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What Is NexHealth?

NexHealth is a patient experience management platform used by thousands of dental and medical professionals to grow their practices. NexHealth's dental software includes all the necessary tools to manage the patient experience end-to-end: email & text messaging, online reviews, appointment scheduling, online forms, appointment reminders, recalls and reporting. NexHealth has bi-directional integrations with over 35 practice management systems including Dentrix, Eaglesoft, and Open Dental.

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Full Review: NexHealth

NexHealth was founded in 2017 by Alamin Uddin. In a short time, the company has grown to serve over 4,000 practices across the United States. Their top verticals are dental, dermatology, medical, and optometry. NexHealth has raised over $7 million from leading investors and employs over 20 individuals.

NexHealth's platform includes all the major components that practices need to effectively engage their patients and increase booking volume. This includes online reviews, scheduling, online forms, appointment reminders, recalls and reporting. NexHealth is one of the only solutions that includes all of these features. As a result, its tools are more powerful than alternative systems, and the resulting patient experience is more seamless.

Customers typically use NexHealth to replace multiple systems. To get the same set of features found in NexHealth, a practice would need to purchase a patient communication system like Lighthouse 360, and an online scheduling tool such as LocalMed. With NexHealth, there is no need to integrate multiple systems; these different features and functions work together and are more effective under the unified platform.

Overall, NexHealth is a powerful, fully-integrated patient engagement platform. We highly recommend it for practices that are serious about investing in their patient experience to grow their practices.

NexHealth Pricing & Cost

Here's an overview of NexHealth pricing:

  • Full Package: $700 per month for a single location
  • Communication Package: $450 per month for a single location
  • Scheduling & Reviews Package: $350 per month for a single location

NexHealth Features

Below, we'll discuss the key features of NexHealth, and how they improve your end-to-end patient experience. We'll also share some photos of the actual product to give you a sense of its design and layout.

Online Booking

Online booking is the core of NexHealth's product. Its other patient engagement features are built to increase the volume of appointments you book from new and existing patients. The average NexHealth customer gets 25 appointments per month through the system outside of normal business hours.

The booking module inside of NexHealth is highly customizable, and integrates directly with your practice management system. You can customize your practice's schedule with different types of appointments at different locations, in different operatories, and with different doctors. You can also set up your system to capture each patient's insurance information.

NexHealth Scheduling Interface

Patients are able to book through your website as shown in the example below. A calendar with your real-time availability can also be embedded into any emails that you send through NexHealth.

NexHealth Schedule Management

When a patient books an appointment, it will automatically sync to your practice’s schedule. If you prefer, you can also add a step for your team to review and confirm the appointment.

NexHealth Appointment Confirmation

Appointment Reminders

Once a patient has booked an appointment, it's critical that you send reminders to increase the likelihood that the patient shows up for the appointment. NexHealth comes with a set of templates you can send through email and text message. You can edit these appointment reminder templates using a WYSIWYG or HTML editor, and can personalize the message with fields like "PATIENTNAME".

NexHealth Reminder Email Editor

NexHealth also allows you to create a workflow that will send each patient a series of emails and text messages over time. As you can see below, you can specify the delay between any two messages. The system also gives you the option to stop sending reminders to any patient who has already confirmed his or her appointment.

NexHealth Reminders Workflow

Text Messaging

Patients with questions about their upcoming visits can contact your office directly using NexHealth's two-way text messaging service. These messages flow into the application's Messages interface, where your team can quickly respond. Patients can use this communication system to submit their insurance cards in advance, which will streamline your practice's intake workflow.

NexHealth Messages Interface

Online Forms

NexHealth forms can be automatically sent to your patients ahead of their visits to capture all patient demographic information, including consent and health history. In addition, all forms will bidirectionally sync with your practice management software and instantly be available in all of your practice locations.

Payment Processing

NexHealth has partnered with Braintree for payment processing. If your team realizes that a patient owes money for a previous appointment, they can enter that patient's information and send an email and text message to request payment.

NexHealth Payment Request Form

To pay, the patient only needs to enter their credit card information and confirm the transaction – there's no wasted time creating an account or logging in.

NexHealth Payment Request Form

Online Reviews

After your patients complete their appointments, you can use NexHealth to generate and manage patient reviews. This will help your performance in Google search, save staff time, and provide insight into patient satisfaction.

These campaigns are set up using the same workflow tool as appointment reminders. The system automatically sends a series of email and text messages to patients asking for their feedback.

NexHealth Patient Satisfaction Email

Patients who give your practice a 4 or 5 star rating are redirected to Google to leave a second review. All reviews appear in your main dashboard, where you can monitor and respond.


Automated recalls are one of the most effective ways to increase patient retention. You can use the NexHealth workflow tool to send personalized reminders to patients based upon their specific procedure codes, treatment plan, and continuing care. Since NexHealth manages your booking calendar, your patients can book appointments directly from these automated recalls.

Similar to other communications, you can edit recall emails in NexHealth using their WYSIWYG or HTML editor. The system's smart commands allow you to dynamically insert personalized information into your emails with 1-Click Booking.

NexHealth Email Recall Editor

No-shows & Cancellations

This same NexHealth functionality can be used to automate the rescheduling of patients who no-show or cancel. Simply use the campaign builder to create a series of messages that NexHealth will automatically send to this segment of patients. As with all other NexHealth communications, patients can book an appointment from these messages in a few clicks.

NexHealth Cancellation Email Example

Email and Text Message Campaigns

In addition to lifecycle marketing, your practice can use NexHealth to send bulk emails and text messages. The most common uses of this feature include monthly newsletters and seasonal promotions. Here's a Valentine's Day email that was sent by Kenosha Breeze Family Dental, a NexHealth customer.

NexHealth Promo Email Example

NexHealth's system allows you to segment your marketing campaigns based on numerous dimensions. It's critical that you segment your communications if you want to ensure they are relevant for the target audience.

NexHealth Campaign Segment Builder


In addition to performance reporting for your marketing efforts, the NexHealth platform includes an analytics dashboard with data about your practice and patient engagement. Available metrics include:

  • Appointment count by day
  • No-shows and cancellations by day
  • Total reminders sent by day, and percentage confirmed
  • New patients, total patients, inactive patients
  • Patient satisfaction and NPS score

Here's an example analytics dashboard from NexHealth that shows booked appointments by day:

NexHealth Analytics Dashboard

Additional Features

The NexHealth platform includes features in addition to those detailed above. Two additional features worth noting are:

  • Google and Facebook Integrations: These integrations enable NexHealth customers to run retargeting ads on Google & Facebook, and track end-to-end patient journeys across multiple platforms.
  • An API: NexHealth customers can leverage the NexHealth API to integrate with other systems. Common use cases include sending performance data to BI tools, syncing data with other marketing systems like HubSpot, and integrating with Salesforce to enable call center employees to book appointments.

NexHealth Integrations

NexHealth has built over 30 integrations with leading practice management systems including:

NexHealth Alternatives & Competitors

NexHealth is an all-in-one platform that combines the functionality of patient communication systems and online scheduling tools. In each category, the top NexHealth alternatives & competitors are:

Online Scheduling Tools

Reputation Management Software

Email Marketing Software

Payment Processing Tools

  • PayPal
  • Square
  • Paper-based systems

Is NexHealth right for you?

NexHealth is a patient experience management platform used by thousands of dental and medical professionals to grow their practices. It differentiates itself from other solutions by offering a full suite of patient engagement tools in a single platform. For example, most patient communication systems will not come with an online booking module that syncs bidirectionally with your practice management system.

If you're serious about growing your practice, and willing to invest in a powerful platform to make it happen, NexHealth is a fantastic option. Keep in mind that it's more expensive than popular patient communication systems. If you're on a tight budget, or just need a tool to support one aspect of your marketing, then NexHealth is probably not right for you.

If you're interested, you can schedule a NexHealth demo today.

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