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SEMrush Traffic Analytics Package Overview

Are you considering purchasing the SEMrush Traffic Analytics Package? Our experts tested the traffic analytics tool to understand its features and how it can help digital marketers bring more traffic to their websites.

SEMrush is used by over five million digital marketers to bring more search traffic to their websites. One of the most valuable features of SEMrush is the ability to analyze the traffic that websites receive. This helps companies better understand their own traffic and learn from their competitors.

In November of 2019, SEMrush started offering its traffic analytics tool as an add-on to its core subscription. The SEMrush Traffic Analytics Package costs $200 per month. If interested, you can visit SEMrush for a free trial of the Traffic Analytics Package.

Read below for a breakdown of the traffic analytics tool, including a comparison against what's included in the core SEMrush subscription. If you're interested in learning more about SEMrush, check out our full SEMrush review.

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SEMrush Traffic Analytics Package Pricing

The SEMrush Traffic Analytics Package is priced at $200 per month. This cost is in addition to the core SEMrush subscription, and is the same regardless of which SEMrush plan you choose.

SEMrush Competitive Intelligence Add-on Price

Where Does SEMrush Get Its Data?

SEMrush's primary traffic analytics data source is its panel of over 200 million users. SEMrush is able to monitor the online behavior of these users, including the websites they visit. SEMrush also captures a massive amount of data from Google's search results.

In addition, SEMrush invests resources to improve its algorithms that analyze this information and surface the data available in the platform. SEMrush released its most recent algorithm update in early 2020.

SEMrush Traffic Analytics Package Features

The SEMrush Traffic Analytics Package provides full access to traffic analytics for your website and competitors. Basic traffic analytics data is available through any SEMrush plan. You have to purchase the Traffic Analytics Package to gain access to the following reports and data:

  • Traffic Sources Report
  • Top Pages Report
  • Geo Distribution Report
  • Destination Sites Report
  • Subdomains Report
  • Company Info Report
  • Historical Data Access from April 2016
  • Geo-specific Filtering
  • Device Filtering

If you do not have the Traffic Analytics Package and try to access one of the above reports, you'll hit the following paywall:

SEMrush Traffic Analytics Paywall

Traffic Sources Report

SEMrush's traffic sources report provides insight into the channels and websites that bring traffic to any website. With the Traffic Analytics Package, you can also see how this traffic is trending and look at historical data. While this is helpful for understanding your own traffic, it's a more valuable tool for understanding other websites' traffic sources.

Without the package, SEMrush still provides access to basic traffic source information. Here's a screenshot of the report that comes with the basic SEMrush subscription:

SEMrush Traffic Sources Report Basic

The package provides access to far more information, and the ability to filter data. You can filter the basic report to view data by source, for individual devices and geographies, and for specific channels.

In addition, the package comes with a Traffic Sources Details report. This report provides a breakdown of the individual sources that send traffic to the website including Google search, Facebook and other individual websites. This data can help your team discover new referral sources to partner with.

SEMrush Traffic Sources Details report

Top Pages Report

SEMrush's top pages report displays the individual pages that bring the most traffic to an individual website. This data can be sorted by visitor volume and for specific traffic sources. In addition, you can see any website's top pages for desktop and mobile devices.

Discovering the pages that work best for your competitors, can help your team brainstorm new content ideas and determine which pages you should promote on specific marketing channels. The top pages report is not available in the core SEMrush subscription.

SEMrush Top Pages Report

Geo Distribution Report

SEMrush's geo distribution report shares the percentage of visits driven to any website from each country. As with other reports, the tool provides access to historical data that can be filtered for specific devices. While the data is interesting, this report is really only valuable for very large companies with international footprints.

SEMrush Geo Distribution Report

The core SEMrush subscription does include a basic geo distribution report. However, this report is limited to five countries and cannot be filtered by device.

SEMrush Traffic by Country

Destination Sites Report

The destination site report provides a list of websites that are visited by users after leaving the target website. This data is not available in other products like Google Analytics, and is helpful for understanding the behavior of your visitors. For example, you might discover that your visitors frequently visit the pages of a competitor in an area where your website lacks strong content.

SEMrush Destination Sites Report

Subdomains Report

SEMrush's traffic analytics tool includes a subdomains report that lists a website's subdomains. For each subdomain, you can see estimated traffic and a breakdown of traffic by desktop and mobile. The Traffic Analytics Package allows you to filter this information by location and device, and view historic data. A basic SEMrush subscription allows you to view the top five subdomains for a given website.

SEMrush Subdomains Report

Company Info Report

SEMrush's company info report is only available to subscribers of the Traffic Analytics Package. As you can see in the example below, this report shares the following information:

  • Company description
  • Links to social media profiles
  • Company categories
  • Company address
  • Estimated employee count
  • Funding amount
  • Founding date
SEMrush Company Info

Bottom Line

The SEMrush Traffic Analytics Package is a $200 add-on that provides deep insights into any website's internet traffic. It's most valuable use cases include the ability to see traffic by source, each website's top performing pages, and the sites that people visit after the target website. The package also allows you to filter data by device and location, and view historical data.

Overall, we believe that the Traffic Analytics Package is a worthwhile purchase for larger organizations that invest heavily in online marketing. SMBs on a tighter budget are better off starting with the core SEMrush subscription, and then purchasing the Traffic Analytics Package if they find themselves frequently using the basic traffic analytics tools.

Visit SEMrush for a free trial of the Traffic Analytics Package.

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