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Search engine optimization (SEO) software is built to support the day-to-day efforts of search marketers, content marketers, and small business managers. SEO software comes with many tools that help customers save time, monitor SEO performance, and drive more traffic to their websites. The increase in traffic comes from both the organic and paid search channels.

SEO software includes tools for keyword research, content research, keyword rank tracking, website SEO audits, backlink monitoring, and competitor research. There are several all-in-one SEO software solutions that include all of these tools. There are also solutions that specialize in one of these areas, such as keyword research.

The solutions below are ideal for in-house marketers and small businesses, and less so for large enterprises. SEO software is often used in combination with email marketing software, SMS marketing software, and social media management software by marketers at larger organizations.

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Highest Rated All-In-One SEO Platforms

All-in-one SEO platforms are complete toolkits that can be used to support a broad range of online search projects. These solutions include all of the tools found in specialty point solutions. For example, they can be used for keyword research, backlink analysis, competitor research, keyword rank tracking, website audits and even business listings management.



Best Overall SEO Software
Rating: 96
Starting Price: $119.95 per month

Semrush is the best all-in-one search software tool for keyword research, competitive analysis, position tracking, and more. It will save you hours finding new high-volume keywords to target in paid and organic search, give you visibility into your competitors' online marketing tactics, and help you monitor your website's SEO performance.

  • Keyword research tool to discover popular search terms for paid campaigns & high-volume keywords to target with SEO
  • Competitive analysis tool to identify your top competitors & spy on their online marketing tactics
  • Excellent keyword rank tracking tool to monitor how well your site is ranking on Google over time
  • DeepCrawl and Screaming Frog are superior for on-page SEO auditing
  • Ahrefs is slightly better for backlink analysis
  • More expensive than free tools like Google's Ads Keyword Planner


Best for Backlink Analysis
Rating: 95
Starting Price: $99 per month

Ahrefs is a powerful all-in-one SEO search software tool that can be used for backlink analysis, keyword research, competitive research, SEO audits and more. It is the best solution for content marketers that are focused on generating backlinks.

  • Excellent for backlink analysis
  • Keyword tool helps you keep track of your rankings for various keywords over time
  • Competitive analysis features allow you to see other websites' best performing pages by backlinks and traffic
  • Organic search traffic estimates may not be accurate, but this is true for most SEO tools
  • Keyword rank tracker updated less frequently than SEMrush
  • Does not provide traffic analytics for competing domains
Rating: 88
Starting Price: $39 per month

SpyFu is a keyword research and competitive intelligence tool that is used by digital marketers to improve their performance in online search. More specifically, SpyFu can be used to identify the most profitable search terms in your competitors' paid and organic search campaigns.

  • Robust tool for finding new keywords to use in paid and organic search programs
  • Competitive analysis tool makes it easy to discover your top online competitors
  • Database has over 13 years of Google data
  • Keyword research tool lacks some information found in more expensive alternatives like SEMrush
  • Very basic keyword rank tracking capabilities
  • Not ideal for backlink analysis or site audits
Rating: 80
Starting Price: $69 per month

Serpstat is an all-in-one search tool used by over 250,000 marketers to improve their performance in online search. With features like keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracking, and site auditing, you can optimize your search efforts and maximize your website's traffic and visibility. If price and an ability to track a high volume of keywords is paramount, then Serpstat is an excellent option.

  • Includes all major features for keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracking, and site auditing
  • Competitive analysis feature allows you to discover and analyze your top competitors’ keywords and backlinks
  • Serpstat’s entry plan allows you to track 15,000 keywords vs. 500 keywords in SEMrush
  • About 30% cheaper than Ahrefs and SEMrush
  • Backlink analysis reports return a fraction of the data compared to Ahrefs and SEMrush
  • Data visualization for the keyword rank tracker is somewhat confusing
  • Customer support is offline after 2PM EST, but generally responds to ticket in one business day
SE Ranking
Rating: 80
Starting Price: $31 per month

SE Ranking is a cloud-based, all-in-one SEO platform used by over 25,000 businesses to improve their online search performance. It includes features that support keyword research and ranking, backlink analysis, competitive analysis and site auditing. It is an ideal solution for smaller companies and businesses on a budget

  • $39 entry plan is significantly cheaper than alternatives
  • Comes with all the must-have features that you need to support your online marketing efforts
  • Simpler and less intimidating interface than alternatives
  • Keyword and backlink databases are not as large as competitors
  • Missing more advanced features found in tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush
  • Reports are not as comprehensive as in alternatives
Rating: 74
Starting Price: $99 per month

Moz helps streamline several of the key tasks that a business should master to rank well in search engines, such as keyword research, backlink analysis, ranking tracking, site auditing, and page optimization. Moz also provides several proprietary metrics, which can offer important insights that help you better understand your website's current standing in search engines, and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Useful set of features, and large variety of tools for conducting SEO research
  • Continuously updated with new features
  • Cloud-based for easy access from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • 30-day free trial allows you to test the software fully before committing
  • Imposes limits on tools to prevent you from exceeding "standard" usage amounts
  • Only provides access to SEO tools; does not actually provide any services or consulting to help you understand the insights gained from those tools
  • UI is less modern, and more difficult to navigate compared to some competitors
Raven Tools
Rating: 72
Starting Price: $49 per month

Raven Tools is an all-in-one SEO tool and marketing software that is used by around 1,600 customers worldwide. It offers major SEO features such as a keyword research database, a site auditor, and a backlink explorer. Given its low price point, Raven Tools is ideal for customers searching for a low-cost solution.

  • Includes key features for site auditing, rank tracking, and keyword research
  • Budget-friendly with plans starting at $49 per month
  • Helpful integrations that make it easy to manage multiple campaigns from one location
  • Less powerful features when compared with top competitors
  • Application is error-prone – for example, showing results in the wrong language
  • Navigating the tool is not always intuitive
Rating: 70
Starting Price: €100 per module

Sistrix is an SEO tool for agencies, search marketers, and social media influencers. It has all the core SEO features marketers need, with a module system that caters to your SEO needs. Sistrix pricing starts at €100 per module. Compared to alternatives, Sistrix is expensive. For the price of one module you can get the base versions of Ahrefs or Semrush, both of which are far more powerful.

  • Sistrix has a few tools that offer a solid amount of value to creators who need to optimize their work for search
  • Sistrix allows you to analyze an unlimited number of domains in each module
  • Sistrix offers an open API for each of its modules
  • Sistrix sells each of its modules separately for €100 per month, which is very expensive
  • Some modules lack critical information that more affordable software, like Ahrefs and Semrush, have
  • Lack of data filtering options heavily limits the ability to do in-depth analysis

Highest Rated Keyword Research Software

Keyword research software is built to help online marketers identify keywords to target with organic and paid search campaigns. These tools offer different ways to find keywords, conduct competitor & keyword gap analysis, and generate related keyword reports. They provide information on each keyword such as search volume, keyword difficulty, and estimated CPCs.

Rating: 78
Starting Price: $49 per month

KWFinder is an intuitive keyword research tool developed by Mangools that is a great for conducting basic & slightly advanced keyword research. It's a popular alternative to other options on the market, such as Moz and Long Tail Pro, due to its focus on simplicity and its ability to identify long tail keywords that are easy to rank for. KWFinder is a good option at the lower pricing tiers.

  • Presents all relevant information needed for keyword analysis in one convenient location
  • Helpful in identifying long tail keywords that are easier to rank for
  • Offers additional SEO tools, including a free browser extension
  • Doesn’t support competitor keyword research
  • Lookup and search result restrictions can be restricting
  • Does not include a keyword gap analysis tool
Long Tail Pro
Rating: 77
Starting Price: $37 per month

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool designed to help website owners find low-competition keywords to support their SEO strategy. Using Long Tail Pro, you can enter seed keywords (up to five at once) and get back hundreds of different suggestions and keyword variations. The software also allows you to analyze a list of keywords manually, and even assess your competitors' domains to uncover new keywords in your niche.

  • Helps you identify keywords to target using proprietary KC (Keyword Competitiveness) score
  • Able to search multiple seed keywords simultaneously
  • Excellent SEO training videos for beginners
  • Daily keyword search limitations can throttle your research
  • No search volume trend data

Other Top SEO Software

There are several SEO tools that specialize in specific use cases. The solutions below are tools used for keyword tracking, generating keyword ideas, content planning, and optimizing SEO in WordPress.

Rating: 92
Starting Price: $49 per month

AccuRanker is a keyword rank tracking tool used by over 20,000 companies worldwide to improve their organic search performance. AccuRanker customers can upload and monitor the SERP positions of thousands of search terms that drive traffic to their websites. The resulting insights on keyword performance on Google and Bing allow AccuRanker customers to measure and optimize their organic search programs.

  • Full-featured keyword tracking solution at very attractive price point
  • Ability to import Google Analytics and Search Console data to automatically calculate advanced, valuable metrics
  • Clean interface despite richness of feature set
  • Basic Plan lacks key features including competitor analysis
  • The solution is only for keyword tracking, not other SEO needs


Best free SEO software
Rating: 92
Starting Price: Free

Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool that helps you find new content ideas, learn about your competitors, and get keyword suggestions for your content. It acts much like other paid tools (Ahrefs, MOZ, SEMRush, etc.), save for more in-depth keyword analysis you might find with other products, so it could be an excellent option for freelancers who don't quite have the budget to spare for a pricey SEO tool.

  • Completely free
  • Helps to identify keywords to target, as well as related keywords
  • Provides useful information for competitive analysis
  • Some features are still being developed (backlink analysis, Content Ideas)
  • Website can be slow
Rating: 86
Starting Price: Over $1,000 per month

MarketMuse is a content planning tool that uses AI to pull data from all the top-performing websites on a particular search term. Based on that information, it makes recommendations about how long your piece on the same topic should be as well as the relevant keywords and subtopics to include. The short version is that it makes your job as a writer that much easier. If you’re a marketer, you can use their tool to create content briefs that you can pass along to your writing team.

  • Saves content writers significant time by identifying key sub-topics to include in content as well as target keyword length
  • Allows you to quickly audit existing content to identify missing topics to boost SEO
  • Recommends best new content topics by analyzing your current website
  • Has partnerships with content agencies for companies that prefer to outsource content marketing
  • MarketMuse is priced for enterprises at over $1,000 per month
  • No free trial to test the software
  • As with most SEO investments, can be difficult to determine the exact ROI on your investment
Rating: 84
Starting Price: $49 per month

AgencyAnalytics is a software tool used by thousands of marketing agencies and freelancers for SEO research and client reporting. With a constantly growing list of 50+ available integrations, agencies can create concise dashboards and reports for all their clients in one place. Starting at $49 per month, AgencyAnalytics is among the most affordable options for SEO tools and client reporting platforms.

  • Fully developed tool to incorporate a variety of KPIs from the most popular apps & services into dashboards & reports
  • Saves agencies time with automated client reporting
  • Fast response time from customer service during weekdays, significantly faster than most competitors
  • SEO functionality not as robust as dedicated SEO tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush
  • Some more expensive alternatives offer more integrations and functions
Yoast SEO
Rating: 76
Starting Price: $89 per year

Yoast SEO is a search engine optimization plugin for WordPress users. It's currently the most-downloaded SEO plugin and has a near-perfect rating in the WordPress Plugins database. The tool has several helpful features in both its free and paid versions for almost anyone who focuses on optimized content for search engines, from beginners to experts. Not only can you use Yoast SEO to optimize content you've written in WordPress, but you can also use it to get your pages noticed in Google and Bing with its simple configurations of sitemaps, suggestions for cleaning up your URLs, and more.

  • Excellent free version, though it only allows you to optimize for 1 keyword
  • Readability analysis provides actionable feedback to improve your site's ranking
  • Enables you to specify which pages on your site should be discoverable by search engines
  • Free version has some limitations
  • Paid version is not as robust as other full-fledged SEO tools

SEO Software Prices

SEO software prices range from free to thousands of dollars per month. Most small businesses pay around $100 per month for SEO software. Here's details that will help you compare prices for the most popular all-in-one SEO software platforms.

Software VendorStarting Monthly PriceFree TrialSubscription Add-Ons
  • Listing management: $20 per month
  • Trends: $200 per month
  • Additional users: starts at $45 per seat per month
  • Additional projects: $10 per project per month
  • Additional users: $30 per seat per month
  • None
  • None
SE Ranking$31Yes
  • Rank tracking for additional keywords
  • Additional users: $49 per seat per month

SEO Software FAQs

SEO software is used by digital marketers for a variety of tasks including managing paid & organic search, building backlink profiles, conducting keyword research, and monitoring SERP positions. SEO software is a powerful way to increase traffic to your website and increase the visibility of your brand.

Here's the most popular types of SEO software:

  • Keyword research tools
  • Keyword rank tracking tools
  • Backlink analysis tools
  • Competitive intelligence tools
  • Website audit tools
  • Website crawlers
  • Content planning tools

In general, SEO software costs $100 to $500 per month depending on number of users, keywords, reports, and add-on features. If you’re just getting started or on a budget, solid search software tools like SpyFu and Serpstat have plans that start around $50 per month.

The best SEO software for you will depend on which features are most important to your business. For example, if you prioritize keyword research, rank tracking, and competitive analysis, then SEMrush is your best option. If your primary goal is to conduct backlink analysis, then you should consider testing Ahrefs.

The most popular SEO applications are SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz. SEMrush is the most popular out of these applications with over 4 million users.

The most common SEO software features are:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Research
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Backlink Analysis
  • SEO Site Audits
  • Content Research
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Listing Management
  • Social Media Management

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