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SMSBump Competitors & Alternatives

Are you considering purchasing SMSBump to manage your SMS marketing needs? Before making the purchase, it’s best to learn about SMSBump’s top competitors. The eight best alternatives are listed below, along with details on their features and pricing.

SMSBump is one of the most popular SMS marketing solutions specialized for Shopify and BigCommerce businesses on the market today. However, it exists in a competitive market. Therefore, we recommend comparing SMSBump against its top competitors before purchasing.

There are many excellent competitors in the SMS marketing space that are worth considering. Most of SMSBump’s top competitors offer similarly robust features built for a broader range of industries than only ecommerce. Here’s a breakdown of our review criteria and how SMSBump’s competitors performed in each category.

Software CompanyAnalyst RatingFeaturesUsabilityPricingCustomer Support
EZ Texting827.59710

Throughout this article, we’ll provide an overview of the main SMSBump competitors and alternatives, which are:

  • SlickText
  • SimpleTexting
  • Emotive
  • Postscript
  • Avochato
  • ZipWhip
  • EZ Texting
  • Textedly

In this guide, we examine SMSBump’s features and pricing, and compare these factors against competitors. To gain a better understanding of SMSBump as a solution, you can read our in-depth SMSBump review.

All of the information in this article is based upon research, discussions with SMS marketers, and dozens of hours spent hand-testing the leader SMS marketing software platforms. To learn more about our research and reviews, read about our unbiased review process.

Table of Contents

SMSBump Features

Before we compare SMSBump against its competitors, it’s important to understand the features that are included in SMSBump. SMSBump falls in the mid-tier price range, yet offers robust SMS marketing features relative to its affordable price.

The seven most important features that SMSBump offers are described in the table below. SMSBump’s segmentation and automated messages are its standout features. This is because they allow you to target your customers and build complex engagement and retention strategies.

Subscriber List BuildingSMSBump offers a wide range of subscriber list building tools. Its pop-up creator can be customized in a multitude of ways. You can also create alternative subscriber list builders such as social opt-ins or QR codes. None of the subscriber list builders, however, can capture user data.
SegmentationSMSBump’s segmentation is superb. There are a multitude of segment conditions that are relevant to your customers and their direct activity with your ecommerce store. Segments can be grouped with and-or statements for further segmentation as well.
Message CreationMessage creation in SMSBump comes with a number of features helpful for your business. These include unique discount codes, relevant custom fields, and integration with GIPHY and Pexels for MMS messaging. You cannot create your own custom fields for unique data, but SMSBump still provides more relevant and ecommerce-based custom fields than alternatives.
Campaign BuildingSMSBump’s campaigns are very strong. Its standout campaign comes in its SMS flows. These are visualized, complex campaign builders similar to drip campaigns. We found that they are one of the most powerful ways to build customer engagement and retention.
Two-Way ConversationsSMSBump’s inbox is comparable to what you would usually find in other solutions. You have access to relevant information such as name, address, client length, number of orders, and total money spent. These all give further context for your customer service and two-way messaging.
Automated MessagesSMSBump’s automated message capabilities are very strong. Its SMS flows can be leveraged to automate customer engagement and retention strategies. You can link your automated messages with the already powerful segmentation tool to create highly personalized user journeys for your customers. SMSBump also comes with a number of templated automated messages such as abandoned cart reminders, customer winbacks, and shipping confirmations.
AnalyticsSMSBump’s analytics dashboard is very comprehensive. You have access to statistics such as total revenue, total orders, ROI, total spent, and revenue sources. Drill down opportunities are available for every aspect of the product, from automated messages to keyword reports.

SMSBump Competitor Overview: Features

Below is a chart that compares each platform’s features and affordability. They differ primarily based on how advanced each platform is and the user base each is best suited for. For example, solutions like Textedly or ZipWhip do not support robust segmentation. This means they are best suited for businesses looking to send text blasts rather than targeted marketing campaigns.

We also recommend looking into tools that are designed for a variety of industries. SMSBump and Postscript might both have the same features as alternative tools, but these features are designed specifically for ecommerce businesses integrated with Shopify or BigCommerce. This contrasts with alternatives like SimpleTexting or SlickText, which are all-in-one solutions for a variety of businesses.

SMS Marketing Competitors Feature Chart

SMSBump Competitor Overview: Pricing

SMSBump’s pricing begins at $26 per month. Compared to its competitors’ pricing, SMSBump typically falls in the middle.

Here are the prices of SMSBump and its top competitors based on the volume of messages sent per month:

CompanyPrice for 500 MessagesPrice for 5,000 MessagesPrice for 10,000 MessagesPrice for 25,000 Messages
EZ Texting$42$224$424$1,024

Top SMSBump Competitors

Below are one-to-one comparisons between SMSBump and its top alternatives. SMSBump is best for marketers who want the most powerful solution dedicated specifically for ecommerce businesses. We’ve ranked SMSBump’s top eight competitors based on their features, pricing, and usability.

#1: SlickText

SlickText is a more expensive alternative to SMSBump designed for a wider range of businesses. We highly suggest ecommerce businesses consider SMSBump for their marketing needs. This is because SlickText has less specialized segmentation and automated messages. SMSBump has a number of prebuilt automated messages helpful for ecommerce stores such as abandoned cart, customer winback, and shipping updates. SMSBump’s flows are also more powerful than SlickText’s drip campaigns.

You'll prefer SMSBump if:

  • You are looking for the most powerful SMS marketing solution for ecommerce businesses
  • You want advanced customer segmentation that uses ecommerce-specific data
  • You want to create complex flows for customer acquisition and retention
You'll prefer SlickText if:

  • You are looking for the most powerful general SMS marketing solution
  • You want to capture customer data for personalized campaigns and messages
  • You want to utilize unique campaigns for engagement such as text surveys

#2: SimpleTexting

SimpleTexting is a similarly priced but less robust alternative to SMSBump. If you manage an ecommerce store and leverage SMS marketing to specifically target and engage with your customers, SMSBump is the better option for you. This is because segmentation and automated messages in SMSBump are far more powerful than in SimpleTexting. Marketers should note that SimpleTexting does excel in mass texting, which we discuss in our analysis of The Best Mass Texting Services.

You'll prefer SMSBump if:

  • You want the most powerful solution for ecommerce businesses
  • You need to leverage advanced segmentation to target your customers
  • You want to create complex drip campaigns for customer retention
You'll prefer SimpleTexting if:

  • You are not an ecommerce store owner
  • You have less complex targeted marketing needs
  • You leverage SMS marketing more so for business communications or mass texting

#3: Emotive

Emotive is a direct competitor to SMSBump specifically built for fast-growing ecommerce businesses. If you are an ecommerce business experiencing rapid growth and are in need of direct help, Emotive is for you. This is because the solution is not as self service like SMSBump. Each plan comes with a dedicated customer success manager and copywriter for your business. If you are interested in a more affordable and more hands-off product, however, we recommend SMSBump. Both products are very strong in regards to features. This is especially true for segmentation and automated messaging.

You'll prefer SMSBump if:

  • You want a powerful hands-off solution for ecommerce businesses
  • You want segment dimensions based on customer demographics
  • You need an affordable SMS marketing solution for ecommerce businesses
You'll prefer Emotive if:

  • You want a dedicated customer success manager and copywriter for your business
  • You leverage segment dimensions related to customer activity
  • You do not need a dedicated analytics dashboard

#4: Postscript

Postscript is SMSBump’s most direct competitor. It is also built specifically for ecommerce businesses. However, it is more affordable and less advanced compared to SMSBump. In fact, we believe that general SMS marketing tools like SimpleTexting could even be better for ecommerce businesses than Postscript. Still, if affordability and ecommerce integration are absolute priorities, Postscript is likely the choice for you.

For more details, read our in-depth analysis of SMSBump vs. Postscript.

You'll prefer SMSBump if:

  • You want the most powerful solution for ecommerce businesses regardless of price
  • You need to leverage advanced segmentation to target your customers
  • You want to utilize complex automated messages for customer acquisition and retention
You'll prefer Postscript if:

  • You are looking for the most affordable SMS marketing solution for ecommerce businesses
  • You primarily send text blasts or general automations like abandoned cart messages
  • You do not need access to robust analytics

#5: Avochato

Avochato is a more expensive and less robust alternative to SMSBump. It is also not specialized for ecommerce businesses.

Avochato’s features are less robust across the board. Avochato’s primary disadvantage in comparison to SMSBump is its segmentation. Avochato’s segments cannot be stored in Avochato’s system for later use. In contrast, SMSBump’s segmentation is very powerful and can be paired with its automated messages to target your customers.

You'll prefer SMSBump if:

  • You need robust automated messages for complex customer retention campaigns
  • You leverage SMS marketing for personalized and targeted messages
  • You need SMS marketing analytics directly related to ecommerce
You'll prefer Avochato if:

  • You only need basic drip campaigns for customer retention
  • You leverage SMS marketing more for two-way conversations
  • You do not need advanced segmentation for targeted marketing

#6: ZipWhip

ZipWhip is an alternative to SMSBump dedicated specifically for business communications. We recommend it over SMSBump if you are looking to mass text or two-way message your existing subscriber base.

This is because ZipWhip offers unlimited messages starting at $60. However ZipWhip doesn’t allow customer segmentation. ZipWhip is also not built for ecommerce stores. Still, ZipWhip’s affordability and unlimited messages still might be of interest for marketers.

You'll prefer SMSBump if:

  • You need a solution with features dedicated to ecommerce businesses
  • You usually don’t need to take advantage of two-way messaging for communication
  • You want to utilize complex segmentation to target your customers as best as possible
You'll prefer ZipWhip if:

  • You are not looking to build your subscriber list through SMS marketing
  • You want unlimited messages per month
  • You leverage SMS marketing for non-personalized messaging

#7: EZ Texting

EZ Texting is a more expensive and less robust alternative to SMSBump. SMSBump has far more powerful segmentation and automated messaging. EZ Texting has drip campaigns, but more affordable alternatives like SlickText and Avochato do as well. We did, however, feel that EZ Texting’s campaigns and subscriber list builders were fairly unique and had decent customer data collection opportunities.

You'll prefer SMSBump if:

  • You are looking for complex automated messages for customer retention
  • You do not need to create custom fields for targeted marketing
  • You need to segment subscribers for targeted messages
You'll prefer EZ Texting if:

  • You leverage SMS marketing for mass texting more than one-on-one engagement
  • You want to utilize simple drip campaigns to automate messages
  • You want to capture subscribers creatively with QR codes and posters

#8: Textedly

Textedly is one of the most affordable solutions we’ve evaluated in the SMS marketing space. It is, however, far less robust than SMSBump, and not specialized at all for ecommerce. Its customer list building, segmentation, and campaign features are all less advanced. Its standout feature is its 455 single text character limit. Ecommerce businesses will find that this one use case does not justify the limitations in every other aspect of Textedly’s platform.

You'll prefer SMSBump if:

  • You are an ecommerce business who needs a specialized SMS marketing tool
  • You need to leverage relevant and advanced segmentation for customer targeting
  • You need automated messages tailored specifically for ecommerce businesses
You'll prefer Textedly if:

  • You want a very affordable all-in-one SMS marketing solution
  • You do not need segmentation for subscriber targeting
  • You want to send single text messages up to 455 characters long

Bottom Line

SMSBump is the strongest SMS marketing platform for Shopify and BigCommerce businesses. Its segmentation and automated messaging features are powerful and designed specifically for the common use cases ecommerce stores face. Its main disadvantage is its lack of customer data collection methods.

Before you make your purchase, we also suggest comparing SMSBump to other highly rated platforms:

  • SlickText is best for marketers looking for the most powerful SMS marketing solution on the market today.
  • Postscript is best for Shopify businesses looking for the most affordable solution that is specialized for eCommerce.
  • Avochato is ideal for marketers with more simple marketing needs who still require drip campaigns.
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