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For over 20 years, Eaglesoft (by Patterson Dental) has been a popular dental practice management software system, designed with many features to help both the clinical side as well as the front office in dental practices. Dentrix, Eaglesoft, and SoftDent are currently the most widely used systems on the market. All three options are quite similar in that they're all locally hosted, mature solutions with virtually all of the functionality that you'd want from your dental software.

Though Eaglesoft is a locally hosted solution, and there are many benefits of cloud-based software, one benefit of choosing such a popular practice management software system is familiarity -- if you're hiring experienced staff, they may already be familiar with Eaglesoft, and if they're not, they can likely pick it up pretty quickly.

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Eaglesoft Pricing & Cost

Eaglesoft pricing is based upon your number of locations:

  • Eaglesoft costs approximately $200 per month for a single practice
  • Free demo

Eaglesoft Features

Below, we'll walk through some of Eaglesoft's key features.


When considering dental practice management software, charting is one of the most important features. Eaglesoft comes with an intuitive chart that is integrated with the treatment plan, imaging, and billing modules. With Eaglesoft's Chart, you can select the relevant teeth, and chart using the various options on the right-hand side of the module.

Eaglesoft Chart

This makes charting a quick process, and much less cumbersome than traditional paper charting. In addition, the chart will automatically save the patient's history for each tooth.

Eaglesoft also has perio charting capabilities. To use it, you first select the metric you want to measure: pocket depth (PD), gingival margin (GM), furcation involvement (FG) mobility (MOB), or Mucogingival Junction (MGJ). Then, you can simply type in the measurements for each metric. The software also keeps a history of the patient's perio chart, so that you can understand how their chart has evolved over time.

Eaglesoft Perio Chart

Treatment Plans

Eaglesoft enables dentists to easily create treatment plans, and present them to patients along with cost estimates and insurance information. You can also create multiple treatment plans, in order to give patients different treatment options. The Treatment Plan module is tightly integrated with the charting and imaging modules, so you will be able to access all of the relevant information directly from the treatment plan.

Eaglesoft Treatment Plan


Eaglesoft integrates with various digital image solutions. Prior to purchasing Eaglesoft, you should make sure that it integrates with your current imaging hardware, or are willing to switch to a compatible option.

Eaglesoft also makes it easy to import images, and share them through email.

Document Storage

Eaglesoft provides a feature called SmartDoc, which essentially serves as a digital file cabinet, and helps staff manage various documents entirely within the software. This is an important feature for those who want to transition to a more paperless practice. SmartDoc allows you to create a folder in the program for each patient and provider, where you can store relevant documents, and access them whenever you need them. For example, you can scan important insurance documents, and assign them to the patient's SmartDoc. By having each patient's most relevant documents in one central location in the software, it's easy to quickly find the information you need.


Eaglesoft's scheduling module is known as OnSchedule. As with other dental practice management software systems, the scheduler comes with a color-coded appointment book that makes it easily to view the day's schedule for the entire office, or by practitioner. OnSchedule also comes with some more advanced features, like booking family appointments, and creating custom hours for providers. You can also double book appointments. When patients are due for another visit, you can send automatic reminders, which greatly helps patient recall.

Eaglesoft Scheduler


The software comes equipped with hundreds of comprehensive reports to help you analyze various aspects of your practice. For example, you can analyze each provider's productivity for the month, and also analyze each insurance company's productivity. This helps you understand how much is being billed to each insurance company, and how much is actually reimbursed. You can also analyze your patient demographics, which can be helpful in understanding who to market to. The "Money Finder" reporting tool is Eaglesoft's way of allowing users to create custom queries to search their patient database. This can be an effective way to perform customer segmentation analysis.

Eaglesoft Alternatives and Competitors

Eaglesoft competitors include established on-premise practice management software and more modern cloud-based solutions. The top Eaglesoft alternatives are:

Bottom Line

As one of the most popular and reputable dental practice management software systems, Eaglesoft has a strong track record of helping dental practices run smoothly. If you are looking for a locally hosted dental practice management software system, then Eaglesoft is worth considering, as it has many features to help optimize your practice from end to end.

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