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What is AgencyAnalytics?

AgencyAnalytics is a software tool used by thousands of marketing agencies and freelancers for SEO research and client reporting. The SEO tools offered by AgencyAnalytics are keyword rank tracking, site auditing, and a backlink manager. Every report and dashboard created in AgencyAnalytics can be white labeled to deliver a better branding experience to the client. The platform’s growing list of over 50 integrations help agencies consolidate their data into one place to monitor and integrate into their multi-channel reports.

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AgencyAnalytics Review Summary

AgencyAnalytics was started in 2009 as “My SEO Tool” by Joe Kindess and Blake Acheson, who wanted to create a product that focused on the agency-client relationship. Today, they are operated from downtown Toronto by a growing team of over 25 employees. AgencyAnalytics helps over 3,500 agencies & freelancers manage their campaign reporting.

AgencyAnalytics aims to be an all-in-one platform for agencies to manage reporting for all of their clients’ marketing channels. With a constantly growing list of 50+ available integrations, agencies can create concise dashboards and reports for all their clients in one place. AgencyAnalytics provides three proprietary SEO tools – a keyword rank tracker, a site auditor, and a backlink manager. Agencies who need more comprehensive SEO research may choose to integrate data from one of the several SEO tool integrations like Ahrefs or SEMrush.

AgencyAnalytics is an affordable and valuable solution for almost any marketing agency. Freelancers and smaller agencies can save money by using AgencyAnalytics for both reporting and SEO research. On the other end of the spectrum, AgencyAnalytics has priced its solution to be an extremely affordable reporting solution for large agencies. Larger agencies might find AgencyAnalytics’ SEO tools insufficient to meet their needs.

Overall, AgencyAnalytics is a well-built tool to help manage all your clients’ marketing channels and SEO data. Smaller agencies should consider using AgencyAnalytics for both reporting and SEO analysis. Larger agencies should compare it to other reporting solutions like NinjaCat and Databox that integrate with all marketing channels.

AgencyAnalytics Pricing & Cost

The AgencyAnalytics pricing options are available at three levels that vary in the maximum number of campaigns, keyword rankings, and site audit pages. AgencyAnalytics also offers a 20% discount for customers on annual plans.

  • Freelancer: $49 per month
  • Agency: $149 per month
  • Enterprise: $399 per month
AgencyAnalytics pricing information

AgencyAnalytics Features

Below we will discuss the key features of the AgencyAnalytics platform and how they can help agencies manage campaigns and impress clients. We’ll also show pictures to demonstrate its usability and design.

SEO Tools

AgencyAnalytics provides three proprietary SEO tools to manage digital marketing campaigns. These tools can be used to monitor SEO performance and can then easily be incorporated into custom dashboards and client reports.

Keyword Rank Tracker

AgencyAnalytics provides an accurate, easy-to-use keyword rank tracking tool that allows agencies to monitor hundreds of keywords for any language or location. The number of trackable search terms varies by plan. The keyword rank tracker updates daily but provides only the essential functionality common among other popular SEO tools.

AgencyAnalytics keyword rank tracker gif

Within the keyword rank tracker, clicking on any of the statistics shown in the boxes allows you to view the corresponding graph. This makes it easy to view your SEO performance over time. Each of your keywords are listed below this dashboard, along with their ranking on Google, Google Mobile, Google Local, and Bing. The tool also allows you to customize which metrics are displayed – for example: location, language, results, and volume. To simplify your rankings, you can also group keywords together with custom tags, sort the list by any metric, and search for keywords in your list.

AgencyAnalytics keyword rankings

Clicking on any of the search terms in your list leads to the ranking history for that individual search term. As you can see below, AgencyAnalytics provides a graph view as well as a table with daily rankings.

AgencyAnalytics keyword rank history

AgencyAnalytics also allows you to see the other websites that rank well for each of your tracked keywords. This page also shows your competitor’s mozRank, page authority, domain authority, juice passing backlinks, total backlinks, and whether the search term is in the webpage title. From any of these pages, the download button allows you to download the information as a PDF or XLS, as well as create a shareable link and send in an email.

Site Auditor

AgencyAnalytics also provides their own Site Auditor to help agencies identify and resolve SEO issues on their clients’ websites. We found the Site Auditor to be accurate and thorough. As noted in the pricing, AgencyAnalytics gives Freelance users up to 10,000 site audit pages per month, Agency users up to 30,000 per month, and Enterprise users get 100,000 per month with the option to purchase more.

AgencyAnalytics Site Auditor

Using the built-in site auditor allows you to monitor the health of any website with respect to problems that impact SEO performance. The site audit tool evaluates your client’s site and assigns it an overall health score, making it easy to track. Each page is also assigned a health score. The crawler is built to identify problems that impact SEO performance. To aid prioritization, it groups issues into three buckets – critical, errors, and warnings. Examples of errors the crawler detects are:

  • Missing HTML elements
  • Broken links
  • Slow pages
  • Duplicative content
  • Page status

AgencyAnalytics allows you to run custom audits instantly, or schedule them to be run daily, weekly, or monthly. These audits can be run within a defined page limit or with path exclusions to more efficiently use your monthly allotted pages. The application’s history tab makes it easy to track the improvements made over time.

Backlink Manager

AgencyAnalytics contains a proprietary backlink manager that you can use to track published and unpublished links, though it has limited functionality. In general, we recommend using AgencyAnalytics’ robust Majestic integration for backlink management. Thankfully, AgencyAnalytics pays for the backlink data from Majestic for you – with only a couple of clicks, Majestic gives you a full summary of your backlink data for free.

AgencyAnalytics Majestic Interface

In the Majestic interface, you can view different displays for links, referring domains, anchors, new links, and lost links. Any of the graphic displays from these tabs can be added to your dashboards and reports.


AgencyAnalytics’ primary features are its SEO tools, and dashboards & reporting. The dashboards & reporting functionality comes from 50+ available integrations. There are eight categories of integrations each containing some of the most popular apps and services used in the marketing industry.

AgencyAnalytics integrations gif

Integrating tools is simple – just select the tool from the integrations menu, and enter credentials if necessary. Once a tool is integrated, it can be found in the sidebar under its designated category.


Current Integrations
PPC (Pay-Per-Click)Adroll, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads,, Twitter Ads
SEOAhrefs, Bing Webmaster Tools, Google My Business, Google Search Console, Majestic, Moz, SEMrush, Google Lighthouse
Call TrackingAvanser, Call Tracking Metrics, CallRail, CallSource, Delacon, DialogTech, Marchex, Phonewagon, What Converts
LocalBirdEye, BrightLocal, GatherUp,, Synup, Trustpilot, Vendasta, Yelp, Yext
SocialFacebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube
EmailActive Campaign, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, MailChimp
AnalyticsGoogle Analytics, HubSpot, Unbounce
EcommerceShopify, WooCommerce

The large selection of integrations gives agencies the flexibility to meet the needs of their clients using one neatly organized platform. Each integration allows agencies to view their client’s data and include it in their custom dashboards and reports. Though there are competitors that offer more integrations, they are significantly more expensive.

Interactive Dashboards

AgencyAnalytics gives you the ability to visualize your client’s data in custom interactive dashboards. In addition, as more apps and services are integrated, more comprehensive cross-channel dashboards can be created to provide deeper insight into performance.

AgencyAnalytics interactive dashboard widget

Dashboards can be easily created using one of many dashboard templates. Customizing the templates is simple – AgencyAnalytics provides a drag-and-drop editor and over 1,000 pre-built widgets. The platform includes a well-organized folder system that makes it easy to find the right widgets for your dashboards. If you make a dashboard for one campaign that you really like, you can use it as a template for other campaigns. The dashboards in AgencyAnalytics are interactive. This makes it easy to drill down into data for in-depth analyses. Hovering your cursor over charts and graphs will show the granular data. An example is below – clicking on the “Total Backlinks” widget brings you to the Majestic tool page where the widget came from.

AgencyAnalytics interactive dashboard gif

If an agency chooses, they can give clients 24/7 access to certain dashboards, while keeping others strictly for agency use. Giving clients access to dashboards saves additional time, as they won’t need to email their agency for each data request.

Automated Reporting

One of the most useful features of AgencyAnalytics is the automated reporting. This tool allows marketing agencies to create and share simple, informative cross-channel reports. These reports can be scheduled to automatically send to clients as often as necessary.

AgencyAnalytics report template

Reports can be custom built, or generated from your existing dashboard. As with the dashboards, AgencyAnalytics provides templates that are customized by dragging and dropping individual widgets. If your dashboards have all the information you wish to report to your clients, you can simply export the dashboard as a report. Sections of text can be added to make a more detailed and conventional report for your clients. AgencyAnalytics also allows you to create reports using a clone of a report from another campaign as a template. Below is a sample report generated straight from the SEO Report Template.

AgencyAnalytics Report

With AgencyAnalytics, you also have the ability to whitelabel your dashboards and reports to make an aesthetically pleasing brand experience for your clients. A completely branded product can feature your company logo, color scheme, and even domain name – your clients will never see the AgencyAnalytics name.

AgencyAnalytics Customer Support

As with many small businesses, AgencyAnalytics understands the importance of customer service and works to provide customer support via Intercom chat 24/5. Overall, customer support is a notable strength of AgencyAnalytics, consistently delivering exceptional service.

Though they cannot always resolve complicated issues immediately, they were very good about reaching out with resolutions as soon as they can, usually within an hour or two. A member of the customer support team usually replies to live chats within five minutes during the week. In our experience testing the tool, we found every customer support team member to be helpful and friendly.

Beyond the live chat, AgencyAnalytics has demo videos, feature descriptions, and a complete help center. In the help center is the “Knowledge Base” which is a compilation of articles to help users with all their available tools, an FAQ section, a product update log complete with integration releases, dozens of video guides, an API reference guide, a roadmap, and system status information.

AgencyAnalytics Alternatives & Competitors

The AgencyAnalytics platform includes proprietary SEO tools, and dashboard & reporting functionality. As a result, it competes against SEO software companies, and products focused specifically on dashboards & reporting. AgencyAnalytics’ top alternatives & competitors are:

SEO Tools

Dashboards & Reporting

  • DashThis
  • Databox
  • Google Data Studio
  • Klipfolio
  • NinjaCat
  • Tableau
  • TapClicks

Is AgencyAnalytics Right For You?

AgencyAnalytics is a software tool used by thousands of marketing agencies and freelancers for SEO research and client reporting. Since it has these two primary use cases, it must be considered against both SEO software and client reporting software.

Compared to other SEO software, AgencyAnalytics is straightforward and easy to use but is not as comprehensive. If you believe the SEO tools to be insufficient, you should consider more advanced alternatives like Ahrefs and SEMrush.

As a client reporting platform AgencyAnalytics is one of the most user-friendly options without sacrificing customizability. If you are looking for more tools and services, options like Tapclicks are worth considering at their much higher price point.

Starting at $49 per month, AgencyAnalytics is among the most affordable options for SEO tools and client reporting platforms.

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