Simulate the Number of Patient Visits Your Dental Practice Will Have Over Time

Use our tool to simulate the number of visits a hypothetical dental practice will see over time, so that you can understand how small changes can impact your dental practice. You can also simulate multiple practices simultaneously to compare their performances.


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Simulation Parameters

Current Patients (Per Month): The number of patients your hypothetical practice currently sees in a month.

New Patients Per Month: The number of additional patients your practice will attract each month. It is often suggested that healthy dental practices should see an average of 25+ new patients per month per doctor.

Hygiene Pre-Appointment Rate: The percent of patients who will visit your practice this month and schedule their next appointment before leaving your office. 85+% is a generally accepted target.

Recall Rate: The percent of patients who will come back to your practice 6 months from their most recent visit, given that they were not pre-appointed. It is suggested by that 25% is a healthy target.

Simulation Options

Cumulatively or Month by Month: If you choose to view results month by month, the simulation will show how many patient visits you can expect to have for each month. If you display the results cumulatively, the graph will display the total number of visits your practice will have accumulated since the beginning of the simulation.

Simulation Duration: The number of years you wish to run the simulation for.

Simulation Methodology

Your practice begins by seeing Current Patients per month for each of the first 6 months of your practice. We assume that each patient can only visit your practice once every 6 months. After the first 6 months, to determine the number of visits you will see in a given month, we look back to see how many visits you had 6 months ago. We then assume that some percentage of those visits will pre-appoint for their next appointment -- this is determined by the Hygiene Pre-Appointment Rate. If a patient pre-appointed, then we assume that they will show up for their next appointment in 6 months. If a patient did not pre-appoint, then we depend on our recall effectiveness to bring them back into the office 6 months after their last visit. So, we assume that there is a recallRate probability that you will be able to successfully bring them back into your practice 6 months after their last visit. If they do not show up in 6 months' time, then we assume they will not show up ever again on any subsequent months. We also assume that each month, your practice will bring in a fixed number of new patients each month, which is New Patients Per Month

Therefore, the formula to determine how many visits your practice will have this month is given by:

visits = (# of patients pre-appointed 6 months ago) + (# of patients who were NOT pre-appointed 6 months ago, but reactivated through patient recall) + (# of new patients)

Using the simulation parameters that you select, and letting x be the number of patients your practice saw 6 months ago, the formula becomes:

visits = x * (Pre-Appointment Rate) + ((1 - Pre-Appointment Rate) * Recall Rate * x) + (New Patients Per Month)


This simulation is meant for demonstration purposes only. This simulation may not reflect the future performance of your practice.