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What is NiceJob?

NiceJob is a reputation management software for small businesses that automates the creation and distribution of online customer reviews. With 12 review channels for distribution, connections with social media accounts, and native integrations with applications like Intercom and QuickBooks Online, this tool is ideal for small businesses that want to efficiently generate customer reviews.

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NiceJob Review Summary

NiceJob is a reputation management software that was founded by Lars Kristensen in 2017. The company is based in Vancouver, Canada. Nicejob has 7,000 customers which are mostly home businesses, professional services, health and wellness companies, and travel and tourism businesses.

The software includes features that connect review channels, automatically send review invites to customers, and market your reviews to your audience. NiceJob also offers an SEO and review-optimized website called Convert Website. They guarantee 10% more sales from this website, or you’ll get your money back.

NiceJob is an inexpensive reputation management platform that will be more cost-effective for small businesses than large competitors like BirdEye or Podium. Overall, NiceJob is quite easy to use and effective for generating online reviews. If you need a solution strictly for that purpose, we recommend NiceJob. If you have the budget and want an all-in-one platform that includes other features such as live chat, surveys, and payments, we recommend learning more about Birdeye and Podium.

NiceJob Pricing & Cost

NiceJob pricing begins at $75 per month and tops out at $290 per month. There are four plans to choose from, and the pricing tiers are based on your company’s customer count. If you choose to add a NiceJob Convert Website, you’ll pay an additional $99 per month and a $399 one-time setup fee.

NiceJob Key Features

This review walks through NiceJob’s features. Along with discussing features, usability, and customer service availability, we’ll make notes about where these aspects fall short or shine compared to competitors. We’ll also include images of the software to give you a sense of what it’s like to work with the tool.

Review Generation Campaigns

NiceJob’s review campaigns are automatically configured to request reviews from customers with a text and then a series of three emails. The messages are timed to be sent two days, a week, and two weeks after the first message. Follow-ups are sent only if a response has not yet been received, ensuring that customers aren’t bombarded with irrelevant messages.

You can use the preconfigured messages or customize your own, as shown below.


There are basic analytics connected to this section, including which messages have been sent, seen, clicked, and which have achieved a review.

Review Sites

With NiceJob, you’ll be able to synchronize and connect with the following review sites, as well as a few others:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Capterra
  • G2
  • CitySearch
  • HomeAdvisor

The available pre-built integrations are significantly fewer than larger competitors offer, but more than Podium Starter allows for. You’ll be able to select which review sites are most important for your business. NiceJob will encourage customers to leave reviews on these sites.

Additional Integrations

There are pre-built integrations with frequently-paired software platforms including Intercom, Stripe, Clio, Housecall Pro, and QuickBooks Online. There’s also an integration with Zapier, so if NiceJob doesn’t have a native integration, you’ll be able to connect applications through there.

There are also four social media integrations available: Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can automatically share reviews and only auto-publish reviews above a certain star rating.


The Stories tab in the NiceJob dashboard shows all your reviews in one place, no matter the platform they were submitted from. You can see the date they were submitted, the platform they came from, and whether or not they were collected from your website.

Within this tab, you can respond directly to Google and NiceJob reviews. You can add a photo to reviews and reply with context, which can help provide other customers with insight as to how your business works. While it’s helpful that you can reply directly to Google or NiceJob reviews from the dashboard, you have to manually respond to reviews left on other platforms.

Custom Website

For $99 per month and a one-time $399 set-up fee, customers can purchase NiceJob’s Convert Website, which is optimized to attract new leads and convert customers. NiceJob guarantees 10% more website sales compared to your existing website, or the website is entirely free. The money-back guarantee ensures that customers get what they are promised.

The website is updated with new content, will push new reviews live, and can also be configured so that new leads will be sent directly to your cell phone. Below is an image of a real company that has a website that was built by NiceJob.


Additional Features

Below is a list of the additional features that NiceJob offers.

Multiple Companies

You can switch between different businesses all under the same account. Pricing is based per account, so you will be able to manage multiple businesses for one base price.

Employee Leaderboard

This feature allows you to examine which employee has gathered the most reviews and the most positive ratings. This feature is useful for internal KPIs and performance management.

Internal CRM

NiceJob customers can import their client contact information through a third-party CRM or import a CSV file. Once clients are listed in the system, businesses can drill down into each profile to see all event information, like invoices sent, campaign enrollment, reviews, and more.


Basic insights will inform your business about the number of reviews you’ve gathered, the average rating, and ratings by review sites.


Website Widgets

There are five NiceJob widgets you can add to your business website: Engage, Stories, Trust Badge, Collect Reviews, and Collect Leads.

By copying and pasting a few simple lines of code to your website, these dynamic widgets will display customer reviews, display new bookings, show reviews with or without images, and collect reviews or contact information. Each of these widgets can be placed where you would like on your site.

NiceJob Customer Support

NiceJob has Intercom live chat on their website, which means that you can access their bot for answers 24/7 or be connected to a team member during their business hours. There is also a blog with articles about product updates, case studies, small business advice, and more.

Customer Support ChannelsLive Chat, Email
Other Support ResourcesBlog, Help Center, Guides
Application Status PageNo

NiceJob Alternatives & Competitors

NiceJob competes most directly with Podium Starter, which is similarly more basic than heavy hitters in the reputation marketing space. More advanced alternatives include BirdEye and Podium.

Is NiceJob Right For You?

NiceJob is a reliable, low-cost option for small business owners that are looking to increase and market their customer reviews. Because it lacks messaging features that BirdEye and Podium offer, you should choose NiceJob if you would rather integrate the software with your current live chat product, rather than having it built into your reputation management system.

If you’re looking for a more advanced choice and are comfortable paying a higher price, check out the alternatives below.

  • Birdeye is the best reputation management software and offers features like a unified inbox, ticketing, and referrals
  • Podium is another highly-rated platform with dedicated client success managers assigned to each customer
  • Swell is a solution that’s designed specifically for dental and medical practices

If you are interested in trying NiceJob, sign up for a 14-day free trial.

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