SimplePractice Review: Best Overall Practice Management System

SimplePractice Review: Best Overall Practice Management System

SimplePractice is a very powerful, well-designed practice management system that is perfect for solo to medium-sized behavioral health providers.


  • Well-designed client intake workflow that makes it easy for clients to complete documents
  • Offers Wiley Planners, customizable templates, and ability to create forms from scratch
  • Powerful mobile app with a 4.7 rating on 6,000 reviews, and client app for telehealth


  • Does not offer immedate phone support for customers
  • The calendar solution is lacking some nice-to-have features
  • No integrated ePrescribing functionality

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SimplePractice Pricing & Cost

The price for the full-featured solution starts at $49/month for a single clinician. Additional costs include:

  • Additional Clinicians: $29/month
  • Telehealth: $10/month per clinician
  • Credit card transactions: 2.95% + 30¢
  • After January 1st, 2020 the cost for Wiley Treatment Plans will be $15/month per clinician

Cancellation: The service is month-to-month or year-to-year, and you can cancel any time.

You can visit SimplePractice to start a free 30-day trial of its software today.

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Full Review: SimplePractice

SimplePractice was started in 2012 by CEO Howard Spector while he was training to become a therapist. The company's mission is to empower therapists to run their private practices more efficiently. SimplePractice is a fast-growing business and is building a strong team to fulfill its mission. The company has over 40,000 customers. We highly recommend SimplePractice to any private practice in the market for practice management software.

SimplePractice is a HIPAA-compliant, modern system with a wide range of basic and advanced features that is ideal for solo to medium-sized practices. You can find its BAA here. The company's customer-base includes therapists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, speech-language therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, dietitians, substance-abuse counselors, and more.

In addition to scheduling, billing, and notes, SimplePractice offers advanced features like HIPAA compliant telehealth, a robust client portal, and highly-rated Apple and Android mobile applications. Inside the mobile app you can add, edit, or delete appointments, create and process invoices, send paperless intakes, and add progress notes. The variety of options that SimplePractice offers for forms is impressive – Wiley Planners, pre-built templates for numerous professions and a tool to create forms from scratch. SimplePractice posts the latest updates to their software on this page.

Key Features

Below, we'll discuss the key features of SimplePractice, and how they would benefit your behavioral health practice. We'll also share some photos of the actual product to give you a sense of its design and architecture.

Client Intake

SimplePractice has a very strong client intake solution. The workflow is smooth and makes it easy for the patient to remotely sign forms and provide information in advance of appointments. To add a client to SimplePractice, you enter their name, contact information, billing type and referral source. Once created, SimplePractice allows you to send a personalized email to the client with intake instructions. Through the client portal, you can share consent documents, questionnaires, and demographic and credit card information. The client will receive your email with a link to the client portal and log-in instructions. Here is a look at how you send the client their personalized intake instructions:

Simple Practice Client Intake


SimplePratice has a clean, user-friendly calendar that displays your team's appointments and events. From this view, you can click any appointment to view its time, location, service type, billing type and total cost. The calendar is also the easiest way to start telehealth appointments. While well-designed, the calendar in SimplePractice cannot be filtered by clinician or other information as in other solutions. Finally, the calendar can be easily synced with iCal, Google Calendar and Outlook; however, this 2-way sync only imports 3 months of data.

On the patient side, clients can see your team's availability and schedule appointments through the client portal. A great perk is that unlike other tools, email, SMS and voice appointment reminders all come at no extra charge. Another unique SimplePractice feature is the Booking Widget, which you can embed on any website. Here is an example booking widget provided courtesy of SimplePractice:

Simple Practice Booking Widget

SimplePractice Client Portal

In SimplePractice's client portal, your clients can complete intake forms, request appointments, send HIPAA-compliant messages, download documents, and pay bills. When a client is added to the system, they receive a customized email that includes a link to your portal and their log-in information. Clients can add all their contact information, demographic information, and billing information. They are also able to see recent invoices, statements and account activity over any specific date range. Finally, patients can join Telehealth sessions directly from the portal if they prefer it to the SimplePractice mobile app.

Here is an example of how a patient would sign a psychotherapy consent form using the portal:

SimplePractice patient portal

Plans and Notes

SimplePractice comes with both templates and the ability to create your own custom forms. A new feature in the system is the integration of Wiley Practice Planners, which are free until January 2020. You can now choose from over 1,000 pre-written treatment goals, objectives, and interventions for the most common problems. One benefit is that these plans perform strongly under insurance audits.

You can create custom forms from scratch or from existing templates. When creating from scratch, you can add long-answer, short-answer, single choice, multiple choice, drop-down and date fields. You can also add section headers, section breaks and paragraph copy. The template library has templates for many professions, including behavioral health therapists, dietitians, chiropractors, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and substance abuse counselors. Here is a customizable template for a SOAP note.

SimplePractice SOAP note

Billing and Invoicing

SimplePractice's Smart Billing System was designed specifically for behavioral health providers. They partner with Stripe for credit card processing and the secure storage of credit card information. You can sign up to accept credit cards using the Online Payments section of application in less than five minutes. Credit card transactions have a fee of 2.95% + 30¢, with no fees for refunds. To promote operational efficiency, SimplePractice allows you to create and save your practice's services with descriptions, rates, length of time, and the corresponding clinicians. The system allows you to use these services while creating and filing insurance claims. SimplePractice provides an option to automatically generate invoices on a daily or monthly basis, and a batch claim feature to further streamline your processes. Both can help increase billed revenue.


SimplePractice's HIPAA compliant telehealth solution is flexible and easy-to-use. According to the company, over 3,000 health and wellness professionals use the solution each day. Telehealth is integrated directly into the system – you can launch a video appointment directly from the calendar with one click. It functions on any device and does not require patients to use a log-in or password to get started. The company also recently launched a mobile app specifically for Telehealth. Patients can download the app and join the appointment using only a URL. It is important to note that many of SimplePratice's competitors do not offer a reliable telehealth solution.

SimplePractice vs. TherapyNotes

SimplePractice and TherapyNotes are two of the leaders in mental health private practice management. When comparing SimplePractice vs. TherapyNotes, there are a few key differences to keep in mind:

  • Price: The base price for both systems is within $10/month. The biggest difference is that SMS and voice reminders are free with SimplePractice, but cost 14 cents each with TherapyNotes.
  • Telehealth: SimplePractice offers telehealth integrated into its platform, while TherapyNotes does not.
  • Forms: SimplePractice provides more options to create your forms (templates, Wiley templates, form builder). TherapyNotes' forms are less customizable, but very user friendly and packed with time-saving, powerful features like auto-suggest.
  • Mobile app: SimplePractice offers a mobile app to help you manage your private practice, and an telehealth app for your clients. TherapyNotes does not offer an app.

Is SimplePractice right for you?

SimplePractice is one of the best solutions on the market. We strongly recommend it for solo, medium and group practices. It's most important strengths include a streamlined client intake workflow, a wide range of options for forms, easy-to-use telehealth appointments, and a mobile app with impressive feature parity. There are a few smaller features that SimplePractice doesn't include, such as the ability to bulk-add clients and ePrescribing, but these are easily outweighed by the software company's strengths.

If you are interested in testing SimplePractice's software for your practice, sign up for a free 30-day trial today.

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