Best Dental Websites

Discover great dental websites that are utilizing modern dental software to help grow their practices.

It's no secret that a great dental website is a key component to building a successful modern practice. A good website raises awareness of your practice, informs potential customers about your dental services, and streamlines important business processes including new patient acquisition. According to LocalMed, 81% of today's patients want to schedule appointments online, and 38% make appointments when dental offices are closed.

This search data from Google clearly shows a growing demand for patients searching for dentists online:

The 12 Features of Top Dental Websites

To determine the best dental websites, we used the following 12 criteria:

  1. Does the website load quickly?
  2. Is the website mobile responsive?
  3. Does the website have a clean design without unnecessary information or features?
  4. Does the website tell the story of the dental practice's brand?
  5. Does the website clearly display the dental services and payment options offered by the practice?
  6. Is there a primary call-to-action (e.g. book appointment) that is consistently displayed throughout the website?
  7. Can patients book appointments online?
  8. Can patients complete intake forms and other forms through the website?
  9. Can patients complete payments through the website?
  10. Does the website offer online chat?
  11. Is there an up-to-date blog that builds thought leadership and SEO?
  12. Can patients sign up for an email newsletter to stay in touch with the practice?

The Best Dental Websites

The team at SoftwarePundit searched across the Internet to identify the dental practices embracing advanced technology to create top dental websites. The following websites check the box on most, if not all, of the 12 features listed above. For each, we'll show you the homepage and highlight one standout feature along with an explanation of why it is so valuable.


CarolinasDentist is a local dental practice with five convenient locations across North Carolina. CarolinasDentist offers many different dental services, ranging all the way from cavity prevention to dramatic smile makeovers.

CarolinasDentist Homepage

CarolinasDentist Website

Standout Feature
CarolinasDentist uses Yapi to enable the online completion of new patient forms for all five of its locations. The nine documents can be completed in English, Spanish and French.

CarolinasDentist Yapi

SoftwarePundit Takeaways

  • Desktop PageSpeed Score: 80/100.
  • The site is mobile responsive, includes live chat, online appointment scheduling, the ability to pay online, and a blog.
  • Future opportunities for the website include having the primary call-to-action always remain on screen, and an email newsletter.

Allegra Dental Center

At Allegra Dental Center, Dr. Nana Dickson offers patients in and around Fairfax, VA, Annandale, VA and the surrounding Merrifield area with the general, cosmetic, and preventative dental treatments they need. Dr. Dickson works with patients of all ages and provides services such as family dentistry, preventive dental care, wisdom teeth extraction and oral surgery, root canal therapy, teeth whitening, the application of Invisalign®, crowns, bridges, fillings, and veneers, and the installation and repair of dental implants.

Allegra Dental Center Homepage

allegra dental center

Standout Feature
The Allegra Dental Center's website is extremely fast. On desktop, it scores a 98/100 in Google's PageSpeed Insights test. It scores a 73/100 on mobile. Page speed is a critical component of the patient experience, and ensures that the website will perform well for search engine optimization (SEO).

Allegra PageSpeed Insights

SoftwarePundit Takeaways

  • Desktop PageSpeed Score: 98/100.
  • The website is mobile responsive and has a very clean design.
  • The primary call-to-action of "Book Online" is at the top of each page of the desktop and mobile versions of the website.
  • The website also includes online appointment scheduling, the ability to pay online, and is translated in 6 languages.
  • In the future, the site can benefit from more current content on its blog.

The Super Dentists

The Super Dentists are a top pediatric dental practice in San Diego. The Tooth Keri (Dr. Nazli Keri) and Dr. HaveOneSuperSmile (Dr. Kami Hoss) gathered a team of exceptional pediatric dentists, orthodontists and a super crew to fight cavities and crooked teeth. Their offices in Carmel Valley, Chula Vista, Eastlake, Kearny Mesa and Oceanside include theme-park designed lounges.

The Super Dentists Homepage

the super dentists

Standout Feature
The Super Dentists' website has tremendous branding. This practice specializes in pediatric services, which is overwhelming clear the minute you view its website. The website's branding is an extension of the overall practice's branding, which includes theme-park designed lounges and a Super Kid Club where kids can play games and win prizes. The website even includes a Fun Videos section.

The Super Dentists fun videos

SoftwarePundit Takeaways

  • Desktop PageSpeed Score: 31/100.
  • The website also includes online scheduling, chat, and a clear call-to-action of "Book an Appointment" that persists in the header across all pages.
  • In the future, the company can work on improving its website's speed to ensure a strong user experience on desktop and mobile.

Printers Row Dental Studio

Printers Row Dental Studio is the premier office for people seeking high-quality, comprehensive dentistry in the Loop and South Loop. Dr. Kaori Ema offers a full range of preventative, specialty and emergency services, which are clearly listed on the practice's website. The practice also offers a membership program to give patients access to the dental care they need without needing insurance.

Printers Row Dental Studio Homepage

printersrow dental studio

Standout Feature
Printers Row Dental Studio makes it easy for patients to complete payments online. Patients can use the secure portal to complete payments using all four major credit cards.

Printers Row Dental Studio Payments

SoftwarePundit Takeaways

  • Desktop PageSpeed Score: 73/100.
  • Printers Row Dental Studio does a great job leading with a clear, bright picture and its tag-line "Elevate Your Smile". This branding is supported by helpful before and after photos of past patients that demonstrate the quality of dental work done at the practice.
  • The site also offers online scheduling, online payment and online intake forms.
  • In the future, there is an opportunity to ensure the blog is filled with recent content to help build domain authority and win traffic through SEO.

Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

The Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is a leading dental spa that is built around creating a positive patient experience, from start to finish. The practice offers cosmetic, restorative and preventative services, and displays a gallery of before and after pictures of previous patients on its website.

Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry Homepage

Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

Standout Feature
The website's online scheduling functionality is seamlessly integrated into the website. Many other websites require the user to navigate away from the actual website to book an appointment.

LocalMed online scheduling

SoftwarePundit Takeaways

  • Desktop PageSpeed Score: 81/100.
  • The elevated branding of the website matches the services it provides and the type of patients it targets. The branding flows through the website's design and high-definition welcome video featured on the homepage.
  • Through the website, patients can book appointments, and complete paperless forms.
  • The website has a clear call-to-action that persists in the header across all pages, and a blog section.
  • Future opportunities for the website are online chat, and payment functionality.

Software Vendors Used in Dental Websites

There are a few software tools that are used by many of the websites in this list. Here's some of the best software these dental practices use:

  • LocalMed: Used for online appointment scheduling. Visit LocalMed's website or read SoftwarePundit's full review.
  • Yapi: Used for paperless patient forms. Visit Yapi's website or read SoftwarePundit's full review.
  • IntakeQ: Additional software solution for paperless intake forms. Visit IntakeQ's website or read SoftwarePundit's full review.
  • Dentrix: Popular dental practice management software that is used by websites for online payments. Visit Dentrix's website or read SoftwarePundit's full review.
  • Online chat: Common online chat tools include Facebook Messenger, Podium, and Swell.
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