Avail Review, Pricing & Features

Avail Review, Pricing & Features

Avail is a popular property management solution used by over 200,000 independent landlords nationwide.


  • Avail offers a free plan that includes all of its major features, but charges tenants for bank transfers, credit card transactions, and tenant screenings
  • Syndicates property listings to twelve popular listing websites
  • Allows independent landlords to easily implement automatic rent collection and maintenance request tracking
  • Includes a digital leasing tool which allows you to draft, send, and receive eLeases


  • While it is free, Avail's reporting is less robust than alternatives
  • Avail’s free plan does not include a marketing website or customizable applications & leases
  • Does not offer an open API which restricts third-party integrations
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What is Avail?

Avail is a property management system used by over 200,000 landlords nationwide. Avail has several useful features including automatic listing syndication, automatic rent collection, tenant screening, and maintenance request tracking. Avail is best for independent landlords managing small portfolios with a limited budget.

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Full Review

Avail was founded in 2012 by Ryan Coon. Currently, the solution is utilized by over 200,000 landlords and services more than 400,000 renters.

Avail is equipped with several features that help landlords manage their properties. This includes custom property listings, credit and background checks, online tenant portal, automatic rent collection & payments, and maintenance management tools.

Avail offers a free version of their product that is ideal for independent landlords managing small portfolios with a limited budget. For landlords who currently do not use any software tools, implementing Avail will significantly reduce workload.

Overall, Avail is a useful property management solution used by independent landlords managing a small volume of properties. If you have more than 15 units and desire robust accounting and communication features, consider testing solutions such as AppFolio and Buildium.

Avail Pricing & Cost

Avail offers two subscriptions – one is free & one is priced at $7 per unit per month. The free plan does not include some advanced features including expedited payments, marketing websites, and customizable applications & leases.

  • Unlimited: $0 per unit
  • Unlimited Plus: $7 per unit

Avail also offers some services for an additional cost:

  • ACH fee: $2.50 per transaction (waived in Unlimited Plus Plan)
  • Credit & debit card fee: 3.5% per transaction
  • Credit, criminal background, and eviction checks: $55 per screening
  • Rent analysis report: $19.99
  • Free Trial

Avail Features

Below, we'll discuss the key features of Avail, and how it can help you manage your properties. We include screenshots of the product to give you a sense of its design and layout.

Property Marketing

Avail helps reduce vacancies by allowing you to quickly generate rental listings, and make them visible to your prospective tenants. Property marketing features include custom property listings, automatic listing syndication, and the Rental Analysis reports.

Custom Property Listings

Avail allows you to create customizable listings for your rental properties. The information about your properties that Avail can store and distribute include:

  • Amenities
  • Available showings
  • Bedrooms & bathrooms
  • Contact information
  • Lease terms
  • Photos
  • Utilities
avail listing

Automatic Listing Syndication

With Avail, you can automatically post your rental listings to a variety of property listing websites. Here are the websites that Avail is partnered with.

  • ApartmentList
  • Apartments.com
  • Doorsteps.com
  • Hotpads
  • Padmapper
  • Realtor.com
  • Trulia
  • Walkscore
  • Zillow
  • Zumper

Rental Analysis

Partnered with RentRange, Avail offers Rental Analysis reports to help you determine the optimal rent prices for your properties. This report provides helpful metrics including rent estimates and property vacancy rates. This analysis also includes data on ten comparable for-rent properties relevant to your portfolio.

Additionally, there are several charts and graphs to help visualize key data about the rental market in your area. Here are some of the types of chart and graphs included in this report:

  • Rental benchmarks
  • Days on market vs vacancy in county
  • Rental saturation benchmarks
  • County rent trends by bedroom & type
  • Area gross yield & rental trends
avail rental analysis

Applicant Management

Once prospects apply for your listings, you can manage the applications directly in Avail. Avail helps you screen and compare applicants, so you can find the best tenants for your properties.

Rental Application

Prospective tenants fill out an application when they respond to your listing. Avail provides an application template that includes standard sections and fields including:

  • Contact information
  • Identity verification
  • Income verification
  • Number of co-applicants
  • Pets
  • Residence history
  • Work history

The application also includes a variety of screening questions about smoking, bankruptcies, felonies, evictions, and refusals to pay rent. Custom questions are only available in the Unlimited Plus Plan.

avail application

Tenant Screening

You can require applicants to purchase tenant screenings as part of your applications. These screening reports will show you the applicant’s credit score, criminal history, and eviction history. Each report can be purchased for $30 individually, or $55 as a bundle.

Electronic Leases

With Avail, you can send and receive electronic leases. Avail provides lease templates that are lawyer reviewed and state specific. Here is an overview of the sections found in the electronic leases:

  • Attachments
  • Clauses
  • Disclosures
  • Lease terms
  • Lessor information
  • Options
  • Rent, deposit & fees
  • Rules
Clauses and rules can only be customized in the Unlimited Plus Plan.

avail leases

Custom Marketing Website

If you purchase Avail’s Unlimited Plus Plan, you can create a customized marketing website. Prospective tenants can use this website to view your rental properties, and apply for listings.

avail website

Resident Management

Avail provides tools to help connect you with your tenants, so you can finish tasks faster and easier. Here is a breakdown of Avail’s online rental portal and maintenance management.

Online Rental Portal

Avail’s online rental portal allows tenants to set up automatic rent payments and submit maintenance requests. The online rental portal can be accessed on any device.

Maintenance Management

Avail helps landlords track maintenance requests, so issues can be addressed efficiently. Tenants can submit maintenance tickets with photo attachments through the online rental portal. You can communicate with your tenants through in-app messaging to update them about maintenance statuses and contractor visits. You can set up email notifications to alert you if a tenant sends you a message while you are offline.

Rent Collections and Payments

Avail allows you to receive rent and payments online. Tenants can set up recurring payment schedules through the online rental portal. Avail charges a $2.50 fee per bank transfer, and a 3.5% processing fee for debit & credit card transactions. If you purchase Avail’s Unlimited Plus Plan, ACH fees are waived. Payments are deposited directly into your bank account. You can link your properties to different bank accounts, and add an unlimited number of accounts in Avail.

You can set up automatic payment reminders to be emailed to your tenants at set time intervals. You have the option to send two reminders: once before and once after the payment is due. Reminders after the due date will only be sent if the payment was not paid.


Avail’s reporting allows you to quickly view and analyze key data about your properties. You can generate reports for listings, applications, leases, payments, and maintenance requests. Additionally, you can create specialized reports including:

  • Rent roll
  • Tenant roster
  • Late payments
  • Received payments
  • Leases expiring
  • Open maintenance

CreditBoost and Insurance

Avail has partnered with several companies as an added benefit to you and your tenants. Here is a breakdown of Avail’s partnerships:

  • CreditBoost: Landlords can automatically report on-time payments directly to credit bureaus to help boost tenant credit score.
  • Lemonade: Avail partnered with Lemonade to provide renters insurance. Your tenants can receive a quote directly in their Avail account.
  • Steady: Avail partnered with Steady to offer rent default insurance to landlords.

Avail Alternatives & Competitors

Avail competes with many other property management solutions that offer similar functionality. The best choice for you will depend on your budget, volume of properties, and feature preference.

Avail's top competitors are:

We've analyzed Avail compared to its top competitors. Read these in-depth analyses that evaluate Avail's cost, features and ease of use compared to alternatives:

Is Avail Right For You?

Avail is a popular property management system used by over 200,000 landlords nationwide. Avail allows you to create custom property listings, screen your tenants, collect rent & payments, and track maintenance requests.

Avail is ideal for independent landlords who do not want to purchase a software tool to manage their properties. Customers typically start with Avail’s free plan, and switch to its paid subscription as they scale. However, at $5 per unit per month, the Unlimited Plus Plan can become expensive as you add units to your portfolio. If you manage more than 10 units, you should consider testing Buildium instead of purchasing the Unlimited Plus Plan.

If you're interested, you can try Avail today.

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