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Avail vs. RentRedi

Is Avail or RentRedi the better solution for you? This in-depth, feature-by-feature breakdown will help you select the best property management tool to help grow your business.

Property managers use property management software to optimize and automate important tasks they conduct daily. There are several property management solutions in the market, which can make it tough to determine the best solution for your business.

However, if you're reading this article, then you're on the right path. Avail and RentRedi are the two popular property management solutions used by thousands of landlords each. This guide will explore the differences between the two vendors, including a deep dive into their unique features, and make it simpler for you to decide which tool is best for you.

Comparison Summary

Avail and RentRedi are both popular property management solutions used by thousands of landlords each. Both solutions include the core set of features landlords need such as automatic listing syndication, tenant screening, automated online payments, and maintenance management tools. Avail is the more affordable option, and RentRedi is the more fully-featured solution.

When comparing the two, it's important to focus on the specific tools offered by each vendor, and the corresponding subscription price. Here's a quick test to determine which solution is best for you:

You'll prefer Avail if:

  • You are independent landlord with a limited budget
  • You desire a solution that offers a free subscription
  • You frequently use electronic signatures for leases

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You'll prefer RentRedi if:

  • Having an unlimited number of users is important to you
  • You desire a solution optimized for mobile devices
  • You desire bulk messaging to accelerate communication
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Table of Contents

Avail & RentRedi Price Comparison

Avail and RentRedi both offer monthly subscriptions to their platforms. Avail charges $7 per unit per month, while RentRedi offers unlimited users for a flat monthly fee starting at $19 per month. In addition, Avail offers a free plan that is sufficient for many independent landlords.

There are fees that your tenants will incur when you use these solutions. Here is a breakdown of the costs associated with each vendor.

Fees Paid by Tenant

ACH Fees$2.50 per transaction$1 per transaction
Credit & Debit Transaction Fee3.5%2.9% + $0.30
Tenant Screening Fee$55$35

Avail Pricing Details

Avail offers two subscriptions – one is free & one is priced at $7 per unit per month. The free plan does not include some advanced features including expedited payments, marketing websites, and customizable applications & leases.

  • Unlimited: $0 per unit
  • Unlimited Plus: $7 per unit

Avail also offers some services for an additional cost:

  • ACH fee: $2.50 per transaction (waived in Unlimited Plus Plan)
  • Credit & debit card fee: 3.5% per transaction
  • Credit, criminal background, and eviction checks: $55 per screening
  • Rent analysis report: $19.99
  • Free Trial

RentRedi Pricing Details

RentRedi is priced as a monthly subscription. The company offers a discount for longer contracts, and you can add an unlimited number of properties, units, tenants and teammates for no additional cost.

  • Monthly subscription: $19.95 per month
  • 3-month subscription: $15 per month
  • Annual subscription: $9 per month
  • ACH fee: $1
  • Credit card transaction fee: 2.9% + $0.30
  • Tenant screening fee: $35 per report

Avail & RentRedi Feature Comparison

Avail and RentRedi are both useful solutions that include the core set of features needed to manage your properties. Both platforms include automated listing syndication, tenant screening, automated payments, and maintenance request tracking.

Although there is an overlap between the two solutions, RentRedi is the more feature-rich option. As you can see in the table below, only RentRedi offers features such as tenant & landlord mobile applications, bulk messaging, and a built-in calendar.

For a full analysis of their features, read our Avail and RentRedi reviews.

Customizable Rental ApplicationsYesYes
Marketing WebsiteYesYes
One-click Listing SyndicationYesYes
Electronic Lease SigningYesNo
Automatic Payment CollectionYesYes
Online Tenant PortalYesYes
Maintenance ManagementYesYes
Push NotificationsNoYes
Email NotificationsYesYes
Bulk MessagingNoYes
Mobile ApplicationsNoYes

Avail's Unique Features

Avail offers one unique feature, electronic lease signing, that is not found in RentRedi. Although Avail offers less features, this vendor offers a completely free-to-use plan. If the features found in Avail are sufficient for your needs, this solution is the best option for you.

Electronic Lease Signing

With Avail, you can send and receive electronic leases that can be digitally signed by your tenants. Additionally, Avail offers state-specific and lawyer-reviewed lease templates to accelerate this process.

RentRedi's Unique Features

RentRedi offers several features not found in Avail. It's important to understand the features below to determine if RentRedi is ideal for your business.

Prequalification Survey

RentRedi’s prequalification survey helps you quickly filter through prospective tenants before you schedule showings or receive full applications. The survey is 10 questions and captures important tenant information including financial information, criminal history, pets, and smoking. This feature helps you enforce minimum requirements, so you only meet with the most qualified candidates.


RentRedi offers a useful dashboard that helps landlords keep track of important events and tasks. The dashboard is made up of several modules including a calendar, tasks list, pending applications, and repair requests. The dashboard is customizable, and the modules can be added or removed to best fit your needs.

rentredi dashboard

Tenant Mobile App

RentRedi includes a mobile application that allows tenants to connect with landlords and complete various tasks. Tenants can use the application to send payments, submit maintenance requests, and set up renters insurance. Additionally, tenants can set up recurring reminders for rent payments.

Landlord Mobile App

RentRedi’s landlord mobile app allows landlords to communicate with tenants and execute essential tasks remotely. This mobile app appears and functions very similarly to RentRedi on the browser. You can use this app to manage your properties, track payments, manage maintenance, and view documents.

Additionally, this app allows you to send messages to your tenants through push notifications. The landlord mobile app is equipped with bulk notifications and conversation templates to help accelerate communication.

rentredi landlord app

Bottom Line

Avail and RentRedi are popular property management solutions used by thousands of landlords. Both solutions offer useful features including automatic listing syndication, tenant screening, automated online payments, and maintenance management tools.

If you want a solution with a free plan that includes electronic lease signing, Avail is the best option for you. If you are willing to pay a subscription for additional features including prequalification surveys and mobile applications, consider testing RentRedi.

If you’re interested, visit Avail or RentRedi today to get started.

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