Recruiteze Review

Recruiteze Review

Recruiteze is a functional and extremely affordable ATS that is marketed towards small businesses and growing recruitment agencies.


  • Extremely affordable ATS, free for a single job posting
  • Provides the ability to coordinate multiple job postings and manage candidates from one system
  • Customizable workflows which allow you to move each candidate through different stages of the hiring process


  • No pre-screening feature, interview scheduling function, or built-in feedback tools
  • Unable to post job advertisements directly to social media sites such as your Facebook Career Page
  • Layout and overall usability could use some tweaking, and the software is not very intuitive
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  • Forever free option with a single job posting and up to 500 applicants.
  • Paid plans start at $9.95/month and go up to $39.95/month.
  • Free 15-day Trial of the Pro Plan.

Full Review

Originally founded in 2012, Recruiteze started off as a Resume Formatting Service and has since expanded to include an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). While not as intuitive or feature-rich as its competitors, Recruiteze is a functional and extremely affordable ATS that is marketed towards small businesses and growing recruitment agencies.

The first thing you’ll notice once you start using Recruiteze is the limited functionality, which is expected since it's a fairly small company (with 3 employees on their Linkedin Page. For example, the software doesn’t include any pre-screening features, there is no option to schedule interviews through the platform, and workflows are limited to a default setting, which is primarily suited for recruitment agencies.

The software does however provide you with a branded career page to collect candidate information on your own website. You can post an unlimited number of jobs, and each applicant can create a candidate profile. You can also communicate with multiple candidates using pre-set templates, and you can also share candidate resumes with other team members. One major plus for Recruiteze is that you can add different hiring managers or clients that are able to hire using the platform, which makes it suitable for recruitment agencies with larger teams.

In reviewing this system, we have also encountered downtime with the product, which is concerning for an online system—when they are experiencing issues with their servers, you'll be unable to access your account. We don't have data for how often they experience downtime, but this presents a risk if always being able to access the system is important to you.

Overall, we'd Recruiteze only for those on a tight budget—. You gain marginal benefits by using Recruiteze, compared to managing your candidate workflow manually and using something like Google Docs, but the overhead of introducing a new system to your business may or may not be worth the benefits.

Key Features

Below, we'll discuss the key features of Recruiteze and how they can benefit your business.

Careers Page

Before you can publish and advertise open positions on job boards, you will need to set up your company profile and a careers page. Recruiteze has a simple step-by-step wizard that enables you to add a company logo, customize the application form, set up email templates, and integrate a branded career page widget into your existing website. You will need some technical experience to add the script to your site, although you can always contact support for assistance if you need help with the integration.

Recruiteze Review Creating Careers Page

Creating Job Requisitions

Once you’ve set up your career page and added company information, you can create and advertise new job requisitions. Recruiteze allows you to create an unlimited number of job positions each month at no additional cost.

Setting up a job in the system is quite straightforward, but it can be a little clunky to add the skills and qualifications as there is a lot of clicking involved. However, to save time for future hires, you can set up reusable templates for specific roles. One thing that would improve the workflow on Recruiteze is offering pre-set templates for key positions, as it can be quite time-consuming to manually write out common position descriptions (e.g. Marketing Coordinator or Receptionist).

Another other downfall with Recruiteze is the lack of a pre-screening feature. If you receive a lot of applications, it can be frustrating to view ineligible candidates constantly. For example, you might only be looking to hire individuals eligible to work in the U.S, or people who have specific skills for a role. Software like Jobsoid and Breezy HR allow you to add pre-screening questionnaires and easily filter candidates that match your exact requirements. Unfortunately, Recruiteze doesn’t have a pre-screening feature, although you can search for candidates once they have applied by filtering skills or text.

Recruiteze Review Creating Job Requisition

Advertising Jobs

Recruiteze allows you to advertise job positions through your career page and on various job boards. Candidates can then apply online, with the information collected and stored in the database.

In comparison to other platforms, the advertising features on Recruiteze is limited. Paid users can post directly to job boards including ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Google Jobs, and LinkedIn, in addition to advertising through the career page on your website. However, there is no option for social sharing or the ability to promote your job opening using Facebook’s Career Page, which would be a nice integration to have.

Candidate Workflows

Recruiteze has a candidate workflow feature that offers a range of transitions to move the applicant along the hiring process. For example, applicants can move through your pipeline from Application Received to Phone Screen to Schedule Interview to Send Offer, etc. Recruiteze only allows one workflow, with the default primarily tailored for recruitment agencies. However, if you have a different hiring process, you can set up a custom workflow for free by contacting the company.

Recruiteze Review Creating Candidate Workflow
When using the workflow feature, we found it to be slightly cumbersome. For example, there is no option to set up multiple workflows to manage different jobs. You might have a completely different hiring process for a Customer Service Representative compared to a Software Developer, although using Recruiteze, both positions will still need to follow the same process. Workflows are also managed on a candidate level which means it can be tedious as you have to go into each candidate profile to apply a transition.

Candidate Management

Candidate management is a crucial component of the recruitment process, and this is one aspect where we've found Recruiteze to be helpful. Recruiteze allows you to access and manage candidate information (contact details, work history, qualifications, and resumes) from one location. You can sort applications by job or workflow stage, and even bookmark top candidates to share with colleagues.

Candidates can be contacted directly from the platform by email (individually or in bulk), and templates can be set up to streamline the process. You can also contact applicants who have applied to specific roles or when they reach specific stages in your workflow. For example, you can send an email to notify all applicants that didn’t make it past the first interview stage. Recruitment agencies can also use this feature to submit resumes to clients for feedback or send updates about new applications.

If you receive resumes from alternative sources, you can upload these to Recruiteze platform using the bulk upload feature. Recruiteze allows you to upload as many resumes as you like and the software will automatically build a rich candidate profile using the information.

However, you can’t set up email automations. Unlike other systems, which allows you to automate small admin tasks at different stages, everything needs to be actioned manually through Recruiteze. An integration with an email marketing provider, such as MailChimp, would be a welcomed addition.

Recruiteze Review Candidate Management


Recruiteze offers an Activity Report that details the number of applicants in each workflow stage. Data can be filtered by day, week, month, or year and you can select different users’ activity. Reports can also be exported to Excel and analyzed offline.

Compared to other applicant tracking systems, the reporting functionality on Recruiteze is extremely underwhelming. There is no option for customization, and the pre-set report delivers little insight into how each candidate applied, how long they spent in each stage and even information about open job positions. However, you can always manage data offline through the use of spreadsheets, although it’s not as practical as having it readily available in one system. Being able to analyze data through spreadsheets may be sufficient for some users, however.

Recruiteze vs. the Competition

We'll analyze how Recruiteze stacks up against its competitors.

Recruiteze vs. Breezy HR

The most apparent difference between Recruiteze and Breezy HR is the price. Breezy HR’s paid plans start at $149/month, while Recruiteze starts at a remarkable $9.95/month, with a free plan for smaller businesses. Both companies offer unlimited position postings, job board distribution, branded career pages, and rich candidate profiles. However, this is where similarities stop.

Breezy HR has a far more extensive feature-list that includes pre-screening questionnaires, interview scheduling directly from the platform (video conferencing), and an efficient team collaboration system through comments, scorecards, and notes. The drag-and-drop Kanban style pipeline is a much easier way to track and manage candidates, and the interview guides can help you keep consistent structure across your hiring team.

While Recruiteze doesn’t have the same level of functionality, it’s a working and functional ATS that offers exceptional value for small businesses or early-stage recruitment agencies. If you’re looking for a no-frills software that will get the job done at the lowest possible price (with a little bit of work on your behalf) Recruiteze is a viable option. However, if you want a full-fledged ATS, then Breezy HR would be our choice.

Recruiteze vs. Jobsoid

Jobsoid is an ATS in a similar price range to Recruiteze, albeit slightly more expensive. Both companies have a free option, with the Jobsoid Lite Plan at $49/month compared to Recruiteze’s top-tier Pro Business Plan at $39.95/month.

Both Jobsoid and Recruiteze have the basic features you would expect from an ATS including candidate profiles, career pages, and email templates. However, Jobsoid has far more advanced capabilities than Recruiteze. Users can schedule interviews from the platform, conduct pre-assessment video screening, and use smart filters to shortlist candidates. Jobsoid also offers significantly more in the way of analytics with users able to create custom reports from any data field, in addition to the several pre-built reports.

While Jobsoid is a more robust platform, it offers a limited number of job postings per month. If you’re a small business or recruitment agency on a budget and need to post a lot of jobs and collect candidate resumes, Recruiteze may be the better solution. However, bear in mind, Recruiteze does not support interview scheduling, team feedback, or offer robust reporting capabilities.

Is Recruiteze the Right Software for you?

Recruiteze is a budget-friendly (or free, in some cases) ATS that helps you post jobs, receive applications and keep track of candidates. While it’s not an all-one-one recruitment tool, it does have notable features that simplify various stages of the hiring process, such as the branded career page, online job applications and bulk resume uploads.

However, before settling on Recruiteze, carefully consider whether you need an ATS with additional features, such as interview scheduling, pre-screening capabilities, or in-depth reporting.

Recruiteze is an acceptable barebones option, suitable for budget-conscientious businesses looking for an ATS without all the bells and whistles.

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