YAPI Review: Powerful Software for a Paperless Office

YAPI Review: Powerful Software for a Paperless Office

YAPI is a powerful software system that complements your existing practice management software by offering paperless forms and patient communication capabilities, as well as some less common features like intra-office communication, and patient flow analysis.


  • Powerful paperless forms that integrate directly with your practice management system
  • Also includes patient recall, automated appointment reminders, and intra-office communication
  • Patient flow dashboard tracks each step in the patient visit, which allows your team to improve inefficient workflows


  • Only integrates with Dentrix, Eaglesoft, PracticeWorks and Open Dental
  • You must call YAPI to upload forms each time they're updated
  • Full-featured tool can be difficult to use and has a moderate learning curve
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What is YAPI?

YAPI is a comprehensive dental software system designed to help practices streamline their workflow and operate more efficiently. Many users like YAPI's convenient paperless features, which enable patients to fill out forms on an iPad and digitally transmit this information to your practice management system. The system also offers a variety of other powerful features, including patient recall, automated appointment reminders, and intra-office communication capabilities.

Though YAPI is a smaller company, and less well-known than other patient communication systems on the market, it has a loyal customer base who is passionate about the product.

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YAPI Pricing & Cost

YAPI's pricing starts at $299 per month for its Core plan:

  • Online New Patient Registration
  • Paperless Dental Forms
  • Appoint Reminders & Recall
  • Automated Review Requests
  • Mass Texting & Email Blasts
  • Phone Pop-Up Integration
  • Patient Tracking via Dashboard
  • Intra-office Messenger
  • Mobile Access

YAPI's pricing starts at $399/month for its Growth plan:

  • Online New Patient Registration
  • Paperless Dental Forms
  • Appoint Reminders & Recall
  • Automated Review Requests
  • Mass Texting & Email Blasts
  • Phone Pop-Up Integration
  • Patient Tracking via Dashboard
  • Intra-office Messenger
  • Mobile Access
  • PLUS Online Scheduling
  • Setup Fee: One-time $299 setup and customization fee (can be waived with annual payment option) live training, and support included
  • 15% discount available when paying annually
  • Monthly subscription options available with no long-term contract
  • Get full details on both plans.
  • Schedule a free demo.
Yapi Pricing

Table of Contents

YAPI's Modules

YAPI consists of various modules, which are all included in the $299/month price. If you are interested in only certain modules, you can pay a lower monthly price; consult their pricing plans here to learn more.

Below, we'll discuss YAPI's various modules, and how they can benefit your practice.

Paperless Forms

YAPI is well-known for its paperless capabilities, which are a major selling point for many users. Dental practices like being able to upload all of their patient documents and consent forms, and then simply asking patients to fill them out on an iPad. YAPI integrates with many of the top dental practice management systems, so that information can be uploaded directly to your PMS. This removes the need for manual entry, which can be both cumbersome and error-prone. You can also customize forms to your liking by modifying existing forms that come pre-installed with the software, or you can create your own by using YAPI's document designer.

Appointment Reminders & Patient Recall

As with other dental communication systems, YAPI includes automatic appointment reminders. YAPI will extract patient information from your practice management software and send patients emails or two-way text messages to remind them about upcoming appointments, so that they can send appointment confirmations. These confirmations are then sent to your practice management software.

YAPI can also identify patients who are overdue for their next appointment, and send them a message to bring them back into your office. Users we've spoken with report that they were able to replace their previous patient communication system (e.g. Lighthouse 360, Demandforce, or Solutionreach), with YAPI. After the switch, users report that YAPI has all of the patient recall functionality that they wanted from their previous system, in addition to extra functionality and modules.

Intra-office Communication

Intra-office communication is often an overlooked aspect in communication software systems. Many communication software systems focus primarily on patient communications, since most dental practices realize the importance of automatic appointment reminders and patient recall. However, streamlining communications among your staff also offers a variety of benefits -- not only does it improve your practice's efficiency, but it also provides your patients with a higher-quality experience, and gives your practice a more professional appearance.

To facilitate communications between staff and doctors, YAPI enables users to send messages to each other through the system. So, if the front desk needs to communicate information to the doctor when they're seeing another patient, the doctor can receive messages on YAPI without the patient even knowing. Users like that the patient is able to have a more personalized experience, as opposed to having the doctor carry on conversations about other patients right in front of them.

YAPI also includes a dashboard that keeps track of patients as they move throughout your practice, from the waiting room to the operatory. This makes it easy to know exactly who is where at any given moment. For example, if a patient is running late, you can find out about it from YAPI, instead of having to walk around your office looking for your patients, which can be particularly challenging in larger office spaces.

Performance Reports

YAPI includes various reports that help optimize your practice. For example, YAPI keeps track of patient flow, so that you can know exactly when the patient checked in for their appointment, when the doctor saw them, and when they checked out. This information can be used to understand if there are any inefficiencies in your pipeline that need to be addressed -- for example, if patients are waiting too long to be seen after checking in.

If you're interested in seeing high-level performance metrics such as monthly production and patient visits, the system also keeps track of those metrics, and displays them for you.

YAPI Integrations

YAPI integrates with many popular practice management systems, including:

YAPI Alternatives & Competitors

YAPI's top competitors are:

  • Lighthouse 360
  • Demandforce
  • RevenueWell
  • Weave
  • OperaDDS
  • Solutionreach
  • Legwork

Learn More About YAPI

To learn more about YAPI, you can visit their site here.

You can also read our interview with Dr. Bobbi Stanley, owner of Stanley Dentistry, to learn how she uses YAPI and Dentrix to help run her practice.

To learn from the perspective of a new YAPI user who recently switched from Solutionreach, you can read our interview with Dr. Saba Rizvi, owner of My Dentist for Life. Though Dr. Rizvi has run her own private practice for 13 years, she recently moved to a larger office space, and decided to revamp her practice's software stack as well. After researching various systems on the market, she ultimately decided to use YAPI with Open Dental, and business intelligence software Dental Intelligence.

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