Our mission is to empower small businesses to successfully adopt technology.

The team at SoftwarePundit has helped over 25,000 businesses find the right software. We are the only company with a team of full-time analysts who research small business software, publish insights online, and answer questions through live chat.

Our software recommendations are made through a rigorous process that we've optimized over time. SoftwarePundit analysts do months of first-hand research in each software category that they cover. This includes interviewing customers of each product, speaking with software company leaders, monitoring industry trends, and most importantly, personally testing each software tool.

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How We Fund Our Research

If readers choose to buy the software that we recommend as a result of our extensive research, our work is often (but not always) supported through an affiliate commission from the software company. The opinions of our analysts are never influenced by our partnership agreements. In most cases, our analysts are not aware of the companies with which we have established business partnerships.

Having credibility with our customers is paramount. If we were to recommend poor software products, this credibility would be lost. We invest hours producing the most in-depth software reviews on the Internet – if you spot any inaccuracies or misrepresentations, please contact us at the email address listed below.

Our Editorial Standards

Our goal is to provide clear and accurate analysis to help you make smart software decisions for your business. We make our review methodology transparent so that you can understand the time and energy we put into each review. If you ever read an article that you think needs improvement, or want to connect directly with our team, please email us at [email protected].


SoftwarePundit is operated by a team of software enthusiasts who are united by the belief that it shouldn’t be so hard for small businesses to successfully adopt technology.

We come from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. We work hard to fulfill our mission, and also never forget to enjoy the journey.

If you're interested in joining the SoftwarePundit team, check out our job openings below. All jobs come with fantastic benefits including health & dental insurance, a 401K with matching, daily lunch, and a flexible vacation policy.

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