Best Property Management Software 2021

Avail vs. Cozy

Is Avail or Cozy the better solution for you? This in-depth, feature-by-feature breakdown will help you select the best property management tool to help grow your business.

Property managers use property management software to optimize and automate important tasks they conduct daily. There are several property management solutions in the market, which can make it tough to determine the best solution for your business.

This guide will help you choose between two popular property management systems, Avail and Cozy. We will explore the differences between the two solutions, including an in-depth look into their unique features, and make it simpler to decide which tool is best for you.

Comparison Summary

Avail and Cozy are two popular property management solutions ideal for independent landlords that benefit from a low cost system. Both include tools to automatically syndicate property listings, screen tenants, automatically collect payments, and manage maintenance requests.

When comparing the two, it's important to focus on the specific tools offered by each vendor, and the corresponding subscription price. Here's a quick test to determine which solution is best for you:

You'll prefer Avail if:

  • Electronic leases are important to you
  • You value fast payment processing
  • You would like to syndicate listings to a large volume of websites

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You'll prefer Cozy if:

  • You want to avoid ACH fees
  • Lower credit card transaction fees are important to you
  • You value lower tenant screening fees
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Table of Contents

Avail & Cozy Price Comparison

Both Avail and Cozy are free software tools. However, there are fees that your tenants will incur when you use these solutions. Additionally, both vendors offer paid add-on services. Here is a breakdown of the costs associated with each vendor.

Fees Paid by Tenant

ACH Fees$2.50 per transactionFree
Credit Card Transaction Fee3.5%2.75%
Tenant Screening Fee$55$39.99

Add-on Services

Expedited Payments$5 per unit per month$2.99 per unit per month
Rental Analysis Reports$19.99$19.99

Avail Pricing Details

Avail offers two subscriptions – one is free & one is priced at $5 per unit per month. The paid plan includes several features and services including expedited payments, marketing websites, and customizable applications & leases.

Avail also offers several paid services:

  • ACH fee: $2.50 per transaction (waived in Unlimited Plus Plan)
  • Credit & debit card fee: 3.5% processing fee
  • Credit, criminal background, and eviction checks: $55 per screening
  • Rent analysis report: $19.99
  • Free Trial

Cozy Pricing Details

Cozy is a free software solution. The vendor also offers several paid services:

  • 2.75% fee per credit card transaction
  • Credit and background checks: $39.99 per screening
  • Express Payouts: $2.99 per month per unit
  • Cozy Rent Estimates: $19.99 per report
  • Renters insurance: about $20 per month depending on location and property type
  • Free Trial

Avail & Cozy Feature Comparison

Avail and Cozy both offer a wide range of features to help property managers market and manage their properties. Both platforms include tools to syndicate property listings, screen tenants, automatically collect payments, and manage maintenance requests.

Although there is an overlap between the two solutions, Avail is the more feature-rich option. As you can see in the table below, only Avail offers electronic leases and reporting.

For a full analysis of their features, read our Avail and Cozy reviews.

Online Rental ApplicationsYesYes
One-click Listing SyndicationYesYes
Electronic LeasesYesNo
Automatic Payment CollectionYesYes
Online Tenant PortalYesYes
Maintenance ManagementYesYes
Built-in Messaging Chat BoxYesYes
Mobile FriendlyYesYes

Avail's Unique Features

Avail has three unique features not found in Cozy. It's important to understand the features below to determine if Avail is ideal for your business.

Automatic Listing Syndication

Both Avail and Cozy allows property managers to automatically syndicate their property listings to a variety of websites. However, Avail syndicates to more websites. Here are the property listing websites that these vendors are partnered with:

CompanyListing Websites
AvailApartmentList,,, Hotpads, Padmapper,, Trulia, Walkscore, Zillow, Zumper

Electronic Leases

Avail allows you to draft, send, and receive electronic leases. Here is an overview of the sections found in the electronic leases:

  • Attachments
  • Clauses
  • Disclosures
  • Lease terms
  • Lessor information
  • Options
  • Rent, deposit & fees
  • Rules
avail leases


With Avail, you can create reports for your listings, applications, leases, payments, and maintenance requests. You can also create specialized reports including:

  • Late payments
  • Leases expiring
  • Open maintenance
  • Received payments
  • Rent roll
  • Tenant roster

Cozy's Unique Features

Cozy has two unique features not found in Avail. It's important to understand the features below to determine if Cozy is ideal for your business.

Lower Tenant Fees

In terms of fees incurred by your tenants, Cozy is the more attractive option. Cozy charges your tenants less fees for bank transfers, credit card transactions, and tenant screenings than Avail.

Fees Paid by Tenant

ACH Fees$0.50 per EFT transactionFree
Credit Card Transaction Fee3.5%2.75%
Tenant Screening Fee$55$39.99

Property Listing Website

Cozy provides dedicated websites for each of your property listings at no extra charge. These websites are a valuable resource that you can share with your prospective tenants directly, or share on your social media channels.

cozy listing website

Bottom Line

Avail and Cozy are both popular property management systems used by thousands of landlords to manage their properties. These are the top solutions built specifically for independent landlords that manage smaller property portfolios. Both are equipped with the core set of features to help market your properties, automatically receive payments, and track maintenance requests.

Determining which solution is best for your business will likely come down to whether you prefer a solution that offers more landlord or tenants features:

  • Avail is the best option for landlords because the solution offers faster payment processing, electronic leases, and is partnered with more property listing websites.
  • Cozy is the more tenant-friendly option because the vendor charges lower fees for bank transfers, credit card transactions, and tenant screenings.

Both solutions are free to use. Visit Avail or Cozy today to get started.

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