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Semrush Competitors & Alternatives

Are you considering a subscription with Semrush? Here's a breakdown of the 16 competitors & alternatives that you should know about before making a purchase.

Semrush is one of the most popular software tools used by online marketers. The company has over 7 million users and is a go-to resource for marketers managing paid and organic search for their businesses.

Before purchasing Semrush, it's important to understand alternative options. Below, we break down the different Semrush features, and share the top competitors in each category.

As you'll discover below, Semrush is the strongest all-around software to search marketers. It is the best solution for keyword research, keyword rank tracking, and competitive research. In addition, it has very strong tools for backlink analysis, SEO site audits, and content research. If you need a foundational search marketing tool and can afford $119.95 per month, it's an ideal choice.

You can also read this in-depth review of Semrush to better understand its software.

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Semrush Features

Before digging into Semrush competitors, it's important to understand the different Semrush features. Semrush is a portfolio of over 50 tools that help marketers improve their websites' performance in online search.

The nine primary Semrush feature categories are:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Research
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Backlink Analysis
  • SEO Site Audits
  • Content Research
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Listing Management
  • Social Media Management

Semrush Competitor Overview

Semrush competes with numerous search solutions. The competitors you should evaluate alongside Semrush depends on which features you plan to use.

Tools like Ahrefs, the top Semrush competitor, compete with Semrush across all feature categories. Others, like AccuRanker and Screaming Frog, compete with individual Semrush tools.

  • Would you prefer an all-in-one SEO tool to do everything? Consider Ahrefs, Moz, Serpstat, and SE Ranking.
  • Are you looking for a keyword rank tracker? Try AccuRanker.
  • Do you need a tool for site audits? Try Screaming Frog.

Top Semrush Competitors

The top Semrush competitors are:

  • Ahrefs
  • Moz
  • Serpstat
  • SE Ranking
  • SpyFu
  • Alexa
  • AccuRanker
  • KWFinder

Semrush Competitors by Feature Category

Another way to understand Semrush's competitors is to evaluate them by feature category. Here's a full breakdown of Semrush competitors by feature category:

What Feature Do You Need?Top Semrush Competitors
All FeaturesAhrefs, Serpstat, SE Ranking, Moz
Keyword ResearchKWFinder, Long Tail Pro
Competitive ResearchSpyFu, Alexa
Keyword Rank TrackingAccuRanker
Backlink AnalysisMajestic
SEO Site AuditsDeepCrawl, Screaming Frog
Content ResearchBuzzSumo
Traffic AnalyticsSimilarWeb
Listing ManagementYext
Social Media ManagementSprout Social

All-in-one SEO Tools


Ahrefs is an excellent all-in-one SEO solution. It's actually Semrush's top overall competitor. If you're focused on backlink analysis, then we recommend Ahrefs. If you're more interested in doing keyword research and rank tracking, then Semrush is your better option.

Ahrefs Starting Price: $99/month

Ahrefs vs. Semrush:
  • Ahrefs is better for backlink analysis.
  • SEMrush keyword rank tracker is updated more frequently.
  • SEMrush's Keyword Magic Tool is better for keyword research.


Serpstat is another popular all-in-one SEO solution that offers most of the same features as Semrush. It is slightly cheaper than Semrush and allows you to track a much higher keyword volume. As a result, many cost-conscious marketers believe that Serpstat is the better option. We recommend testing both of these tools to determine which is best for you.

Serpstat Starting Price: $69/month

Serpstat vs. Semrush:
  • Serpstat is cheaper – you can track 15,000 keywords for $69 per month.
  • Serpstat does not offer listing management or social media tools.
  • SEMrush has stronger domain traffic analytics.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a solid all-in-one SEO tool used by over 300,000 customers. It's $19 starting price is significantly lower than Semrush's $99 entry plan. While the systems offer many of the same features, the tools in Semrush are generally more robust. Keyword research is an important example where the quality of the two systems differs greatly.

SE Ranking Starting Price: $19/month

SE Ranking vs. Semrush:
  • SE Ranking is significantly cheaper, but does charge an extra fee for some features.
  • SEMrush is much stronger for keyword research.
  • SEMrush rank tracker provides more detailed data.


Moz offers many of the same features as Semrush, including keyword research, rank tracking, backlink analysis and business listing management. It is a very popular tool among online marketers. However, Moz does not offer the same breadth of tools. In addition, its keyword research provides far less data than Semrush.

Moz Starting Price: $99/month (Moz Pro), $129/year (Moz Local)

Moz vs. Semrush:
  • Moz keyword research tool provides less data (e.g. keyword difficulty, by device, SERP features, etc.).
  • Moz does not provide the same level of insight into paid search.
  • SEMrush allows you to monitor a higher volume of keywords for the same price (500 vs. 300).

Keyword Research


KWFinder is a keyword research tool developed by Mangools. It is a good option for beginners on a budget.

KWFinder has a few significant drawbacks compared to Semrush. For example, it limits results to 200 keywords (vs. 10,000) and does not offer a keyword gap analysis tool. Overall, we recommend Semrush for keyword research.

KWFinder Starting Price: $49/month

KWFinder vs. Semrush:
  • KWFinder is about half the price of Semrush.
  • KWFinder only returns 200 keyword suggestions per search (with Basic Plan). Semrush includes 10,000.
  • Does not offer keyword gap analysis found in Semrush.

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is another leading keyword research tool. At $37/month, it is far cheaper than Semrush.

However, for most use cases, its keyword research tool is less valuable than what Semrush provides. And with Semrush, you get a portfolio of tools that will provide incremental value. Once again, for keyword research, we recommend going with Semrush.

Long Tail Pro Starting Price: $37/month

Long Tail Pro vs. Semrush:
  • Long Tail Pro's Starter Plan limits you to 800 keyword results per day.
  • Long Tail Pro does not provide search trend data.
  • You can only track 30 keywords using Long Tail Pro's keyword rank tracker.
  • Long Tail Pro only does keyword research. It does not offer the breadth of tools found in Semrush.

Competitive Research


SpyFu is a competitive intelligence tool for online marketers. It is used by customers to spy on the organic and paid search activity of their competitors.

At $39 per month, SpyFu costs much less than Semrush. If you want a solution for competitive research only, then SpyFu is a great option. Semrush costs $99 per month, but does come with a wide range of tools.

SpyFu Starting Price: $39 per month

SpyFu vs. Semrush:
  • SpyFu is significantly cheaper than SEMrush.
  • Both tools provide rich competitive data on organic and paid search activity.
  • SpyFu reports have slightly less data and filtering options compared to SEMrush.
  • SpyFu solely provides competitive intelligence; SEMrush offers over 30 tools.


Alexa is a competitive intelligence tool used by marketers to better understand their competitors' audiences & online marketing practices. Some of the audience insights provided can only be found in Alexa.

Alexa is a solid option worth testing. However, in general, Semrush offers a wider range of tools at a lower price-point.

Alexa Starting Price: $149/month

Alexa vs. Semrush:
  • Alexa provides intelligence on competitor audiences not found in Semrush.
  • Alexa has share of voice data similar to that found in Semrush's new Market Explorer tool.
  • Both Alexa and Semrush share data on competitors' organic and paid search campaigns.
  • Semrush offers a wider range of tools at a lower price.

Keyword Rank Tracking


AccuRanker and Semrush are our two favorite keyword rank tracking tools. The key difference between these products is their breadth of features – Semrush offers a wide range of tools, while AccuRanker is focused specifically on keyword rank tracking. If you are in the market for a specialized tool to monitor your website's performance in Google search, AccuRanker is worth a look.

AccuRanker Starting Price: $109/month

AccuRanker vs. Semrush:
  • SEMrush has a portfolio of tools. AccuRanker just does rank tracking.
  • AccuRanker integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics and Search Console to calculate advanced, valuable metrics.
  • AccuRanker's Basic Plan does not include competitive analysis.

Backlink Analysis


Majestic is a backlink analysis tool that leverages data from the company's enormous link intelligence web index. Other SEO software applications actually pay Majestic to use its proprietary database of websites and backlinks.

The Majestic offering is most similar to Semrush's Backlink Audit Tool. Semrush's basic tool is valuable, but is nowhere near as advanced as Majestic. If you want the richest understanding of your website's backlinks, Majestic is the option for you. You might also consider evaluating Ahrefs.

Majestic Starting Price: $49/month

Majestic vs. Semrush:
  • Majestic has one of the largest databases of websites and backlinks in the world.
  • Majestic provides significantly more data than SEMrush's Backlink Audit Tool.
  • Majestic tells you the topics your site is trusted for, and to what degree.
  • Majestic is just a backlink analysis tool. It does not have the breadth of features found in SEMrush.

SEO Site Audits


Semrush does come with a site audit tool that crawls your website to surface basic technical SEO issues. These include broken links, duplicate content, missing title tags and H1s.

However, website crawling is not Semrush's core competency. It's crawler works for smaller websites, but does not provide the level of insight and detailed analysis that larger sites require. If your goal is to run a thorough crawl of your website to surface and fix technical SEO issues, then we recommend a solution like Deepcrawl.

Deepcrawl Starting Price: $14/month

Deepcrawl vs. Semrush:
  • Semrush Pro and Guru Plans limit you to 20,000 pages per crawl vs. 40,000 with Deepcrawl's Lite Plus Plan.
  • Semrush's crawler and reporting are far more basic than Deepcrawl.
  • Deepcrawl is only a crawler. It does not offer the breadth of features found in Semrush.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a top Deepcrawl competitor. They're both best-in-class crawlers that website owners use to detect and fix technical SEO issues.

As we explained above, crawling is not Semrush's core competency. As a result, crawls performed by Screaming Frog result in deeper insight and more actionable reports. If you're in the market for a crawler, we recommend evaluating Deepcrawl and Screaming Frog.

Screaming Frog Starting Price: £149.00 Per Year

Screaming Frog vs. Semrush:
  • Semrush Pro and Guru Plans limit you to 20,000 pages per crawl vs. unlimited with Screaming Frog.
  • Semrush's crawler and data are far more basic than Screaming Frog.
  • Screaming Frog is a desktop crawler, so it has no monthly or annual limits on usage.
  • Screaming Frog is only a crawler. It does not offer the breadth of features found in Semrush.

Content Research


BuzzSumo is a popular content marketing tool. Marketers use it to find content ideas and influencers.

Semrush includes a Topic Research tool that shows you topics related to any keyword, as well as the top performing content for your keyword. BuzzSumo offers several advanced tools in addition to these basic features.

If you are looking for a tool specifically to improve your content marketing, then BuzzSumo is a great option. Keep in mind that it only does content marketing; it does not offer the breadth of tools found in Semrush.

BuzzSumo Starting Price: $99/month

BuzzSumo vs. Semrush:
  • SEMrush offers a basic Topic Research tool.
  • BuzzSumo provides the same functionality, but with more data and filtering options.
  • BuzzSumo includes other features such as influencer discovery & trending feeds.

Traffic Analytics


SimilarWeb leverages its massive panel of users to produce traffic analytics reports for websites. The company tracks the behavior of hundreds of millions of users to understand each website's traffic, traffic sources, audience interests, and competing websites.

Similar Web's product is most similar to Semrush's Traffic Analytics Tool. The Traffic Analytics Tool provides basic audience and traffic insights for any website.

SimilarWeb Starting Price: Custom Quotes Only

SimilarWeb vs. Semrush:
  • SimilarWeb has a massive proprietary panel it uses to produce audience and traffic insights.
  • The Semrush Traffic Analytics Tool is similar, but is far more basic than SimilarWeb's offering.
  • SimilarWeb's solution is likely far more expensive than Semrush.

Listing Management


Yext is popular listing management software used by thousands of small businesses to control the data they share with business directories. Popular directories include Google My Business, Apple Maps, Facebook and Yelp.

Semrush has partnered with Yext to offer its service for $20/month through the Semrush platform. We are not aware of any advantages of purchasing it through Semrush vs. directly from Yext.

Yext Starting Price: $199/year

Yext vs. Semrush:
  • Semrush resells the Yext product through it's website for $20/month.
  • We are not aware of any advantages or disadvantages of purchasing it through Semrush vs. directly from Yext.

Social Media Management

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is the best social media management system for SMBs. It is used by thousands of customers to create, publish and measure social media content across all the major social media platforms. While Semrush does offer basic features for social media, this is not its core competency.

If you are in the market for a tool to streamline your social media operations, try Sprout Social or another social media management tool.

Sprout Social Starting Price: $99/month

Sprout Social vs. Semrush:
  • Sprout Social is a leader in social media management, it is not an SEO tool
  • Semrush can be used to post on social media, track performance, and monitor brand mentions
  • Sprout Social has numerous social media management features not found in Semrush

Bottom Line

Because Semrush offers so many tools, it can be challenging to determine if it is the best solution for you. However, there are really only two types of Semrush competitors:

  • All-in-one SEO tools like Ahrefs and Serpstat that compete with Semrush across all feature categories
  • Point solutions that specialize in one of Semrush's feature categories

We've highlighted the best options in both categories above. Hopefully this has brought clarity to your software evaluation process. We'd love to hear any feedback: info[at]

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