields for Lists

Once you have collected relevant data on your subscribers, you can segment your list. Moosend offers an extensive list of criteria to easily segment your list including links clicked, mobile vs. desktop, specific user actions, and even using predetermined custom fields. It’s also worth noting that if a subscriber appears on multiple lists, they are only counted once towards your subscriber limit, whereas in other marketing systems, they may be counted more than once towards your limit if they subscribed through different methods.

Moosend Review List Segmentation

Sign-up Forms

Moosend includes a basic sign-up form that you can embed on your website to capture email subscribers. At this stage, the form is very limited and lacks the functionality that other providers such as MailMunch include.

There is also currently no easy way to customize each form. To change the look of the sign-up form and match your branding, you will need to alter the HTML code provided once it has been added to your website.

Moosend Review Creating Signup Form


Moosend automations are included in all of its plans (including its free plan). This functionality provides an excellent way to send relevant messages to your list at the right time and to improve your conversion rates.

Advanced workflows (called "Recipes") can be created from scratch using the builder, which makes creating targeted automations simple, allowing you to specify various triggers (events that start an automation), conditional/control steps (filters for the trigger) and actions to be completed once certain criteria are met.

Moosend Review Automation Workflow Builder

One interesting filter is the ability to "Filter by weather conditions in contact’s location" Using a recipient’s geolocation, the advanced conditional filter has the ability to split an automation based on the weather conditions. For example, you could target users where it is currently raining and send a message reminding them not to forget an umbrella, providing a more personalized touch. Though this may not be the most relevant feature for your use case, it shows the level of granularity that you can achieve with Moosend's filters.

Moosend Review Automation Workflow Conditional Steps

Moosend also provides several pre-defined Recipes to help you save time and build an effective automation campaign quickly. Each Recipe includes selected main tasks, and you only need to add in the conditions. There are many different types of Recipes available, although some of the most popular are: "Abandoned Cart", "Thank You" emails for new customers, "Special Offer Reminders" and the "Welcome Email Sequence".

Moosend Review Automation Recipes


Unfortunately, one area where we find Moosend is lacking relative to the competition is in its native integrations. Compared to MailChimp, which has hundreds of native third-party integrations available, Moosend has a particularly limited selection. However, there are a few useful integrations such as Moosend’s WordPress Subscription form plugin and the WooCommerce plugin. Zapier has also recently been introduced, allowing users to connect with and utilize hundreds of different applications, although an additional subscription is required to leverage this.


Users can view real-time information on each campaign in the reporting section, which offers an excellent high-level overview of opens, clicks, and bounces. By clicking into each campaign, you can view individual recipient activity, compare email client and mobile tracking, and track the location that each email was viewed.

Moosend Review Report Example

Moosend vs. the Competition

We'll analyze how Moosend stacks up against its competitors.

Moosend Vs. MailChimp

While Moosend is still a relatively small player in the marketing automationspace, it does come with some impressive features that allow it to compete with industry leaders, like MailChimp.

In terms of price, Moosend is notably cheaper across all plans. For up to 5,000 subscribers with unlimited campaigns, it only costs $10/month with Moosend, as opposed to $50/month with MailChimp. As you gain more subscribers, the pricing gap gets wider, with up to 25,000 subscribers costing only $80/month on Moosend, and $150/month with MailChimp. MailChimp has an attractive free option for up to 2,000 subscribers, although once you outgrow this plan it gets considerably more expensive and can, ultimately, become a hassle to change providers. Moosend offers a free plan for up to 1,000 subscribers, and this plan includes all of Moosend's functionality.

Both companies offer similar features including a drag-and-drop editor, automation capability, advanced list segmentation, and A/B split testing. However, we found that automation workflows are easier to create (and slightly more advanced) using Moosend’s automation workflow builder.

MailChimp’s sign-up forms are substantially better and can be customized through the software, which is something users are unable easily to do in Moosend. MailChimp also offers hundreds of native integrations compared to the handful that Moosend offers.

Moosend Vs. GetResponse

GetResponse is one of the leaders in email marketing and offers an all-in-one marketing solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs. In terms of pricing, Moosend comes in at only $10/month for up to 5,000 subscribers, compared to GetResponse at $49/month for the same list size.

While Moosend is significantly cheaper, GetResponse provides a more robust suite of tools. Landing pages, sign-up forms, webinars and a built-in CRM are included on all plans, while Moosend focuses solely on email marketing. Both companies offer industry-leading features and scalable software, and your choice will ultimately depend on your unique needs and budget. If you’re only looking for a straightforward solution to send emails to your subscribers and set up automations, then Moosend is excellent value for the money. GetResponse may be a better option if you prefer a full marketing solution and have the budget to accommodate its higher pricetag.

Moosend Vs. ActiveCampaign

Moosend is considerably cheaper than ActiveCampaign across all plans. Moosend is only $10/month for up to 5,000 subscribers, while Active Campaign costs $69/month (paid yearly) on the Lite version for a similar set of features. It can be hard to justify the additional cost for Active Campaign, given that both companies come with advanced automation functionality, robust list management/segmentation, lead scoring, and an excellent user interface.

As previously discussed, native integrations are one area that Moosend can improve. Active Campaign offers substantially more integrations (150+), including Facebook, PayPal, Shopify and WordPress. There is also a built-in CRM with automation capabilities, although this is only included on the Plus Plan and above, which costs $169/month for up to 5,000 subscribers.

Overall, Moosend has a similar range of features and compares favorably in most areas. While it is missing other marketing tools such as a built-in CRM, we prefer Moosend for the price savings.

Is Moosend Right for You?

Moosend is an excellent choice for small businesses or entrepreneurs that are looking for a powerful email marketing solution without the hefty price tag. While Moosend doesn’t offer a full suite of marketing tools, the company does deliver industry-leading email marketing features such as behavioral-based email automation, intelligent list segmentation and a newly developed drag-and-drop newsletter builder.

To sign up for a free account, visit Moosend's website today.