Sistrix Review, Pricing & Features

Sistrix Review, Pricing & Features

Sistrix is a SEO and marketing tool used by customers in over 30 countries worldwide.


  • Sistrix has a few tools that offer a solid amount of value to creators who need to optimize their work for search
  • Sistrix allows you to analyze an unlimited number of domains in each module
  • Sistrix offers an open API for each of its modules


  • Sistrix sells each of its modules separately for €100 per month, which is very expensive
  • Some modules lack critical information that more affordable software, like Ahrefs and Semrush, have
  • Lack of data filtering options heavily limits the ability to do in-depth analysis
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What is Sistrix?

Sistrix is an SEO and marketing tool for agencies, search marketers, and social media influencers. It has all the core SEO features marketers need, such as keyword tracking, backlink analysis, and competitive insights. Sistrix pricing starts at €100 per module.

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Sistrix Review Summary

Sistrix was founded in 2004 by Johannes Beus and is headquartered in Bonn, Germany. Today, the company has customers in over 30 countries worldwide.

Sistrix offers many essential SEO features, including an SEO auditor, keyword rank tracker, and keyword research tool. Unlike other SEO solutions such as Ahrefs and Semrush that take an all-in-one approach to their features, Sistrix spreads its features through five distinct modules.

Sistrix pricing starts at €100 per module. This makes it an expensive option. Top competitors Ahrefs and Semrush offer the same functionality as all modules for the price of one.

Although Sistrix is well-established, it offers less value at a higher price than top alternatives. Sistrix does have satisfied customers, however, we recommend that anyone exploring the tool also seriously consider Ahrefs and Semrush.

Sistrix Pricing & Cost

Sistrix pricing begins at €100 per module. Each module comes with a specific set of features, and allows up to 6 users.

If you opt in for more than two modules, savings up to €100 are available. A free 14-day trial is also available, with no need for a credit card.

Sistrix Module Breakdown

Sistrix’s capabilities are spread across five different modules. An overview of what each module offers is below.

  • Visibility Index
  • Keyword Ranking & Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Link Audit
  • Backlink Competitors
  • Web Technology Analysis
  • Content Assistant
  • Site SEO Audit
  • Paid Keyword History
  • Banner Ads
  • TikTok, Instagram, YouTube
  • Account Insights

Sistrix Key Features

Now that you know what each Sistrix module contains, let’s take an in-depth look at each one of them to see which fits your SEO and marketing needs.


Sistrix’s SEO Module focuses on two main things: SEO performance tracking and keyword research. Overall, its SEO tools are effective, but less complete than what’s offered by Ahrefs and Semrush.

Sistrix Visibility Index

The main tool that Sistrix advertises is its Visibility Index. When you enter your domain, Sistrix shows your visibility ranking on both desktop and mobile, your top URLs, and an interactive graph charting your visibility as far back as 2008.


The Visibility Index allows you to monitor your website’s performance in search results. Unlike other keyword rank tracking solutions, you cannot dictate the keywords that you want Sistrix to track. It automatically tracks all keywords that it knows your website ranks for.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a priority for most online marketers, and Sistrix realizes this through helpful search suggestions, global search volume, target costs-per-click (CPC) and SERP features.

The main issue you’ll run into here, however, is the fact that Sistrix’s SEO Module doesn’t contain the breadth of data more affordable options like Semrush have. Semrush generally seemed to find far more data through its data crawls than Sistrix.

Another issue with Sistrix is its lack of data filtering options. Although you can sort by essentials like keyword, competitive density, or CPC, the entire experience doesn’t feel user friendly at all. Budget-friendly alternatives like Ahrefs streamline their filtration process by giving more options in a far more intuitive way, such as an extensive checkbox of SERP features.

This issue of providing less for more carries over into Sistrix’s other modules, unfortunately.


Backlinks are essential for SEO, and a primary feature all SEO tools focus on. Sistrix dedicates a module for finding broken backlinks, discovering backlink opportunities, and digging into the web technologies that your competitors use.

Backlink Tracking

Sistrix has a backlink auditing tool that allows you to identify and monitor the backlinks pointing to any website. Sistrix’s backlink auditing tool works well, and unlike its competitors, you’re welcome to audit as many websites as you want.


Sistrix’s Link Module is rather robust. The dashboard gives you access to a world map breaking down your inbound links by country, your top linked pages, top anchor texts, referring domains, and a top level domain (TLD) breakdown.

Analyze Web Technologies

This Sistrix module also allows you to analyze the web technologies that power any website. This report identifies the tools that other websites use for hosting, marketing, and payment processing, for example.

This feature is relatively unique to Sistrix. It provides one-time value, but is not a critical SEO feature.



So far, we’ve found that Sistrix’s biggest setback is its pricing model and limited data. With its optimizer, however, Sistrix is rather useful. Sistrix’s Optimizer Module has two main features - SEO auditing and its Content Assistant.

SEO Audit

Sistrix’s optimizer helps you audit your website to identify SEO issues that hurt performance. Sistrix allows you to run an unlimited number of crawls on as many websites as you would like.


Overall, Sistrix’s audit tool is effective, but much different than what Ahrefs and Semrush offer at a lower price-point.

Content Assistant

Sistrix’s Content Assistant is the best product in this module. It is a middle point between a word processor and an SEO optimizer. With a text breakdown, readability score, questions for content inspiration, and keyword checklist, Sistrix’s Content Assistant is fantastic for writers and content creators.



Sistrix’s Ads module is supposed to be used to detect the online ads of your competitors. If advertising is critical for your brand and what you need out of a marketing tool, Sistrix is not for you. Its Ads Module is built to explore ad strategies, but rarely seemed useful in doing so.

Like its SEO Module, Sistrix doesn’t have the sheer amount of data its more affordable competitors have. Additionally, other solutions like Semrush come with a suite of tools that support the end-to-end paid advertising process.

Ads Startpage

When you go into the Ads Module, there is a startpage that shows banners found from Sistrix’s latest crawl. This is great in theory, but unfortunately the ads shown are rarely relevant to you. They are from companies in all geographies and industries.


Sistrix’s Ads dashboard is also lackluster – it rarely discovers the online ads used by competitors.We tested some of the most popular domains from both the United States and Germany, where Sistrix is based. With many examples, next to no information showed up on the dashboard.

No information, not even keywords, showed up on the dashboard for “”. Semrush, however, showed audience insights, sample ads, publishers, ad types, and device insights for this domain.


If you’re truly interested in getting a substantial breakdown on your advertising potential, you’re better off with tools like Semrush or SpyFu that present a wider range of information like audience insight, sample ads, and publishers.


Sistrix is a legacy SEO tool, but its Social Module proves the team is continually interested in keeping its product up to date. Sistrix’s Social Module gives you robust influencer insights and helps you discover content.

Influencer Insights

Sistrix’s influencer data caters to content creation heavy platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. This contrasts with tools like Semrush which analyze LinkedIn and Facebook instead.

Searching up a keyword brings up various influencers, their networks, engagement rates, growth rates, posts, likes, and followers. These are essential pieces of data social media marketers need access to, so if you’re in that camp, you’re covered. Data filtering is at its most robust here as well, with a variety of different filters available.


Content Discovery

Another feature of Sistrix’s Social Module is its content discovery search. This section aggregates content based on your search, and pairs it with its Visibility Index and keyword data.

Unfortunately, in-depth analysis of these points is only available in the SEO Module. Seeing the amount of keywords an article has but not being able to explore them is frustrating.


Sistrix Customer Support

Sistrix customer support is helpful and efficient. Their support page is simple, with a form to submit your ticket and an estimated response time we found to be accurate. Hours are between 9am to 6pm. Take note that they are based in Germany, in Central European Standard Time.

Sistrix goes above and beyond in secondary material as well. With free workshops and a free tools page, it feels like the team genuinely cares about customers understanding the ins and outs of SEO.

Customer Support ChannelsEmail, phone
Other Support ResourcesFree tools, quick start guide, workshops
Application Status PageYes

Sistrix Alternatives & Competitors

The top Sistrix competitors are listed below. If you’re looking for powerful, all-in-one tools that have a plethora of data to work with, consider Semrush and Ahrefs.

Is Sistrix Right For You?

Sistrix is an SEO tool for agencies, search marketers, and social media influencers. It has all the core SEO features marketers need, with a module system that caters to your SEO needs. Sistrix pricing starts at €100 per module.

Compared to alternatives, Sistrix is expensive. For the price of one module you can get the base versions of Ahrefs or Semrush, both of which are far more powerful.

If you are interested in trying Sistrix, sign up for a free 14-day trial.

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