Best Dental Patient Communication Software

Once you've decided that patient communication software is a worthwhile investment for your dental practice, you'll want to compare some of the top options on the market. These popular dental patient communication systems can be used for two-way texting, dental appointment reminders, patient recalls and more. Learn about the important differences between the software systems below.

Lighthouse 360: Best Overall System

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  • Lighthouse 360 Pricing: $329/month, $299 set-up fee, free demo.
  • Practice Management Integrations: Virtually every major dental practice management system is supported.
  • Unique Features: Lighthouse 360 is designed specifically for the dental industry and requires no contract, whereas other competitors like Demandforce and Solutionreach have year-long contracts. It syncs with practice management software every 10 minutes. You can customize your messaging schedule, so that you can send multiple messages (with varying content) for an appointment until a patient confirms, in case the patient forgets to respond to previous messages.
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Weave: Best System with VoIP Integration

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  • Weave Pricing: $399/month, $750 set-up fee, free demo.
  • Practice Management Integrations: Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental, SoftDent, PracticeWorks.
  • Unique Features: Weave is a unique patient communication system that is known best for its ability to integrate its VOIP phone system with your dental practice management software. As a result of this powerful integration, your front desk staff can become more productive on the phone, and immediately pull up all relevant patient information through the system whenever a patient calls in. This saves your staff time, but it can also result in an impressive patient experience. This is all in addition to offering the capabilities that you can find in other patient communication systems.
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  • Solutionreach Pricing: $379/month, $399 set-up fee (typically negotiated/waived), free demo. Long-term (year+) contract.
  • Practice Management Software Integrations: Integrates with most major systems, including Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Softdent, Open Dental, Denticon, Curve Dental.
  • Unique Features: Can customize phone calls using your own voice, as opposed to using a generic voice that comes with the system. Users find that this adds a personal touch to the phone calls, and makes it more likely that patients will listen to the call. Offers powerful add-on modules, such as Conversations (2-way messaging), and LimeLight (online appointment scheduling) for additional fees.
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  • Doctible Pricing: $100 to $500 per month per location depending on the products you purchase.
  • Practice Management Software Integrations: Integrates with most major systems, including Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Softdent, Open Dental.
  • Unique Features: Doctible is a cloud-based patient engagement platform used by thousands of dental and medical practices. It differentiates itself from other solutions by offering a wide range of patient engagement tools that can be purchased in a modular fashion. Your practice can discuss the various Doctible modules with their team, and decide to only purchase those that you need.
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  • Demandforce Pricing: $399/month, $299 setup fee (often waived). Requires long-term (year+) contract.
  • Practice Management Software Integrations: Most major practice management systems.
  • Unique Features: Very popular system across multiple industries, with over 30,000 businesses using it. "Fast Sync Technology" enables the system to sync with your PMS as often as every 5 minutes.
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  • RevenueWell Pricing: $339/month, no set-up fee, no long-term contract.
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  • Practice Management Software Integrations: Open Dental, Eaglesoft, Dentrix, PracticeWorks
  • Unique Features: No long-term contract. Designed specifically for dentistry. Capable of identifying unscheduled procedures from treatment plan, and sending follow-up emails to schedule treatments. Provides an online patient portal through Patient Connect 365.
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  • OperaDDS Pricing: $299/month for the full communications system. No set-up fee or long-term contracts.
  • Practice Management Software Integrations: Integrates with Dentrix, Eaglesoft, and Open Dental, but only need integration for Recare module (recall capabilities). Intra-office communication modules don't require PMS integrations.
  • Unique Features: All-in-one communication system -- includes patient communications / recare, as well as intra-office communication capabilities. None of the other systems listed include both patient communications as well as intra-office communication capabilities.
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  • PracticeMojo Pricing: $255/month, no set-up fee, no long-term contracts.
  • Practice Management Software Integrations: Dentrix, EasyDental, Eaglesoft, Open Dental, Softdent, PracticeWorks
  • Unique Features: Designed specifically for the dental industry. Advanced plans come with 100 free postcards per month, and 1-2 ready-to-go Facebook posts each week. PracticeMojo is about 15% cheaper than other systems, with similar functionality.

Here's a side-by-side comparison of each of the systems we discussed.

Lighthouse 360DemandforceSolutionreachPracticeMojoRevenueWellOperaDDS
Monthly Price$329$399$379$255$299$299
Set-up Fee$299$299, often waived$399, often waived$0$0$0
Owned byYodle (
Patient ReviewsYES, rateabiz.comYES, Demandforce LocalYES, Solutionreach siteYES, PracticeMojo siteYES, Patient Connect 365NO (being developed)
Sync Frequency10 minutesAs often as every 5 minutesConfigurable, 3x/day recommendedHourly??
IndustriesDental (field work as well, but separate product)Dental, medical, spa & salon, automotive, veterinaryDental, medical, spa & salonDentalDentalDental
Users11,000+ Dental Clients30,000 + Businesses (all industries)100,000+ Healthcare Professionals?Thousands3,500+ Dentists
Intra-office CommunicationsNONONONONOYES
PostcardsYESYES, $.79/cardNO100/month free, $.54/card afterwardsYESYES
Family Messages (1 message per family)YESYES, for emails but not textsYESYESYES?
Email Reminder / NewslettersYESYESYESYESYESYES
PMS IntegrationsMost major PMS, full list here.Most major PMS, full list here.?Dentrix, EasyDental, Eaglesoft, Open Dental, Softdent, PracticeWorksOpen Dental, Eaglesoft, Dentrix, PracticeWorksOpen Dental, Dentrix, Eaglesoft

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