TheraNest Review, Pricing & Features: Best Practice Management System with Per-Client Pricing

TheraNest Review, Pricing & Features: Best Practice Management System with Per-Client Pricing

Web-based practice management software for all practitioners including social workers, psychologists, and counselors.


  • Covers all major basic and advanced features including telehealth, and Wiley Practice Planners
  • Wiley Practice Planner subscription includes both Wiley Treatment Planners and Wiley Progress Note Planners with access to over 1,000 pre-written treatments, goals and objectives
  • Option to bulk upload an excel file of multiple clients at once


  • Custom forms not fully integrated with other parts of the system
  • Expensive for practices with high volume of clients due to pricing model
  • Scheduling interface slightly confusing for clients
  • Doesn't support eligibility requests

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TheraNest Pricing & Cost

TheraNest is priced based upon the number of active clients you have:

  • $38 per month for up to 30 active clients
  • $58 per month for up to 50 active clients
  • $108 per month for up to 100 active clients

A few of TheraNest's features come at an additional cost:

  • Wiley Practice Planners for $25 per therapist per month
  • Client portal for $6 per therapist per month
  • Telehealth for $10 per therapist per month
  • Electronic claims: $0.23 each
  • Text reminders are $0.02 and voice reminders are $0.05
  • Credit card processing: 2.85% + 27¢ per transaction

Cancellation: You can cancel at any time directly through the online subscription section.

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Full Review: TheraNest Practice Management Software for Behavioral Health

Launched in 2013, TheraNest is a web-based practice management software for behavioral health that is used by thousands of therapists. It is designed for all practitioners including social workers, psychologists, and counselors. While relatively new, TheraNest offers a very complete set of basic and advanced features, and is definitely worth evaluating in your search for a new system.

In addition to the basics, TheraNest includes advanced functionality, such as Wiley Practice Planners, a robust client portal and HIPAA-compliant telehealth. These valuable features are not offered in most newer solutions. The time-saving Wiley Practice Planner subscription includes both Wiley Treatment Planners and Wiley Progress Note Planners with access to over 1,000 pre-written treatments, goals and objectives. The client portal allows patients to fill out intake forms, adding billing information and schedule appointments. In our tests, the client portal was more intuitive and professional looking than alternatives. Finally, the telehealth functionality is nicely integrated into the system, making it easy to start full-screen video calls directly from the calendar.

In addition to what is already included, TheraNest is actively launching new features to continue improving its platform. To see the latest updates, you can visit the TheraNest change log. Some of the most recent improvements include allowing you to store a client's insurance history and an update that makes it easier for you to manage and process claims and ERAs. The company has released 12 new changes in the past 6 months, which is a great signal of company health.

Key Features

Below, we'll discuss some of the key features of TheraNest, and how they benefit your mental health practice. We also include images of the software so you can get a sense for its look and feel.

Client Intake

With TheraNest, you can intake a new client by entering their first and last names. Once their profile is created, it is simple to add more information such as their demographics, insurance details, and their assigned staff member. Patients are also able to add new information using the client portal and execute their intake forms. One time-saving feature that will benefit new TheraNest customers is the ability to bulk upload an excel file of multiple clients at once, which you can see in the example below.

TheraNest Client Upload


TheraNest allows you to schedule new appointments and view all appointments in a single calendar view. Each appointment records the patient, service type, staff member, location, room, and custom notes. You can filter appointments based upon any of this information, and also sync your TheraNest calendar with Google or Apple. Here is a view of the creation of a new appointment.

TheraNest Appointment

Patients will automatically receive emails when an appointment is created. Another value-add feature, email appointment reminders, are free to set up and use. You can also experiment with text reminders for $0.02 and voice reminders for $0.05 each.

Online Patient Portal

TheraNest offers an online patient portal that works on any device. The portal is intuitive and more professional looking than alternatives. This time-saving feature makes it easy for patients to:

  • Upload intake forms
  • Update demographic and insurance information
  • Schedule appointments based on actual availability
  • Send secure messages and share files
  • Make credit card payments (there is a processing fee of 2.69% + $0.30)

This is what a patient will see when viewing the appointment section of the portal. In speaking with TheraNest customers, we did hear that the scheduling interface can be a bit tricky for some clients to interpret (e.g. what blocks of time are available vs. already reserved):

TheraNest Patient Portal

Plans and Notes

TheraNest is one of the only practice management systems that offers Wiley Practice Planners. This $25 subscription includes both Wiley Treatment Planners and Wiley Progress Note Planners with templates included for initial assessments, treatment plans, progress notes, and discharge summaries. These templates come with ready-to-select DSM-5 diagnostic codes and over 1,000 pre-written sentences.

In addition to these standard templates, TheraNest also allows you to create custom notes that work best for your practice. You can approve, sign, and co-sign these notes directly within the system. Finally, the TheraNest makes it easy to create and print PDFs of notes for clients. Here is a screenshot of the custom form editor:

TheraNest Form Editor

Billing and Invoicing

TheraNest provides a full range of billing and invoicing options that will assist your practice in capturing revenue. Billing is simple in TheraNest for both self-pay and insurance clients. Generate statements for client payment, superbills for third-party payers, and insurance claims to submit electronically (or quickly print CMS 1500 forms). TheraNest also offers a time-saving batch invoicing feature that allows you to invoice for all unbilled appointments. If you have set up electronic claims processing through TheraNest, you can also leverage batching. TheraNest has partnered with Apex EDI to provide its clearinghouse service.


TheraNest offers HIPAA compliant telehealth, which allows clinicians to schedule and hold telehealth sessions with clients. For clients, there is no download, password or log-in required. You can also do group telehealth with up to 6 patients. Here is a look at the telehealth interface, which can easily expand to fill your full computer monitor.

TheraNest Telehealth


TheraNest offers 31 reports in six categories that can help you to monitor and improve your practice's operational efficiency. All reports can be exported as CSV or PDF files:

  • Appointments
  • Billing
  • Cases and Notes
  • Clients
  • Demographics
  • Referrals
Below is a view of all standard available reports.
TheraNest Reports

TheraNest Alternatives & Competitors

TheraNest's primary competitors are:

  • SimplePractice
  • TherapyNotes
  • TherapyAppointment
  • Luminello

Is TheraNest right for you?

TheraNest is one of the most popular options in the market, and for good reason. It offers a complete set of features in a modern, easy-to-use interface that you can access from any device. Most of the other solutions are either lacking features or more painful to use on a day-to-day basis. In addition, the team is actively improving the platform to make it increasingly valuable for their customers. It is important to keep in mind that TheraNest charges based upon your number of active clients, and not the size of your team using the system. If you prefer that pricing model, then we strongly recommend taking advantage of TheraNest's free 21-day trial.

Interview with TheraNest Customer Farah VanGenderen

SoftwarePundit recently spoke with Farah VanGenderen from ReConnections Theraputic Services to hear about her experience using TheraNest practice management software. Read here to learn why she chose TheraNest and the feature that saves her the most time.

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