Best Project Management Software 2021

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Highest Rated Project Management Software

Project management software helps project managers and employees organize, schedule, and budget their projects more efficiently. Features found in project management software include customizable Scrum & Kanban boards, resource planning tools, and reporting.

Other Top Project Management Software

There are several other software solutions that help improve your project management. Below are two solutions used for internal communication and note taking.

Project Management Software FAQs

Project management software helps businesses grow by improving productivity, fostering team collaboration, and increasing production transparency. Project management tools have time tracking and organizational capabilities to keep teams goal-oriented, accountable, and efficient.

Project management software typically costs $5 to $90 per month depending on the number of users & projects, and storage capacity. Time tracking software costs $1.50 to $9 per month depending on the number of users.

The best project management software for you will depend on your feature preferences. If your main goal is to monitor employee productivity, time tracking solutions like TimeCamp are useful. If project organization and task management is paramount, Trello and Asana are ideal options. If you require an all-in-one system to manage the entire life cycle of your project, consider testing a solution like ProofHub.

Trello is the most popular project management software used by over 3.5 million users. Toggl is the most popular time tracking solution used by over 1.5 million users.

Here's the most popular types of features in project management software:

  • Customizable Kanban and Scrum boards
  • Attendance tracking
  • Task management tools
  • Activity tracking
  • Client invoicing
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Payroll management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Bug and issue tracking
  • Resource planning tools
  • Third-party software integration
  • Note-taking tool
  • Cloud-based platform

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