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Are you considering using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to manage your PDF documents? Before choosing a software, it’s important to learn about other PDF editor software platforms for small businesses. The top four alternatives are listed below, along with valuable insights about their features, pricing, and usability.

The information in this article is based on our research, interviews with customers, as well as dozens of hours hand-testing PDF editor software. The details of our review process and research methodology can be found in the Why You Should Trust Us section on our PDF editor category page.

Smallpdf is a basic PDF editor platform. Overall, it is best for beginners and those who only need a PDF editor to make simple edits and changes. We also recommend it to those with a smaller budget.

There are four PDF editor solutions that are worth considering before you purchase Smallpdf. They primarily differentiate based on the features offered and ease of use. Understanding these differences will help you determine which platform will work best for your business.

  • If you prefer an advanced, all-in-one PDF editor and also use other Adobe products like Adobe Sign and Adobe Scan, then we recommend Adobe Acrobat
  • If you need a solution with a wide range of review and annotation tools, currently use signNow, and have a larger budget, then we recommend pdfFiller
  • If you need a semi-robust platform that is priced reasonably for those who want to long-term invest, then we recommend PDFelement
  • If you prefer an intermediate solution with high-quality customer support tools, then we recommend PDF Expert

Here’s a breakdown of our review criteria. We rate each piece of software based on its features, usability, pricing, and customer support availability. Here is how Smallpdf and it’s competitors rank in each category.

Software CompanyAnalyst RatingFeaturesUsabilityPricingCustomer Support
Adobe Acrobat Pro DC919.59.589
PDF Expert82898.57

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of Smallpdf as a PDF editor platform. Afterwards, we’ll compare and contrast Smallpdf against its top competitors. If you’d like a full description of Smallpdf, check out our in-depth Smallpdf review.

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Smallpdf Top Features

Smallpdf offers standard and advanced features that help individuals, SMBs, and enterprises create, edit, review, and overall manage their PDFs. This includes tools for PDF creation and conversion, content editing, and PDF review and annotation. Below we describe the 10 most important features in Smallpdf.

Smallpdf FeatureDescription
PDF CreationSmallpdf offers a wide range of methods for creating a PDF. This includes uploading Word documents, text files, JPEGs, and PNGs, and merging, and splitting documents into PDFs.
PDF ConversionSmallpdf lets you convert your PDFs into multiple document types. This includes Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoints, and JPEGs.
Text EditingText is one of the most important components of your PDF, therefore it’s important that your PDF editor can accommodate your text needs. Smallpdf lets you change the font, color, and size of your text.
Image EditingImages enhance the readability of your PDF documents by providing visual breaks and supporting certain sections of text. Smallpdf lets you insert and resize your images easily, without it interfering with your PDF’s content.
Electronic SignaturesSome PDF editors will let you perform certain electronic signature related actions. Smallpdf lets you insert signature, date, and checkbox fields. It also lets you see which PDFs need your signature, which you've sent out for signature, which you've signed, and which have expired/ been cancelled.
HighlightingHighlighting is an easy way to indicate important information. You can use Smallpdf to automatically highlight text that you’ve inserted into your PDF. An advantage of this tool is that it can detect and auto-highlight text that is already within your uploaded PDF.
Freehand DrawingFreehand drawing lets you write handwritten notes and markings on your PDF. Smallpdf lets you adjust the colors and weights of your drawing tool.
IntegrationsSmallpdf lets you integrate with third-party platforms to expand the functionality of your PDF editor. Smallpdf integrates with applications like Google Drive and Dropbox.
Mobile PDF EditorA mobile PDF editor lets you create, edit, review, and manage your PDFs anywhere. With Smallpdf, you can convert and compress PDFs, add text, highlight, and freehand draw.
Security FeaturesProper security and data protection for your PDFs is critical for your PDF editor. However, Smallpdf only offers password protection, and sensitive information redaction.

Smallpdf Competitor Overview: Features

The chart below shows you the main features found in PDF editor software, and ones offered by each solution. You’ll notice that many solutions offer the same features, therefore it’s important that when analyzing each option, you focus on the quality of each feature.

Smallpdf feature comparison chart vs. competitors

Smallpdf Competitor Overview: Pricing

Smallpdf’s pricing ranges from free to $10 per month. You can also save up to ~30% if you purchase an annual plan. Smallpdf also offers a 7-day free trial for each paid plan.

PDF editor SoftwarePlan Pricing
Free$0 per month
Pro$12 per month
Team$10 per license per month
BusinessContact Smallpdf
Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  • Acrobat Standard DC: $22.99 per month
  • Acrobat Pro DC: $24.99 per month
  • Acrobat Standard DC for teams: $14.99 per license per month
  • Acrobat Pro DC for teams: $16.99 per license per month
Basic (1 user)$20 per month
Premium (Up to 5 users)$40 per month ($8 per user)
airSlate Business Cloud (Minimum 5 users)$50 per user per month
Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  • Acrobat Standard DC: $22.99 per month
  • Acrobat Pro DC: $24.99 per month
  • Acrobat Standard DC for teams: $14.99 per license per month
  • Acrobat Pro DC for teams: $16.99 per license per month
Plan TypeYearly Plan PricingPerpetual License
  • PDFelement Pro Half-yearly plan: $49.99 per half-year
  • PDFelement Pro Yearly plan: $79.99 per year
PDFelement Pro: $129.99
TeamPDFelement Pro: $109 per yearPDFelement Pro: $139
  • PDFelement Standard: $34.50 per year
  • PDFelement Pro: $64.50
  • PDFelement Standard: $39.50
  • PDFelement Pro: $79.50
  • Windows + IOS + Cloud: $129.99 per year
  • Mac + IOS: $99.99 per year
  • Mac + IOS + Cloud: $129.99 per year
  • Windows + IOS: $99.99 per year
  • Windows + Mac: $139.99 per year
  • Windows + Cloud: $99.99 per year
  • Windows + IOS + Cloud: $179.99
  • Mac + IOS: $159.99
  • Mac + IOS + Cloud: $179.99
  • Windows + IOS: $159.99
  • Windows + Mac: $219.99
  • Windows + Cloud: $159.99
Free$0 per month
Pro$12 per month
Team$10 per license per month
BusinessContact Smallpdf
PDF Expert
Monthly$12.49 per month
Lifetime$99.99 one-time payment

Top Smallpdf Competitors

Smallpdf is a beginner-friendly PDF editor solution. It’s best for individuals with a large budget, who prefer to use a robust PDF editor. Overall, it is the most similar to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC in terms of platform cost and advancedness.

The top Smallpdf competitors are:

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  • pdfFiller
  • PDFelement
  • PDF Expert

1. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is an advanced, all-in-one PDF editor. Its tools are robust and the platform is very feature-rich. Compared to Smallpdf, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is better for large businesses who need a PDF editor for team collaboration. We also recommend Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to those who use other Adobe products like Adobe Scan and Adobe Sign.

You'll prefer Adobe Acrobat Pro DC if:

  • You prefer an advanced, all-in-one solution
  • You want a robust mobile PDF editor
  • You want to include personalized headers and footers
You'll prefer Smallpdf if:

  • You are a beginner when it comes to PDF editor solutions
  • You need a more affordable solution
  • You want freehand drawing as a review and annotation tool

2. pdfFiller

pdfFiller is an advanced PDF editor platform that includes a wide range of review and annotation tools. Compared to Smallpdf, pdfFiller is more robust and feature-rich. Also, if you use signNow and are in need of a PDF editor, we recommend checking our pdfFiller.

You'll prefer Smallpdf if:

  • You are a beginner when it comes to PDF editor solutions
  • You need a more affordable solution or a free PDF editor plan
  • You need an effective highlighting tool
You'll prefer Smallpdf if:

  • You prefer an advanced PDF editor solution
  • You use signNow
  • You want to create templates of your most used PDFs

3. PDFelement

PDFelement is a well-rounded, intermediate PDF editor solution. Compared to Smallpdf, PDFelement is better for individuals who are more familiar with PDF editors and need a slightly more robust solution.

You'll prefer PDFelement if:

  • You prefer an intermediate solution
  • You want to insert personalized headers and footers
  • You want to scan documents into PDFs
You'll prefer Smallpdf if:

  • You have a small budget
  • You are a beginner when it comes to PDF editors
  • You want to insert and track electronic signatures

4. PDF Expert

PDF Expert is an intermediate PDF editor platform. Compared to Smallpdf, PDF Expert is a mid-level solution that is less intuitive to use.

You'll prefer PDF Expert if:

  • You prefer a mid-level solution
  • You want page organization features
  • You want to replace images without it interfering with your PDF’s content structure
You'll prefer Smallpdf if:

  • You are a beginner to PDF editors
  • You want a free PDF editor solution
  • You need to convert your PDFs into Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files

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