TherapyAppointment Review: Best Practice Management System for New Practices on a Budget

TherapyAppointment Review: Best Practice Management System for New Practices on a Budget

TherapyAppointment 2.0 is a good entry-level practice management system with a complete set of basic features including client intake, appointments & scheduling, plans & forms, a client portal and billing & invoicing. Starting at $10 per month, there is no better entry system for brand new practices on a budget.


  • Comes with a complete set of practice management features including a strong client portal
  • The company recently released a brand new 2.0 version of the software with an improved user-interface
  • Great entry package: Prices start at $10 per month for up to 10 monthly appointments


  • Does not offer more advanced features found in more complex solutions
  • Could be difficult to scale with as your practice grows
  • Their basic forms have not yet been updated for their 2.0 product
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TherapyAppointment Pricing & Cost

For individuals, TherapyAppointment is priced based upon your number of monthly appointments.

  • 10 or less appointments: $10/month
  • Up to 39 appointments: $39/month
  • Unlimited appointments: $59/month

For groups, TherapyAppointment offers unlimited appointments and costs:

  • $59/month for the first provider
  • $39 for each additional provider

Additional costs include:

  • Insurance claims processing: $35 per therapist or $0.19 each
  • Credit card processing: contact TSYS for details

Table of Contents

Full Review: TherapyAppointment EMR Software for Therapists

TherapyAppointment is a cloud-based practice management system founded in 2005 by Dr. Whitehead, a clinical psychologist who struggled for years with the existing practice management systems. He built the system for his own practice, and only officially started TherapyAppointment when his peers asked him to use it in their practices. Fast forward to today, and TherapyAppointment is used by over 16,000 therapists. The company is based in Asheville, North Carolina.

TherapyAppointment is in the process of launching a whole new version of their software, which they refer to as TA2.0. Software Pundit wrote this review based on this new version of the software. If you're interested, here is an announcement from the company stating that existing customers are now able to register for migration to the TA2.0 solution. While relatively basic, TA2.0 has a full set of features and an intuitive user-interface. It only takes minutes to set up your account, and the system includes client intake, appointments & scheduling, a relatively robust client portal, billing, and basic customizable forms.

Overall, TherapyAppointment 2.0 is a complete practice management system that is ideal for new or part-time practices. You will not find another option in the market with this much functionality for $10 per month.

Key Features

Below, we'll discuss some of the key features of TherapyAppointment, and how they benefit your mental health practice. We have also included images to give you a sense of the look and feel of the software.

Client Intake

To create a new client in the system, you enter their name and contact information.

TherapyAppointment Adding Client

Once the profile has been created in your account, you can add additional demographic information, and assign a clinician. You can see the client's message history, see previous and upcoming appointments, view and download records, add client primary and secondary insurance, and see all of the patient's documents and forms.

Here is what it looks like to add a patient's insurance information in TherapyAppointment:

TherapyAppointment Client Insurance

Appointments & Scheduling

TherapyAppointment has a well-designed calendar view from which you can create new appointments or meetings with one click. Each appointment contains the patient, date, time, location, clinician and CPT code. As you can see below, the interface conveniently shows the day's appointments to ensure that you do not double book yourself and can optimize your schedule around other appointments. The system also has the ability to store your available hours to ensure that you only schedule appointments when appropriate, and TherapyAppointment does not charge for appointment reminders.

TherapyAppointment Appointment Feature

Once created, you easily drag appointments around on the calendar interface to adjust their date and time. The calendar has a day, week, and month view. You can also edit and update appointments directly in this view. One helpful feature is the ability to color-code appointments for: Appointment, Charted and Locked, Claim Created, Payment w/o Locked Chart, Cancelled, and Meeting. Finally, TherapyAppointment offers 1-way sync with iCal and 2-way sync with Google Calendar. Here's an example calendar view:

TherapyAppointment Calendar

Online Patient Portal

TherapyAppointment's portal is above average in terms of functionality. In the portal, clients can provide insurance and credit card information, create, view and reschedule appointments, see their current payment balance, send and receive messages, see their account history, and view and sign documents. Here is a view of this convenient client portal:

TherapyAppointment Client Portal

Plans and Notes

TherapyAppointment offers a basic editor to create new, simple forms from scratch. The editor is allows you to use text, bullets and lists to create forms and notes. However, TherapyAppointment has very clearly said that the 2.0 release of their forms is on the way. In the future, the company says that you will have access to a library of more complex templates with integrated ICD-10 codes. We'll keep an eye out for this new release.

TherapyAppointment Client Portal

Billing and Invoicing

TherapyAppointment allows you to take insurance, cash, check, and credit card payments. For insurance claims, they partner with Office Ally, which does cost extra. The system has a database of payers along with associated information to make it easier to add them to your account. Clients are able to make credit card payments through the client portal, and you can accept and log cash and check payments in person. In the billing section of the system, you can see insurance problems, oldest open balances, oldest credits due, and see account statements.

TherapyAppointment Alternatives & Competitors

TherapyAppointment's primary competitors are:

  • SimplePractice
  • TheraNest
  • TherapyNotes
  • Luminello

Is TherapyAppointment right for you?

While relatively basic, TA2.0 has a full set of features and an intuitive user-interface. The system includes client intake, appointments & scheduling, a relatively robust client portal, billing, and basic customizable forms. If you are a new or small practice looking for a simple, but complete solution, then TherapyAppointment is worth considering. If you are just starting your practice and have a tight budget, then the $10 per month entry package is a fantastic option. You will not find another solution in the market with that much functionality for $10 per month.

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