Mend Review, Pricing & Features

Mend Review, Pricing & Features

Mend is a telehealth and engagement platform used by thousands of healthcare providers to conduct telehealth appointments.


  • Entire platform can be customized to your practice's specifications & workflows
  • Provides instant technical support to both patients and providers within 15 seconds to help ensure that visits happen
  • Supports group telehealth appointments


  • EHR integration only available with Pro Telehealth Plan
  • Payment processing requires you to sign up for an account
  • Implementation with some EHRs can take up to 5 weeks
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What Is Mend?

Mend is a telehealth and patient engagement platform used by thousands of healthcare providers to conduct telehealth appointments. Its HIPAA compliant video conferencing module is integrated with several features like online forms and appointment reminders that are more commonly found in practice management systems and patient communication software. Other Mend features include appointment scheduling, group telehealth appointments, a secure messaging inbox, and exceptional customer support. Mend is integrated with over 100 EHR and practice management systems.

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Full Review: Mend

Mend was founded in 2014 by CEO Matt McBride. Today, the company serves thousands of healthcare providers that use the platform for over 20 million minutes per month. The company is based in Orlando, Florida and has over 35 employees.

The Mend platform includes a telehealth module surrounded by several other valuable components. This includes appointment scheduling, calendar management, appointment reminders, online agreements & forms, payment processing, a secure messaging inbox and reporting.

In addition, the company offers exceptional customer support that responds to requests from your team and patients within 15 seconds. If you and your staff are currently providing technical support to patients, experiencing poor quality video, poor workflows, or missed visits, then Mend is a solution to strongly consider.

Mend offers three products – Mend FREE, Mend NOW and Mend PRO. Mend FREE allows healthcare providers to use Mend's most popular telehealth features for free. Mend NOW is the lightweight telehealth platform built for healthcare providers that need to get set up with custom branding, smart patient alerts and more immediately. Both of these products compete with telemedicine solutions like and practice management systems like SimplePractice that also support telehealth. Mend PRO is Mend's premium product that offers a full suite of customized features, including a custom implementation and integration with your EHR or PMS. Mend PRO is a uniquely valuable solution for larger practices that want a bespoke telehealth platform.

Mend Pricing & Cost

Here's an overview of Mend telemedicine pricing:

  • Mend FREE is totally free with no fees
  • Mend NOW starts at $14 per month for one provider
  • Mend PRO starts at $99 per month for one provider
  • Some add-ons come at an extra cost
  • Payments through have a processing fee

Mend Features

Below, we'll discuss the key features of Mend, and how they can be used for telemedicine. We'll also share some photos of the actual product to give you a sense of its design and layout.

Appointment Scheduling

There are multiple ways to create a new appointment in the Mend platform. The best workflow for appointment scheduling is Mend's Instant Virtual Exam Room feature. This workflow was designed to allow patients to enter their information, and prevent your team from doing duplicative work.

To schedule an appointment using this feature, you simply need a patient's name, email or phone number. This works for new and existing patients.

Mend instant virtual exam room

After you complete the form, the patient will receive a message with a link that they can click to enter their patient information and confirm the appointment. The patient can also test their device's camera, internet connection & audio to ensure a smooth telemedicine appointment.

Mend appointment confirmation email

For emergency appointments, you can use Mend's Ad-Hoc video feature. These appointments only require that you enter a patient's phone or email address to immediately launch an appointment.

Appointment Calendar

All telehealth appointments are maintained on a calendar for each individual provider. This schedule can be visualized in a calendar view or a list view. The calendar view provides a visual overview of your appointments for a day, week, or month.

Mend provider calendar

In the list view, providers can see their past appointments, current appointments, and future appointments. From this dashboard you can modify appointments, text patients, mark patients as no-shows, and view appointment & patient information.

Online Agreements & Forms

When patients are added to your Mend account, they're sent a message that prompts them to create an account with Mend and complete the necessary legal agreements. This ensures that patients will sign consent forms for electronic agreements & telehealth, the Mend terms of use, and text & email consent. Having patients complete their own digital consents allows your team to operate more efficiently.

Mend patient form agreement

Mend comes with a set of pre-built agreements that are customizable. The Mend platform includes an editor that is simple to use without any coding required. You can also use the editor to create brand new agreements for your practice.

Mend legal forms editor

Mend Pro offers the ability to have customizable forms that can be sent to patients to enter information ahead of appointments and to complete assessments. The Mend platform can handle complicated workflows such as multi-contributor assessments and non-patient facing forms. In all cases, the platform has security measures to protect patient health information. Here's an example of Mend's PHQ-9 assessment:

Mend PHQ-9 Assessment Example

Telehealth Appointments

Once scheduled, you can launch your telehealth appointments in a few clicks from the Mend dashboard. Clicking this link opens the telehealth portal, which works on any device with a strong internet connection.

Mend telehealth interface

Mend has built several valuable features into its telehealth portal. Top features include:

  • Turning cameras and microphones on and off
  • Sending the patient a text message if they're late
  • Chatting inside of the appointment
  • Screen sharing
  • Canvas mode that allows you to mark up images on the screen
  • Sending files
  • Provider notes
  • Adding another person to the call
  • Marking the patient as a no-show

Group Appointments

Purchasing Mend Pro allows your practice to hold group appointments with as many as 15 participants. In the system, you can create recurring group appointments with the relevant individuals, and schedule them to repeat into the future. This prevents your team from having to create a new group appointment for each visit.

Mend groups

Mend Pro also comes with the ability to store third parties in the system. For example, your practice can use third parties to add social workers, who can be added to group appointments.

Mend group telehealth appointment

Payment Processing

Mend has partnered with to power payment processing. To use this Mend Pro feature, you can add to your existing credit card merchant account with your bank.

During your Mend implementation, you establish a dollar fee for each appointment type. This allows you to automatically collect debit and credit card payments from your patients. You can also manually charge patients from the payments screen after the visit has concluded and all charges are known.

Appointment Reminders & Bulk Notifications (Text, Email, & Phone)

The Mend platform comes with communication tools that improve patient engagement. The two most important communications are appointment reminders and bulk notifications.

All Mend patients who are opted-in will receive a series of emails, texts, and phone calls reminding them about their upcoming appointments. These messages are sent over several weeks, and according to Mend, reduce no-show rates by up to 50%. Mend's appointment reminders include the ability for patients to cancel and reschedule appointments, and can sync directly with your EHR or PMS if you've purchased and integrated with Mend Pro.

You can also send bulk notifications (SMS, email, and voice) to specific patient segments using the Mend platform. Mend has a template editing tool that is used to build and edit email templates. Examples of bulk notifications include flu shot reminders, and office cancellation notifications.


Mend Pro accounts gain access to the Mend inbox. This is a HIPAA-compliant messaging portal that your team can use to securely communicate internally and with patients. To send and view messages through the platform, you do need to be logged into Mend.

Mend Inbox


Mend Pro comes with over 20 reports that help you analyze data and better understand your practice's performance. These reports cover domains such as appointments, assessments, notifications, payments and users. Two of the most commonly used reports are appointment metrics and organization insights.

The appointment metrics report provides an in-depth look at your practice's appointments. Data included in the appointment metrics report includes:

  • Total appointments
  • Confirmed appointments
  • Reschedule rate
  • Cancellation rate
  • Average patient wait time
  • Average appointment length

The organization insights report shares data on how your practice is using the platform. Example metrics found in this report include:

  • No-show rate
  • Appointment count
  • Appointment growth
  • Assessment count
  • Assessment growth

Customer Support

Mend offers an exceptional customer support service that helps ensure you and your patients have productive, error-free telehealth sessions. They have a team of experts that responds to requests in less than 15 seconds. Their average resolution time is around two minutes. This team is available to both you and your patients.

In addition, members of the Mend team monitor provider connections, and proactively reach out when they detect an issue. This helps ensure that as few visits as possible are negatively impacted by connection quality. You can contact Mend's team using the customer support button found on all pages.

Mend Integrations

For Mend Pro customers, Mend has built over 100 integrations with leading EHRs and practice management systems including:

  • Allscripts
  • Amazing Charts
  • Athena Health
  • Care Logic
  • eClinicalWorks
  • Epic
  • Kareo
  • McKesson
  • NextGen

Mend Alternatives & Competitors

Mend's platform offers telehealth and several integrated features. The top Mend competitors are:

Is Mend right for you?

Mend is a solid option for healthcare providers who want a platform to conduct telehealth appointments. Its telehealth module is integrated with several features like online forms and appointment reminders that are more commonly found in practice management systems and patient communication software. In addition, it’s instant technical support means your team no longer has to help patients troubleshoot technical issues.

Mend Now is a lightweight telehealth product that allows you to begin providing video appointments within one day. Mend Now shoppers should evaluate the tool against practice management systems like SimplePractice, and telehealth pure-plays like

For larger practices that frequently use telehealth, Mend Pro is a fantastic solution that can be customized during implementation. For these customers, Mend Pro plan that starts around $99 per month offers a robust platform at an attractive price point.

If you're interested, you can schedule a Mend demo today.

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