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Best Dental Membership Plan Software

Looking for the best dental membership plan software? Here's a short list of the top solutions used by thousands of dental practices nationwide.

In an effort to attract uninsured patients and reduce their dependency to insurance companies, many practices offer dental membership plans to their patients. Managing memberships is complicated and time-consuming, and practices often seek a solution that can automate this task. To streamline your vendor selection process, we've created a shortlist of the best dental membership plan software on the market.

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How Does Dental Membership Plan Software Work?

Although each membership management solution functions slightly differently, they have similar workflows for creating and managing memberships. Here is an overview of how these solutions work.

First, you customize your dental care plan. You can personalize a variety of elements including: plan price, included procedures, discounts, and age group. Vendors like Kleer and DentalHQ have specialized on-boarding teams that can help you set the optimal price for your memberships.

kleer discounts

After you build your plans, the next step is publishing them to your website. Some vendors offer customized landing pages, so your patients can sign up for memberships and input their payment information online.

dentalhq landing page

Once your dental subscription service is live, all solutions provide a dashboard where you can manage memberships. This tool is used to track members, revenue, and payments. Payments received will be placed into a merchant account that your practice controls.

dentalhq dashboard 2

On an going basis, the software will look for members who are due for payments and renewals, and send them a series of text and email notifications.

How Much Does Dental Membership Plan Software Cost?

Dental membership plan software typically costs $2-4 per member per month. Vendors use different fee structures for their product. The three main fee structures are:

  • Flat fee per member.
  • Percentage of membership revenue. Percentage typically decreases with more members.
  • Monthly or annual subscription.

Best Dental Membership Plan Software

We compiled the most popular, highest-quality membership management solutions on the market. Read the solution overviews below to find the product that is best for your practice.


Kleer is a membership management solution used by over 3,500 dentists nationwide. Kleer's biggest differentiator is their data-driven customer support team. Kleer agents help you choose the right price for your plans by analyzing your fee schedules, patient demographics, and geographic location. They also actively monitor your practice’s performance, and help you maximize your membership program’s potential.

Read our in-depth analysis of Kleer.

Pricing Details
  • $3 per month or $36 per year for children
  • $4 per month or $48 per year for adults
  • $5 per month or $60 per year for perio
  • No setup fees
Notable Features
  • Online patient portal with mobile billing functionality
  • Data-driven customer support team
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DentalHQ is a membership management solution used by thousands of practices nationwide, ranging from solo practices to large DSOs. This company has attained notable endorsements and partnerships including the North Carolina Dental Society, Ohio Dental Association, and Levin Group. Overall, DentalHQ has one of the strongest products in the market. The platform includes unique features such as HIPAA-compliant video conferencing, patient financing, and a tool for offering your membership plan to local businesses & community organizations.

For more information, read our in-depth review of DentalHQ. In addition, we've partnered with DentalHQ on a promotion that lowers your starting software cost to 7% of membership fees.

Pricing Details
  • <149 members: 8% of membership fees
  • 150-299 members: 7% of membership fee
  • 300-499 members: 6% of membership fees
  • 500+ members: 5% of membership fees
  • $199 one-time fee for lifetime supply of marketing products
  • No setup fees
Notable Features
  • HIPAA-compliant video conferencing
  • Business Connect
  • Community Connect
  • White-labeled marketing products
  • No minimum membership count requirements
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Founded in 1995, Illumitrac was one of the first membership management solutions to appear on the market. They currently process more than $19 million of annual membership dues for dental practices nationwide. You should consider Illumitrac if you prefer legacy systems that have been tested over time.

Pricing Details
  • One-time payment of $499
  • $3-4 per member per month
Notable Features
  • No minimum membership count requirements
  • Online patient portal
  • Revenue Reporting
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BoomCloud is a membership management solution based in Utah. Currently, the BoomCloud team consists of 13 employees. Boomcloud has a differentiated pricing structure that will appeal to practices who prefer a fixed monthly subscription price.

Pricing Details
  • $399 per month per location
  • Discounted to $299 per month with annual subscription
  • One-time setup fee
Notable Features
  • Website integrated patient portal
  • Contract management module
  • In-house payment plans module
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Is Dental Membership Plan Software Worth It?

To determine if purchasing dental membership plan software is right for you, it is important to estimate the return on investment (ROI). The primary benefits of dental membership plan software are increasing revenue, fostering member growth, and cutting cost. To have a positive ROI, these benefits must outweigh the cost of the software, which is typically $3 per customer per month.

For a full breakdown of dental membership plan software features and how they create value for your practice, check out our case study, Dental Membership Plan Software: Is It Worth It?.

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