IntakeQ Review, Pricing & Features: Best Patient Intake Point Solution and Much More

IntakeQ Review, Pricing & Features: Best Patient Intake Point Solution and Much More

IntakeQ has the best paperless patient intake solution on the market, which is sold as its Forms Only product. In addition, IntakeQ's full product is a competitive practice management system for smaller, cash-based medical practices.


  • Most effective, HIPAA-compliant paperless intake system to reduce paperwork and save time
  • Offers services to build your digital forms from scratch for $9 each
  • Full plan includes appointment management, online payments, telehealth and a secure client portal


  • IntakeQ relies on Office Ally to process insurance claims
  • Full product suite does not yet include a mobile application
  • IntakeQ is a general solution focused on delivering value for many verticals
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What is IntakeQ?

IntakeQ is web-based software for paperless patient intake. Its HIPAA-compliant intake forms eliminate paperwork and save time for patients and practitioners. Over 2,000 practices in mental health, physical therapy, general medicine, and other verticals use the software today. More recently, IntakeQ has developed additional features like appointment management, online payments, and a client portal that help it compete directly with leading practice management systems.

IntakeQ Pricing & Cost

IntakeQ pricing ranges from $50 to $60 per month for a single clinician, depending on the features you need. All plans include a free trial and are month-to-month.

  • The Forms Only plan for paperless intake starts at $49.90 per month, plus $20 per month per additional practitioner.
  • The Full Package, which includes appointment management, online payments and a client portal, starts at $59.90 per month.
  • IntakeQ can create your forms for $9 per form up to 10 pages, and $2 per page thereafter.

Start a free 14 day trial with IntakeQ.

Table of Contents

Full Review: IntakeQ Patient Intake Forms and Much More

IntakeQ was started in 2014 by Cassio Mosqueira. At the time, Cassio observed how inefficient the typical patient intake process was for practitioners in mental health, physical therapy, general medicine, and other verticals. In response, Cassio and his team developed an easy-to-use, web-based platform that fully eliminates paper intake. Today, this HIPAA compliant solution is sold as IntakeQ's Forms Only product. In the past 3 years, the business has grown from around 500 clients to over 2,000. The growth rate of IntakeQ continues to accelerate, and it is expanding outside its original Forms Only offering.

In addition to Forms Only, IntakeQ now offers its Full Package, which includes appointment management, online payments, a secure client portal, and a newly released invoicing feature. This practice management solution is gaining traction with smaller, cash-based practitioners. Often times, these practitioners purchase IntakeQ's Full Package as a single replacement for several disparate systems. For this segment of customers, IntakeQ's Full Package is a quality solution at an attractive price.

We strongly recommend IntakeQ's Forms Only Package to any practice that is in the market for a paperless intake solution. Additionally, if you are a smaller, cash-only practice, we recommend the free trial of IntakeQ's Full Package.

IntakeQ Key Features by Package

Below, we'll discuss IntakeQ's key features in both packages, and how they would benefit your business. We'll also share some photos of the actual product to give you a sense of its design and architecture.

Forms Only Package

IntakeQ entered the market in 2014 with its Forms Only package, which remains its most popular today. Over 2,000 businesses are now actively using IntakeQ to manage their intake workflows. Below is a walk-through of the steps a customer takes to get started using IntakeQ along with highlights of the Forms Only package.

Creating Forms

The first step in using IntakeQ is creating your forms. While IntakeQ provides the ability to create forms yourself from pre-built templates, roughly 90% of their customers partner with IntakeQ to create their forms for a small fee. To create your own custom forms in the system, IntakeQ charges a one-time fee of $9 per form up to 10 pages, and $2 per page thereafter. The turn-around time to get this done is 2-3 days and the forms can be custom branded with your logo and design.

Below is a view of how you would edit IntakeQ's pre-built counseling intake template. It is extremely easy to reorder any of the 47 questions, change the question type or edit any individual question elements. You can also create "office use only" questions that only your team can see and answer.

IntakeQ Counseling Intake Form

You are not limited to intake forms. The system easily works with assessments, anonymous surveys, consent forms, agreements, and legal documents that require e-signatures. Almost any form you can imagine can be built inside the platform. Inside of forms, you are also able to select which fields are required and which are optional. The system also allows clients to upload any required documents alongside a form.

Sharing Forms with Your Clients to Complete

After your forms are built, the next step is figuring out how you'd like to share them with your clients. IntakeQ offers three HIPAA-compliant options for distributing your forms: via email, a URL link, or an app on an iPhone or iPad in your office. You have the option to use one or all of these methods to distribute your forms. Clients can access the forms on any internet-connected device.

Here is how you would share a form with a client via email. Note that the email copy is customizable and you can send the email from a branded domain.

IntakeQ how to send intake form

As clients enter information into the forms, it is auto-saved, so there is no worry of entered information being lost. IntakeQ also offers a convenient appointment reminder opt-in. This tool allows your clients to opt-into receiving an email, text message or phone call when completing a form. IntakeQ will automatically send the reminder without any additional work required by your team.

Having access to IntakeQ on an iPhone or iPad in your office is particularly valuable, as clients can access and edit any forms that they might have already started. This means that any client who has to edit or finish an existing form in your office no longer has to start from scratch.

Managing Forms

You will receive an alert any time that a client completes an intake form. You or your team member can then easily review the provided information to make sure that it is accurate and complete. Any corresponding agreements or documents will be attached. If interested, you can also access reports with analysis of aggregated information of completed forms.

IntakeQ hosts all of your forms in a fully compliant way, and they will never delete them without your permission. You can export your forms from the system as a PDF or CSV file. If your business runs on G Suite, you can also automatically export your forms to Google Drive. A Dropbox integration is also available.

Full Package

IntakeQ's Full Package is not built to compete with high-end EMR systems. Rather, it is built for smaller, cash-based practices that are currently using disparate systems for billing, charting, scheduling, and patient communication. Below are the additional features available to those who purchase the Full Package.

Plans & Notes

IntakeQ's robust forms engine is capable of creating a form that mimics any plans, notes or charts that you currently use. IntakeQ does not offer a full library of standard templates for these types of forms, you can either create them yourself, or work with the company to create them for an additional cost. These notes come with advanced features such as voice recognition and transcription, which you can see below.

IntakeQ voice recognition

Appointment Management

IntakeQ offers a booking widget that makes it easy for clients to schedule appointments. The booking widget can be embedded on any website and works on any device. It has options for:

  • Custom fields
  • Family and couple appointments
  • Appointment packages
  • Recurring appointments
  • Custom cancellation policies

All appointments can be viewed and edited on the tool's well-designed calendar. To reduce no-shows, IntakeQ offers appointment reminders. You are able to customize your message and send it over SMS, voice or email for no extra charge. Keep in mind that many alternative solutions do charge an extra fee for these SMS or voice reminders.

IntakeQ appointment reminder feature

Online Payments

IntakeQ allows you to record and store credit card information through partnerships with Stripe and Square. You can process a transaction on the client's credit card through the corresponding appointment. A new feature is the ability to create invoices directly in IntakeQ. IntakeQ has an integration with Office Ally for the submission of insurance claims, plus you are able to print or send superbills directly to your clients.

Client Portal

IntakeQ's HIPAA-compliant messaging portal allows clients to book appointments, and for you to share messages and documents with your clients. This includes intake forms, treatment notes and any other form you would like. Here's what the company's messaging interface looks like:

IntakeQ secure messaging tool

IntakeQ API & Integrations

IntakeQ offers a REST API that can access HTTP endpoints. You can also set up a webhook to fire when a client completes an intake package. The primary available methods are:

  • Query Intake Forms
  • Download Intake PDF
  • Get Full Intake
  • List Questionnaire Templates
  • Send Questionnaire
  • Update Office Use Questions
  • List Practitioners
  • Client Methods
  • Submission Webhook

IntakeQ has developed integrations with RevolutionEHR and OfficeAlly.

Recently Launched Features

IntakeQ has recently launched valuable features:

  • Telehealth: IntakeQ added HIPAA-compliant telehealth for $10 per practitioner per month. This can be used for 1-on-1 sessions on all major browsers.
  • Task Automation: IntakeQ now allows you to create process templates that automatically create tasks for specific processes. For example, when a new client books an initial consultation, you can automatically create tasks to check their insurance eligibility, review their intake form, and create a session note after their appointment.
  • Zoom Integration: With IntakeQ, you can schedule telehealth video sessions using the Zoom video conferencing platform.

Is IntakeQ right for you?

IntakeQ's Forms Only Package is the best option on the market for paperless client intake and comes highly recommended. Additionally, if you are a more streamlined, cash-based practice in the market for a management system, then we also recommend IntakeQ's Full Package. While it lacks some of the advanced features found in other solutions, it is a super-intuitive, lightweight platform that is adding meaningful new features each quarter.

To test either IntakeQ package, sign up for a free 14 day trial here.

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