DentalHQ Membership Plan Review, Pricing & Features

What is DentalHQ?

DentalHQ is a cloud-based membership management software used by thousands of practices of all sizes. This platform is designed to help you run a successful membership program, so you can attract uninsured patients, improve patient loyalty, and reduce your dependency on insurance companies. With DentalHQ, you can create and manage customizable membership plans that you can offer directly to your patients. DentalHQ is equipped with custom marketing services, and offers unique ways to connect with local businesses and community organizations.

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Full Review

DentalHQ was founded in 2017, by Dr. Brett Wells after becoming increasingly dissatisfied with his practice’s dependence on dental insurance. DentalHQ serves thousands of practices nationwide, and has attained endorsements and partnerships with the North Carolina Dental Society, Ohio Dental Association, Elite Dental Alliance, Levin Group, and Riccobene Associates.

DentalHQ is equipped with several tools to help you create and manage a successful membership program. Membership plans are fully customizable to fit the needs of you and your patients. Dental HQ is fully integrated with Varidi, a cloud-based payment management system, so you can offer in-house payment plans to make your membership more accessible. DentalHQ also provides several marketing services, including a lifetime supply of in-office take-home cards for a one-time $199 fee.

Customers typically decide to purchase DentalHQ when they want to launch a new membership program or need help managing an existing membership plan. DentalHQ's dental software can be a useful tool for practices to increase revenue. However, practices should consider whether the value of DentalHQ outweighs its cost. We discuss how to think about the ROI of an investment into this type of software in our in-depth analysis, Dental Membership Plan Software: Is It Worth It?.

Overall, DentalHQ is a valuable membership management solution that offers several features not offered by its competitors. We recommend it for practices who want membership management software and prefer paying a portion of recurring revenue rather than a flat fee per customer.

DentalHQ Pricing & Cost

DentalHQ pricing depends on your number of members. No set-up or subscription fees, and a $199 one-time fee for lifetime supply of marketing products.

Number of MembersSubscription Fee
<1498% of membership fees
150-2997% of membership fee
300-4996% of membership fees
500+5% of membership fees
Payment processing is powered by Stripe, and you are charged a merchant fee for each transaction.

Benefits of DentalHQ

There are significant benefits of implementing DentalHQ at your practice. Overall, it will help you reduce your dependency on insurance companies, and connect your practice to local businesses and community organizations.

Reduces Dependency on Insurance Companies

In recent years, the dental industry has been marked by an increasing dependence to insurance companies. DentalHQ helps you create membership plans that alleviates this dependence by circumventing insurance companies altogether. You create your own plans tailored to your needs, and you receive 100% of all payments. Patients can avoid complicated and expensive insurance plans, and choose any provider they want, regardless of if they are in-network.

Additionally, using DentalHQ minimizes your administrative burden because reimbursements are not tied to a third-party. You no longer have to file insurance claims and verify patient eligibility, allowing you to focus on more important tasks like exceptional patient care.

“We know one reason that people say they do not make appointments with a dentist is because they do not have “dental insurance.” An in-office membership plan is an excellent way for a dentist to offer a dental benefit that is not dental insurance but still allows patients to pursue good oral health in an affordable way.” -Joseph P Crowley DDS, ADA Past President

Connects You with Local Businesses and Community Organizations

As we discuss in-depth below, DentalHQ is the only vendor that has features built-in to help you attract members from local businesses and community organizations. Membership plans are highly customizable, so you can create bespoke deals for each group.

DentalHQ Features

Below, we'll discuss the key features of DentalHQ, and how it can help you create a successful membership program. We include screenshots of the product to give you a sense of its design and layout.

Customizable Plans

With DentalHQ, you have complete control over your membership program’s structure. Because you decide the terms of the membership, you determine your reimbursement rates without insurance companies eating away at your profit.

DentalHQ offers templates to help you create your plans, and are completely customizable to fit your needs. Most practices offer a standard adult plan, standard child plan, and a perio maintenance plan. Here are a few categories you can customize in your membership plans:

  • Plan name
  • Age limits
  • Family discounts
  • Additional treatments (emergency exam with x-ray, fluoride treatment, whitening treatment)
  • Plan pricing
  • Feature text

In order to be HIPAA compliant, it is important that you DO NOT label your membership plans as “in-house insurance plans” or “in-house discount plans.”

dentalhq customizable plans


In DentalHQ’s dashboard, you can manage and track membership plans. There are important KPI’s showcased at the top of the dashboard visualizing total active members, total lifetime revenue, members added each month, and gross revenue. You can view and search through a list of all your members, and access payment history for each patient. The patient list can be filtered by status (pending, active, late, etc.).

dentalhq dashboard

Automated Electronic Payment Processing

DentalHQ handles your membership payments, so you can focus on other more important tasks. You or your patients can store payment information directly into DentalHQ, and DentalHQ automatically charges your patients monthly or annually. You can choose to receive direct deposits daily, weekly, or in monthly batch sums.

DentalHQ tracks and manages payments for you. When a patient misses a payment, you receive a notification, and their status is changed from “Active” to “Late” on the dashboard. Also, the patient receives an automated email requesting that they update their billing information. Without any additional effort from your staff, DentalHQ runs the patient’s bank account information for the next month, and reverts the patient's status when payment is received.

dentalhq payment dashboard

DentalHQ is also equipped with an auto-renewal feature. If activated, DentalHQ will continue charging patients for membership fees until they cancel. Per HIPAA regulations, DentalHQ automatically sends your patients an email alerting them of approaching renewal dates.

Guaranteed Payment Options

DentalHQ is fully integrated with Varidi, a cloud-based payment management system, so you can offer in-house payment plans along with your memberships to boost your case acceptance rate. Using Varidi is mutually beneficial for you and your patient:

  • You receive payments in full from patients when they do not pay
  • Patients have the option to join a payment plan, so they can accept treatment they would otherwise not be able to afford

Varidi offers a 100% approval rate for a payment guarantee for up to $2,500 with no credit check. Varidi charges you a merchant fee, and your patients are charged between 5%-18% of treatment costs.


DentalHQ allows you to connect with small businesses, so they can offer your membership plans to their employees as a HR perk. You can tailor plans to fit the needs of the business. Businesses can cover the entire plan, or subsidize a portion of the cost for their employees. You can email businesses and employees a unique sign-up link directly in the dashboard.

dentalhq business connect


With DentalHQ, you can offer your membership plans to local communities like church groups, sports clubs, and retirement homes. By reaching out to large organizations rather than focusing on individual patient acquisition, you have a higher chance of gaining new members to your practice. CommunityConnect™ allows you to give back to charitable organizations that join your practice, and you can tailor discounts to each group as you see fit.

Support Team

DentalHQ’s support team helps you optimize your membership program by helping you and your staff maximize the value of the software, resolving issues and questions, and monitoring your progress.

  • On-boarding: DentalHQ offers training and demos to help get your staff up to speed. DentalHQ also uses a proprietary algorithm to help you decide the best price for your membership plans.
  • Software Issues and Questions: Support agents can help you with all processes in DentalHQ, including membership refunds and data entry. DentalHQ also has a webchat integrated into its platform, so you can talk to DentalHQ agents without leaving the dashboard.
  • Customer Success: DentalHQ will follow up after you subscribe to their software. They analyze your progress, and offer advice to gain memberships & use the software optimally.


DentalHQ is equipped with reporting features that helps users organize and analyze their practice’s data. Here are some of the reports that you can generate in DentalHQ:

  • Payment history
  • Monthly payment ledgers
  • Monthly patient payments minus management & merchant fees
  • Patients approaching renewal dates


DentalHQ offers a variety of marketing support to help you improve the visibility of your practice. Here are some marketing tasks you can execute using DentalHQ:

  • Create white-labeled marketing materials
  • Offer in-office take home cards. Unlimited refill for one-time payment of $199
  • Conduct email campaigns using DentalHQ’s email templates
  • Conduct digital patient acquisition campaigns with customized landing pages
  • Send custom mailers and door-drop flyers to targeted areas and demographics

Is DentalHQ Right For You?

DentalHQ’s dental membership management platform is trusted by thousands of practices nationwide. DentalHQ allows you to create and manage personalized membership plans that you offer directly to your patients. It differentiates itself from other solutions with its variety of nice-to-have features like in-house payment plan support, custom marketing services, BusinessConnect™, and CommunityConnect™.

The biggest consideration for dental membership management software is whether the value outweighs the cost. Customers of DentalHQ see an uptick in their plan’s members, a much higher renewal rate, and saved time. If you’re in the market for a membership management platform, and prefer pricing that is structured as a percentage of membership fees, then DentalHQ is highly recommended.

If you're interested, you can enroll with DentalHQ for free. Click here to get started.

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