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Best Dental Blogs 2021

We've created a list of our favorite blogs who are actively producing original content in 2021.

We enjoy reading blogs to read the thoughts of industry leaders. Since blog posts stay online indefinitely, we especially like reading all posts by a specific author to understand how their thoughts have evolved throughout time, and to understand the ups and downs that they've faced throughout their career.

We've created a list of our favorite blogs who are actively producing original content in 2021.

The Dental Warrior by Dr. Michael Barr

The Dental Warrior is a popular blog run by Dr. Michael Barr, who owns a private practice in Florida, and who is also an active member of the Dentaltown community. The blog includes many posts relevant to solo dentistry and dental practice marketing, but it also touches on a variety of other topics, including politics and the NRA. We appreciate that Dr. Barr doesn't always agree with popular opinion, and isn't afraid to stir the pot with some well-articulated reasoning. You may not always agree with his opinion, but at a minimum, he'll make you rethink your perspective.

Post Frequencyonce a month
Favorite PostsSaved Another Dentist From the Bus, Dissecting a Dental Ad

Go Ask Fred

Go Ask Fred is run by Fred Joyal, a renowned speaker on dental practice marketing, and founder of 1-800-DENTIST. Though Fred isn't a practitioner himself, he has extensive experience in the dental industry, and is one of the leading experts in dental marketing. Topics on Go Ask Fred are typically focused on dental practice marketing, but also include general business advice that can be applicable for private practices. Though he only posts about once a month, his posts are always very thorough, and typically contain actionable advice that you can immediately apply.

My Social Practice

My Social Practice is a dental social media marketing company that actively maintains a blog with helpful, actionable wisdom to help dental practices improve their social media presence. This is one of the best dental marketing resources, and contains a wealth of free information, especially pertaining to social marketing. My Social Practice publishes new content roughly 4 times per week on their blog, making it a must-follow for any dental practice looking to increase their online presence.

New Dentist Now (by the ADA)

New Dentist Now is a blog that provides articles specifically for new dentists (dentists who graduated from dental school at most 10 years ago). Any topic relevant to new dentists is fair game on New Dentist Now. Unlike most of the other blogs we've listed, which are primarily run by one or a few contributors, New Dentist Now accepts submissions from virtually any dental professional. The benefit to this is that you gain access to more content that covers more topics. However, we think there's also a benefit to reading many posts by the same author, so that you can really understand their thought process and follow their progression as the author grows in their career. This is a bit tough to do just by reading a single blog post from an author.

Mouthing Off: The Blog of the American Student Dental Association

Mouthing Off is the official blog of the ASDA. Most contributions are from dental students, but there are also some posts from practicing dentists and industry experts. Any topic relevant to life as a dental student, and a career in dentistry is fair game. Post topics range from advice for succeeding in the DAT, to advice for time management as a busy dental student. Mouthing Off is a must-read for any current or aspiring dental student.

Post Frequency3-4 times per week, with various contributors
Favorite PostsMeal hacks for the frugal dental student, Applying to dental school as an international dentist

Ask Dr. Spindel

Ask Dr. Spindel is a blog run by Dr. Lawrence Spindel, who is a private practitioner located in NYC. Ask Dr. Spindel helps educate patients about dentistry, and provides advice to help improve their dental health. Dr. Spindel has been maintaining his blog since 2005, and his blog posts frequently address common questions that he gets asked by his patients. Ask Dr. Spindel is another example of how blogging can be a powerful marketing tool to promote your private practice.

Seasons of Smiles Dental Blog

The Seasons of Smiles Dental Blog is a particularly impressive example of a small private practice taking the time to create original content to engage their current patients and attract new ones. Seasons of Smiles is a small private practice in Maine with a single doctor (Dr. Norman Medina). The majority of posts are written by Seasons of Smiles staff and Dr. Medina himself, but occasionally there are guest posts from outside contributors. Topics range from practice management advice to dental advice for patients. The blog is an excellent example of how blogging can be a powerful tool for building your practice's online presence.

Post Frequencyvaries, about once a week
Favorite PostsWhen Crest Whitestrips are a Mistake, Sweet Tooth Obsession & Its Impact on Oral & Systemic Health
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