Kleer Membership Plan Review, Pricing & Features

What is Kleer?

Kleer is a cloud-based membership plan management software used by over 3,500 dentists in all 50 states. With its easy-to-use practice portal, you can create personalized care plans that attract new memberships and foster patient loyalty. Kleer also offers a variety of helpful features including membership tracking, automated electronic payment processing, custom marketing, and basic reporting.

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Full Review

Kleer was founded in 2016, by Dave Monahan after he discovered a need for dentists to combat the declining state of dental reimbursements. In 2019, Kleer grew to serve over 3,500 dentists nationwide, a 250% increase over 2018.

Kleer specializes in membership plan management. Kleer’s main feature is its practice portal where you can design and manage membership plans that you can offer directly to your patients, without the hassle of third-party payment delays, treatment pre-approvals, claims denials, or paperwork. When you choose Kleer, you have access to a responsive and data-driven customer support team that will help you with onboarding, technical support, and acquiring & renewing memberships.

Customers typically purchase Kleer's dental software after they understand the value of offering membership plans to uninsured patients, and realize that using Kleer is better than managing membership plans in-house. Kleer can be a valuable tool for practices of any size. However, smaller practices should consider the advantages of managing membership plans in-house.

Overall, Kleer is one of the best dental membership plan management options on the market today. We recommend it for practices who want to implement membership plans and add a recurring revenue stream.

Kleer Pricing & Cost

Kleer pricing is based on the number of members. Kleer also charges transaction fees on membership payments.

  • Free to get started
  • $3 per month or $36 per year for children
  • $4 per month or $48 per year for adults
  • $5 per month or $60 per year for perio

Benefits of Kleer

There are significant benefits of implementing Kleer at your practice. Overall, it will help you increase revenue & production, and decrease the workload of managing membership plans.

Adds a Recurring Revenue Stream to Your Practice

Kleer helps make your business more valuable by creating a recurring revenue stream. Kleer’s membership plans attract loyal patients that produce stable and predictable income for your practice.

Stable and predictable income offers you greater financial visibility. You know how much you are going to bring in monthly & annually, so you can adjust costs and expenses in advance. Because it's easier to manage operations and finances, businesses with a recurring revenue stream are generally less prone to insolvency than businesses that rely on one-off payments. If you are a smaller practice looking to sell or would like to join a group practice, recurring revenue often increases your valuation.

Additionally, patients who are members are far more likely to become loyal patients than patients who do one-off payments. Practices with loyal patients spend less time chasing down patients for recall appointments, and more time providing exceptional patient care.

Maximizes Production from Uninsured Patients

Uninsured, fee-for-service patients often visit practices once, and don’t return. They seek treatment less frequently, and are more likely to decline additional treatment. Kleer’s membership plans are designed to get this patient demographic in your door. Membership plans are highly effective at increasing visit frequency for otherwise uninsured patients. Discounts make treatment more affordable and increase patient loyalty, so patients accept treatment more often and increase your practice’s production.

Streamlines Management of Your Membership Plans

Membership plans are difficult to manage in-house, and an administrative burden on your staff. Kleer streamlines the management of your membership plans, so you can focus on other more important responsibilities. Here are the major processes automated by Kleer:

  • New Patient Enrollment: Patients can enroll online in a personalized care plan from the convenience of any device.
  • Performance Monitoring: Once your patients enroll, you can use Kleer’s easy-to-use practice portal to track and manage membership plans.
  • Payment Processing: With Kleer’s automated payment processing, your money goes straight to the bank, so your staff does not have to spend time chasing down reimbursement and collections.
  • Auto-renewal and Renewal Reminders: Kleer is equipped with an auto-renewal feature. For patients who choose not to auto-renew, you can message patients when renewal dates are coming up directly in Kleer.

Kleer Features

Below, we'll discuss the key features of Kleer, and how it can optimize your membership plan management. We include screenshots of the product to give you a sense of its design and layout.

Custom Dental Membership Plans

With Kleer, you can customize care plans that fit the needs of your practice & patients, and foster long-term & mutually-beneficial relationships. There are several categories you can personalize in your care plans.

  • Age group
  • Types of procedures
  • Number of procedures
  • Fee schedules
kleer custom care plans

Offering discounts is a great way to make your care plans affordable, and increase the rate of continuing care. Here are some discounts you can offer with Kleer.

  • Flat discount for all procedures
  • Discount by procedure category
  • Discount for members who purchase more than one plan
  • Discount for cosmetic treatments
  • Discount for participating specialists
kleer discounts

Member Enrollment App

New patients can sign up using Kleer’s easy-to-use member enrollment app. The app can be accessed on any device, and patients can quickly make accounts by linking their Facebook and Google Plus accounts. Patients can also enter their payment information directly into Kleer, reducing administrative work.

kleer member enrollment 1
kleer member enrollment 2

Practice Portal

Kleer makes managing your membership plans easy through its practice portal. With this tool, you can track members, revenue, and payments. This information can be downloaded in a report that can be synced with your practice management software.

The practice portal can also be used for a variety of front-office tasks including enrolling new patients and inviting patients with text & email.

kleer practice portal

Automated Electronic Payment Processing

Kleer’s automated electronic payment processing reduces administrative work, so you and your staff can focus on more important tasks. Member payments are deposited directly into your unique merchant bank account, and transferred to your personal bank account. All patient payment information is stored securely in Kleer.

Kleer Success Team

Kleer offers a responsive team that helps you get the most value from your membership plans. They have plan consultants to help you onboard, member support coordinators to help you interact with patients, and membership growth specialists to help you maximize your membership plan’s potential.

Plan Consultants

Kleer’s onboarding team conducts 30-45 minute demo calls with your front and back office, so your practice is familiar with Kleer’s features and workflow. Plan consultants can also analyze your fee schedules, patient demographics, and geographic locations, to help your practice choose the right price for your plans. Kleer's most successful practices typically add their first member sign up within the same week they officially launch their membership plan.

Member Support Coordinators

Kleer prioritizes providing exceptional customer support to mediate any issues you may run into. Kleer agents can be contacted by webchat, phone call, or email. Also, Kleer has internal SLA’s that ensure a high level of customer service.

Membership Growth Specialists

Kleer’s growth team tracks the progress of your practice as you use their platform. Kleer automatically monitors your practice’s performance vs. benchmarks, and Kleer agents will assist you if you are not reaching your full potential.

Custom Marketing Support

Although Kleer’s primary focus is to help you manage membership plans, they offer several marketing tools to help you grow your practice. Kleer provides downloadable marketing assets, and a widget that you can use on your practice’s web site.

Is Kleer Right For You?

Kleer’s cloud-based dental membership plan platform is used by more than 3,500 dentists nationwide. Kleer allows you to design and manage membership plans that you can offer to your patients directly.

If you want a cloud-based tool to help you manage your membership program, then Kleer is an ideal option for you. Although Kleer is useful for practices of any size, smaller practices should consider the advantages of managing membership plans in-house.

If you're interested, you can schedule a Kleer demo today.

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