VIVAHR is a free applicant tracking system (ATS) designed for small businesses.


  • Free plan includes unlimited job postings
  • Ability to create a customizable Culture Page for each job position to attract top talent
  • Gain instant candidate feedback using the scorecard feature


  • Unable to schedule interviews through the platform
  • Unable to advertise positions on free job boards
  • No help section and customer support limited to email
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VIVAHR Pricing

  • Forever Free Plan with unlimited job postings, 1 location, and 25 candidates per month.
  • Paid Plan is $59/month (annual) for unlimited candidates and up to 10 locations.
  • 21% discount when purchasing annual plans compared to monthly
  • Free trial

Full Review

Founded in 2016, VIVAHR is an applicant tracking system (ATS) designed for small businesses. The company focuses on culture marketing and offers a unique approach to displaying company values to potential candidates.

The software allows you to create a unique Culture Page for each job posting to market your role or department, enabling you to attract higher-caliber candidates and improve conversions. You can also build customized pipelines to manage the hiring process and apply advanced filters to find qualified candidates quickly. If you work on a large team, you can share information and get instant feedback using the scorecard feature.

However, there are several limitations that you will come across when using VIVAHR. For example, there is no option to advertise on free job boards, interviews can't be scheduled using the platform, and the reporting functionality is extremely limited. Automation is also limited to Zapier, which comes at an additional cost.

The company has a free plan with unlimited job postings, although it's worth mentioning that the software limits you to receiving only 25 applicants a month. This may work if you only have very basic hiring needs; however, you will most likely need to upgrade, as the limitations will impact the quality and variety of your candidate pool.

Overall, VIVAHR isn't an all-in-one system and doesn't do as much as other ATS's for improving operational efficiency. The lack of an interview-scheduling tool and automation features can ultimately result in an increased workload. Though VIVAHR has a forever free plan, other competing products also offer free plans, which we find to be more attractive.

Key Features

Below are the key features of VIVAHR and how they can benefit your business.

Job Postings

While VIVAHR has a relatively easy process for posting a new job opening, it can be a little clumsy and frustrating. For example, to create a new job, you will need to fill in all required details about the position including the location and salary range before moving forward. This doesn't provide businesses with any privacy or negotiating advantage, as candidates can see the salary expectations. Furthermore, VIVAHR only caters to U.S customers, as there is no option to add in other countries or select a different currency, such as EUR or GBP.

Adding a job description is also not a straightforward task. Unlike Jobsoid or Breezy HR, which offer hundreds of job templates, VIVAHR requires you to create a description from scratch. Once you've added in your information, you can select team members to help manage the position (in the paid plan only), add a pipeline to manage the workflow, and allocate a scorecard based on the skills/requirements you want to assess candidates.

VIVAHR Review Creating Job Posting

Job Advertising

Advertising your position will have the biggest impact on the quality of your candidates. You need to be able to reach eligible prospects and showcase an appealing brand. VIVAHR has several different ways to promote your role including social sharing, job boards, and a company Career Page. However, you can't automatically distribute your position to free job boards like you can with competitors. The company only offers an option to 'Boost' your post to Premium Job Boards for a fee, which can be expensive.

VIVAHR Review Boosting Job Postings

VIVAHR has a unique customizable Culture Profile that helps you show potential candidates what it's like to work in a particular department or role. This can be highly beneficial for larger organizations. For example, your Sales team might have a completely different atmosphere and value system to the Design team.

Using the profile builder, you can create multiple Culture Profiles using text, images, and video. The software has a pre-set template that doesn't allow for adjustments to the layout. However, the profile looks clean and is responsive across all devices.

VIVAHR Review Culture Profile Example

Candidate Management

VIVAHR has a basic candidate profile that stores essential information such as contact details, resumes, and team notes. Candidates are conveniently stored under individual job postings, or you can utilize the filtering system to find specific candidates based on application date, assigned tag, job title, and more.

VIVAHR Review Candidate Dashboard

Within each profile, you can view the current hiring stage and see any other jobs that the particular candidate may have applied to. There are various actions you can take such as emailing an applicant, sharing a candidate internally, or reviewing scorecard information. The overall profile layout is quite basic, and the software is missing some key features that could substantially improve the hiring process. For example, a built-in discussion or message feed would allow you to gather feedback quickly from key decision-makers in your business. Also, the ability to assign tasks to team members would substantially improve the workflow.

VIVAHR Review Candidate Profile

You can also build customized pipelines for individual jobs, enabling you to see where each candidate sits in the hiring process quickly (for example, Applied, Interview, Hired, etc.). This is useful if you need to adjust your workflow for particular jobs, such as if you're hiring a Designer compared to Customer Service Agent. While it's relatively easy to see which stage each applicant is in, VIVAHR could be more intuitive if it adopted a kanban-style drag-and-drop pipeline similar to Breezy HR.

VIVAHR Review Candidate Pipeline

Interview Scheduling

Surprisingly, VIVAHR doesn't offer any interview scheduling functionality. This is one area where the software is substantially lacking, as interviewing potential candidates is a fundamental part of the hiring process. While you can send individual or group emails to schedule interviews, you will need to manually rely on external software such as Google Calendar to stay organized.

If you conduct simple one-to-one interviews, VIVAHR might work for you. Although, if you have an advanced process (e.g group or behavioral-based), you might want to consider alternatives such as Breezy HR, which offers more automation, an intuitive calendar, in-built video conferencing, and interview guides.


VIVAHR reports are a little underwhelming and offer only a basic insight into your positions, candidates, and overall performance. Using the reporting section, you can view the source for each candidate (email, direct, etc.), and compare how many applications each position has received against the number of views over a particular time period.

However, it can be difficult to analyze key metrics to improve your hiring process and reduce costs. For example, there is no easy way to view how long it takes to fill each position (Time to Fill), or identify potential bottlenecks in your pipeline. You also can't build custom reports. If you need insights into your recruitment, it's worth considering alternative software that allows you to track more metrics and focus on data-driven improvement.

VIVAHR Review Report Example

VIVAHR vs. the Competition

We'll analyze how VIVAHR stacks up against its competitors.

VIVAHR vs. Jobsoid

Jobsoid is an all-in-one recruitment software for agencies and growing businesses. Compared to VIVAHR, Jobsoid is a much more robust applicant tracking system (ATS) with automation, interview scheduling, and team collaboration tools.

Jobsoid enables you to create job positions from templates and promote across free job boards such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Facebook Careers. You can build customized pipelines and utilize the company's Smart Filter technology to find high-performing candidates. Scheduling one-to-one or group interviews are straightforward using Jobsoid, and you can even set up video screening feature to streamline the process.

Trying to do the same using VIVAHR is a little more difficult. The software doesn't allow you to advertise on free job boards (premium only) and moving candidates through the hiring pipeline is a manual process. You also can't schedule interviews through the platform, which can complicate your workflow and result in the need for additional software.

However, VIVAHR does include customizable Culture Pages, which can be assigned to individual jobs. This enables you to showcase the atmosphere and inner-workings of individual departments (e.g. Sales, Design, etc.) and helps attract top talent, as opposed to a one-page Career Portal via Jobsoid.

VIVAHR vs. Recruiteze

Recruiteze is a budget-friendly recruitment software with similar features to VIVAHR. Both companies allow you to post open positions, receive applications, and manage candidates.

Like VIVAHR, Recruiteze is not an all-in-one ATS. You can't schedule interviews or easily manage clients as the software only supports one workflow (VIVAHR supports multiple). Reporting is also extremely limited, making it difficult to monitor and improve your hiring processes.

However, VIVAHR excels in certain areas. The company allows you to create a branded Culture Page for each position. You can also build different pipelines to reflect your hiring process, and rate applicants using the scorecard.

Both companies have a similar pricing structure, with a generous free plan and unlimited job postings. However, the number of applications you can receive is limited, with VIVAHR only allowing 25 candidates per month and Recruiteze up to 500 total. In addition, once you consider the paid plans, VIVAHR can quickly add up ($59/month as opposed to $9.95/month for the Recruiteze Pro Plan).

If you're a small business or recruitment agency on a tight budget and expecting a large number of applications, Recruiteze's free plan would be the better option. However, once you start paying, VIVAHR can be more valuable with the unique Culture Page.

Is VIVAHR the Right Software for You?

VIVAHR is a unique ATS with a focus on culture-based marketing. Using branded Culture Pages, you can effectively market each role and attract higher quality candidates. The software enables you to set pre-screening questionnaires, manage candidates through customized pipelines, and review applications with your team using scorecards.

However, VIVAHR is missing lots of basic functionality that you'd want from your ATS. In addition, the free plan only allows you to receive 25 applications. While the paid plan is only $59/month, for the price, there are much better and more feature-rich alternatives on the market, like Jobsoid, Breezy HR or Recruiteze.

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