Lodgify Review, Pricing & Features

Lodgify Review, Pricing & Features

Lodgify is a vacation rental management software that’s best for those with between five and twenty properties. The strongest features are the customizable website templates and modern dashboard.


  • Particularly customizable website templates that customers enjoy
  • Modern and intuitive user interface that's hassle-free
  • Ideal for those with between five and twenty properties


  • Crucial features are confined to the most expensive plan
  • Customers have reported lackluster customer support
  • Features other than the website builder are less advanced than some alternatives
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What is Lodgify?

Lodgify is a vacation rental management software with features like website templates, a channel manager, and a booking system.

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Lodgify Review Summary

Lodgify is a vacation rental management platform that was founded by Dennis Klett and Marco De Gregorio in 2012. After originally offering website templates as the main product, Lodgify expanded to offer a full range of rental management software features. Thousands of rental owners worldwide use Lodgify, from those who manage just one property to some that manage over 100.

Lodgify offers a range of tools to help property managers run their rental businesses. From website design and direct bookings to guest management and task automation, this is an end-to-end product that can streamline processes. Additionally, there are two-way API integrations with the biggest booking sites—Airbnb, HomeAway/Vrbo, Expedia, and Booking.com—which enables your rentals to be posted and updated across all sites.

Lodgify pricing is somewhat complicated, with three payment tiers and three subscription lengths: monthly, one year, or two years. All plans and tiers operate on a per-listing basis, so your monthly price will increase with the amount of properties you manage. Pricing begins at $11 per month, and while there’s no free plan, prospective customers can try out the tool payment-free for seven days.

Lodgify customers are generally pleased with the tool, though some have complained about customer support availability and helpfulness. Given the particularly strong website templates, Lodgify best for those that manage up to 20 properties. However, it doesn’t have the nuanced features of a tool like Guesty, which is better for enterprise customers.

Lodgify Pricing & Cost

Lodgify pricing starts at $11 per month and can range upwards of $1,000 per month depending on your tier and plan length. The Lodgify website has a slider tool that you can use to determine your exact cost based on your number of properties and plan length. Certain features, like manual payments and task management, are restricted based on the tier you choose; see our table below for details about pricing, tiers, and plans.

Starter Plan

Feature Details:

  • Booking fee of 1.9%
  • Property management system
  • Channel manager
  • Mobile application
  • Scheduled payments
Plan LengthPrice: One PropertyPrice: Five PropertiesTen Properties
Monthly$17 per month$39 per month$56 per month
Yearly$12 per month$27 per month$39 per month
Two Years$11 per month$26 per month$37 per month

Professional Plan

The Professional plan includes everything in Starter along with:

  • No booking fee
  • Manual payments
  • Damage pre-authorization
Plan LengthOne PropertyFive PropertiesTen Properties
Monthly$46 per month$114 per month$164 per month
Yearly$32 per month$80 per month$115 per month
Two Years$30 per month$75 per month$108 per month

Ultimate Plan

The Ultimate plan includes everything in the Professional plan along with:

  • Accounting
  • Guest application
  • Task management
  • Owner reports & payments
  • Priority customer support
Plan LengthOne PropertyFive PropertiesTen Properties
Monthly$69 per month$154 per month$226 per month
Yearly$48 per month$108 per month$158 per month
Two Years$45 per month$101 per month$148 per month

Lodgify Key Features

This review will walk you through Lodgify’s main features. We’ll describe each one briefly and discuss how the features can support your rental management business. To give you a sense of what the tool looks like, we’ll also include images of the software.

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Website Templates

Whether you’re an individual property owner or a larger management company, you’ll likely want your own website even if your listings are on multiple channels. This is because you’ll pay less in fees when a visitor books directly through your website rather than through a channel like Airbnb. Lodgify offers four website templates that allow you to build a site directly through them. You can also integrate a Lodgify booking portal directly into an existing website.


The four website templates are incredibly easy to personalize to your company’s needs. Within the Lodgify dashboard, you’ll be able to fully customize your site, altering everything from colors to logos to images. Compared with other rental management platforms that offer website templates, we found Lodgify’s to be more detailed and customizable, which makes sense given that Lodgify’s original main product offering was site templates.

Below is an example of a website template that has yet to be modified:

Lodgify Website

Additionally, you will be able to do the following concerning site setup:

  • Add rental listings
  • Create and reorganize website pages
  • Create a new domain (or use pre-registered domain name)
  • Set your site’s default language (over 30 available)
  • Set a custom URL
  • Add custom CSS, HTML, or JavaScript injections
  • Add contact and social media information

Existing Site Details

If you already have a registered domain name, you’ll be able to connect it with Lodgify’s platform. If you already have an existing website through a provider such as Wordpress or Squarespace, you’ll be able to embed Lodgify code onto the site to install a search widget, Book Now box, or Book Now button. This will allow rentals to process through Lodgify so that all information is streamlined in one place.

Listing Management

To start your website, you’ll either manually create listings or import them directly from Airbnb. The process of manually creating listings is hassle-free and fairly simple, with all customizations required to let guests know exactly what they’re getting with the vacation rental. Across the software that we’ve tested, Lodgify’s Listing Management section is notably streamlined and easy to use.

The rental setup page will look like this:

Lodgify Rental Setup

You’ll write your overview and add all required details like rental type, location, rates, photos, guest limits, and more. You can toggle amenities on and off with each property. Within Booking Settings, you can add check-in and checkout times, rental agreements, and other information like that. You’ll also be able to add seasonal rates, promotions, and the channels associated with each property.

Once a guest creates a booking, their information will be captured and displayed with all booking information:

Lodgify Listing Management

More specific details about Lodgify’s channel manager and API integrations are below.

Channel Manager

A channel manager allows you to manage bookings across hosting channels like Airbnb and Booking.com. When you sync properties across different channels, you’ll be able to keep calendars up to date and apply rate changes across all channels to update availability and prices of properties across all channels, rather than having to go into each platform to make changes. This will save an immense amount of time and effort and greatly reduces the chance of a property being double-booked.

Lodgify currently includes API integrations with Airbnb Professional, Airbnb Basic, Booking.com, Expedia, and HomeAway/VRBO. There are also iCal calendar syncs with other platforms.

Below is a table of the current channel integrations and important details.

  • Listings automatically transfer from Airbnb
  • Most updates to listings on Booking.com can be done from within the Lodgify platform
  • Existing bookings will not automatically be imported
  • At least one active rental must already be in Lodgify to sync (if in North America or Asia-Pacific)
  • At least five active rentals must already be in Lodgify to sync (if not in North America or Asia-Pacific)

Some of the platforms available to connect with iCal integrations are listed below. Note that with iCal integrations, you’ll be able to display calendar data of that channel, but you will not be able to update across channels like you can with an API integration.

  • TripAdvisor
  • Hotelbeds
  • FlipKey
  • Hotels.com

Guest Communication

As a vacation rental manager, customer service is a key factor in keeping guests satisfied. Lodgify offers a Guest Module, found within the PM Modules section of the dashboard, where users will be able to define many pre-set email templates to provide guests with communication before, during, and after their stay.

Unfortunately, this feature is only available in the Ultimate plan, so if you wish to automate communications but don’t want to pay for the most expensive plan, it would be better to choose a different platform. Given the usefulness of this feature, this alone is likely important enough to upgrade to the Ultimate plan.

Task Management

Automating and assigning tasks is a key feature of vacation rental management software due to its time-saving benefits. Within Lodgify, you can create user portals for all teams associated with your properties and create one-time or recurring tasks for the teams. The feature overall is simple and effective.

Task Calendar

Tasks will be assigned a calendar view so that team members will be able to see the dates of their assigned tasks across various properties.

Lodgify Task Management

Additional Features

Lodgify offers additional features to support a smooth rental management experience.

Payment ProcessingLodgify includes integrations with Stripe, PayPal, and Braintree to collect payments for bookings. You’ll also be able to accept credit cards, bank transfers, and checks.
Centralized CalendarThe various API integrations with booking channels creates a centralized calendar, which will sync and update across everything when a change or booking is made on one of the platforms.
Review RemindersFrom within Lodgify, you can send emails to customers asking them to leave a review of your property. This is a crucial feature given that reviews are incredibly important when guests are choosing a property.
IntegrationsMany integrations across a variety of business functions are available with Lodgify. A few examples are Zapier, Mailchimp, and CheKin.

Lodgify Customer Support

Overall, we found that Lodgify has decent customer support. There are phone numbers to call the sales and support teams. It’s also easy to book an introductory product demo with Lodgify. However, customers have complained about lacking communication from the customer support teams.

Customer Support Channels
  • Phone (Sales): 10AM - 7PM GMT, Monday - Friday
  • Phone (Support): 7AM - 8:30PM GMT, Monday - Friday; 9AM - 5PM GMT, Saturday - Sunday
  • Live Chat
Other Support ResourcesHelp Center, Knowledge Base, Blog
Application Status PageYes

Lodgify Alternatives & Competitors

Lodgify is similar to other vacation rental management software tools like Guesty, Hostfully, and Hostaway. Other competitors are listed below.

Is Lodgify Right For You?

Lodgify is an all-in-one vacation rental management software with features that can handle the end-to-end process of managing vacation rentals. Two-way API integrations with the major booking channels make managing properties across many platforms simple, and the tool overall was very user-friendly to set up and customize.

Overall, we recommend Lodgify for anyone with up to 15 properties looking for a simple management tool with strong website templates. The tool is relatively simple and the interface is quite modern. We came across no issues during testing, and customers are generally pleased.

If you’re interested in testing Lodgify, sign up for a 7-day free trial.

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