Best Time Tracking Software 2021

Discover the best time tracking software tools on the market. Use these tools to track and improve time spent on tasks for your business.

Highest Rated Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software helps businesses efficiently manage schedules and improve productivity. Features found in this type of software typically include attendance tracking, task management tools, activity tracking, client invoicing, and reporting.

Rating: 90
Starting Price: $7 per month

TimeCamp is a robust web-based time tracking system that helps businesses forecast project budgets more accurately, and helps individuals understand how much time they spend on various tasks. By enabling employees and project managers to gain a better understanding of where time is being spent, TimeCamp helps improve overall productivity, and ensures that resources are being allocated to the right projects.

  • Time-tracking capabilities are intuitive and easy to learn
  • Helps businesses accurately estimate costs of projects
  • Integrates with popular products that you may already use in your business, including Trello, Slack, and Asana
  • Includes functionality beyond simple time tracking, which can impose a bit of a learning curve
  • Some manual effort is required in order to start/stop tracking, which can result in manual errors. However, this is true of most time tracking systems
  • Has a mobile app, but the app is cumbersome to use compared to the web-based version
When I Work
Rating: 89
Starting Price: $1.50 per month

When I Work is an award-winning shift scheduling and time tracking platform. The cloud-based software helps managers build rosters and communicate with employees using a range of web and mobile apps. Founded in 2010, When I Work is trusted by over 20,000 customers encompassing a broad range of industries from hospitality and retail to healthcare and professional services.

  • Free plan for up to 75 employees including scheduling, basic attendance tracking, and communication
  • Provides the ability to build and manage complex schedules using an intuitive drag-and-drop calendar and range of apps
  • Built-in applicant tracking system (ATS) supporting job posting through to hiring
  • Forecasting and labor budgeting could be improved
  • No dedicated Reporting section
Time Doctor
Rating: 88
Starting Price: $5 per month

Time Doctor is a popular time management and employee monitoring tool that helps individuals and businesses improve their productivity, and understand how employees are spending their time. According to Time Doctor, users report a 22% increase in productivity as a result of using the software. With desktop, web, and mobile components, Time Doctor helps freelancers, small businesses, and large corporations analyze individual or employee working habits to determine where time is being spent. Administrators can allocate tasks and projects through the web-based dashboard, which includes features such as time tracking, screenshot monitoring, and website/application usage.

  • Makes tracking time and monitoring employee productivity easy
  • Comprehensive tracking capabilities allow you to quickly identify areas of improvement for productivity
  • Accurate reporting down to the minute, which automatically generates reminders to stop / start tracking time
  • Client portal makes it easy to share a time breakdown of projects with clients
  • Need to switch between desktop apps and web-based client if you are admin and user
  • Initial learning curve to optimize tasks and projects appropriately
Rating: 85
Starting Price: $9 per month

Toggl is a popular time tracking tool that helps individuals and businesses understand how they're spending their time on various tasks on projects. Launched in 2006, the software includes a web-based timer and a desktop/mobile app that integrates seamlessly with other popular third-party applications such as Google Drive, WordPress, and Trello.

  • Excellent time tracking capabilities, with a modern user interface
  • Exceptional free plan
  • Customizable tags allow you to organize projects and tasks
  • No client invoicing or payroll features
  • Does not have screenshot functionality, which is common in other time tracking systems
Rating: 77
Starting Price: $5 per month

Hubstaff is a popular time tracking system designed to help organizations efficiently manage their teams and improve their overall productivity. The company was created in 2012 after its founders struggled to find suitable software that could help manage their distributed workforce. Today, Hubstaff has grown to become a leading productivity tool, serving over 8,000 businesses and tracking more than 650k hours through the platform each month.

  • Advanced activity tracking allows you to quickly gauge productivity levels, and understand how employees are spending their time
  • Helps businesses stay within budget by setting employee and project limits
  • Free plan available
  • Payroll and billing functionality lacks flexibility
  • Mobile apps can be difficult to use with several users reporting synchronization issues

Time Tracking Software FAQs

Time tracking software helps businesses efficiently manage schedules and improve productivity. Features found in this type of software typically include attendance tracking, task management tools, activity tracking, client invoicing, and reporting.

The cheapest tools start at around $1.50 per user per month, and can range up to around $20 per user per month.

The best time tracking software depends on your budget and the key features you want. Overall, TimeCamp is the most powerful time tracking platform. Toggl, When I Work, and Time Doctor are other worthwhile options.

There are many benefits to using time tracking software. They include:

  • Improving productivity
  • Analyzing and improving working habits
  • Understanding where time is being spent
  • Properly allocating company resources