Swell CX Review, Pricing & Features

What Is Swell?

Swell is a reputation management platform built specifically for the dental and medical industries. The platform helps practices generate & manage online reviews, communicate with patients, and measure patient satisfaction. Swell integrates with the major practice management systems including Dentrix, Eaglesoft, and Open Dental.

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Full Review: Swell

Swell was founded in 2016 by Drew Sparks and Zeke Kuch. The reputation management system has grown from a few hundred customers to over 2,000 in the past year. Swell is based in Salt Lake City, Utah and currently has 20 employees.

The Swell platform has all the major features you would expect in a reputation management system. This includes the ability to automatically generate & manage online reviews, have two-way conversations with customers, and survey patients to measure their satisfaction with your practice. Since it's a newer dental software platform, some features are still under development. Valuable features that will launch soon include a Facebook Messenger integration, a mobile app, the ability to assign conversations to specific team members, and the option to send images and attachments.

Swell differentiates from competitors like BirdEye and Podium through its specific focus on the dental & medical verticals, and its more affordable price point. The company only develops the most important features that its customers demand. As a result, the tool can support dentists and doctors in ways that alternatives cannot, and you don't have to pay for features that you won't use.

Overall, we believe that reputation management systems are a valuable tool that practices should strongly consider. If you prefer a tool built specifically for the dental & medical industries, and want to save a few hundred dollars per month, then Swell is an excellent option.

Swell Pricing & Cost

Here's an overview of Swell pricing:

  • Pricing starts at $179 per month for a single location
  • Webchat is an extra $79 per month
  • Unlimited volume of texts & emails
  • No annual contracts

Swell Features

Below, we'll discuss the key features of Swell, and how they would create value for your practice. We'll also share some photos of the actual product to give you a sense of its design and layout.

Online Reviews

On average, Swell customers increase their online reviews by over 300% in the first year. These reviews strengthen your online reputation, and help new patients find your practice through improved search rankings. You can use Swell to publish reviews to numerous platforms including:

  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Trip Advisor
  • Golf Now
  • Vitals
  • Healthgrades

Review Generation

Swell automates the generation and publishing of patient reviews. During implementation, Swell integrates their system with your practice management system. This provides the appointment and procedure code data that Swell needs to automatically trigger targeted campaigns.

The campaigns are a series of customizable email and text messages that push patients to the review sites of your choice. You can use Swell's templates or the message editor pictured below to build your messages, and dynamically add personalized information such as each patient's name. You can also send automated reminders to people who have yet to complete their reviews.

Swell review campaign builder

Patients are sent emails and text messages with a link that takes them to Google and other platforms to leave reviews. Here's an example of the text message that your patients will receive.

Swell text message review prompt

When the patient clicks the link, they are taken directly to Google to leave their review. Once completed, the review is added to your Google My Business profile.

Swell text message review prompt

Review Management

Information from completed reviews are pulled into the Swell dashboard. The dashboard shows your practice's overall rating, how it's trending over time, and the individual reviews patients have left.

Swell review responses dashboard

The individual reviews are pulled into a live feed inside Swell. As you can see below, your team can read the reviews and respond directly from the Swell application, which saves considerable time.

Swell review responses dashboard

Swell Messenger

Swell has a two-way messaging tool that you can use to communicate with customers via text message. When a customer texts your business, or contacts you through webchat, a new conversation thread is created in the Messenger dashboard.

Swell Messenger Interface

From here, your team can reply to the text message, view the contact's details, or decide to call or email the patient. During SoftwarePundit's research, practice owners spoke very highly of the benefits of two-way texting. We consistently heard that this feature significantly improves patient engagement for patients in all age groups.

Advanced features of the Swell Messenger include templates and the ability to use your official practice phone number for text messaging. Two features still in development are the ability to send pictures & attachments, and an integration with Facebook Messenger.

Swell Webchat

For an additional $79 per month, you can add Swell's webchat tool to your website. Webchat is an extremely effective way to engage potential customers and ensure all their questions are answered.

Swell allows you to control the color and placement of your webchat widget. In addition, you can customize your welcome message, icon button, and human avatar. Here's an example of Swell's webchat tool on a customer's website:

Swell Webchat Interface

Customer Experience Surveys

In addition to generating reviews and managing conversations, you can use Swell to send customer experience surveys. Each patient can rate their experience with your practice on a 1-5 star scale and provide a few sentences to explain their score. This is an effective way to capture customer feedback, understand what they love about your practice, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Swell customer experience survey preview

Responses to your customer experience surveys are visible in the Swell dashboard. In the dashboard, you can see your overall score, how it is trending over time, recent reviews, and performance statistics for your campaigns.

Swell customer experience results dashboard

NPS Surveys

With the Swell platform, you can create and send Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys via email and text message. Sending these surveys to recent patients will help you keep a pulse on patient satisfaction and unearth opportunities to improve your practice. You also have the option to ask patients to leave a review after completing the NPS survey.

Once completed, NPS responses are available in the Swell dashboard. In the dashboard, you can see your overall score, how it is trending, as well as the most recent responses.

Swell NPS results dashboard

Swell Mobile Application

Swell is currently beta testing its mobile application. When launched, the mobile application will allow you to respond to reviews, chat with patients, and view your analytics dashboard. The application will be particularly useful for managing customer conversations when you're on the go.

Swell Mobile App

Swell Integrations

Swell has built over 100 integrations with leading practice management systems including:

Swell Alternatives & Competitors

The top Swell alternatives & competitors are:

Is Swell right for you?

Swell is an affordable, effective reputation management platform built specifically to help dental and medical practices strengthen their online reputations and acquire new patients. It comes with all the major features that you need to generate a high volume of patient reviews, manage two-way conversations with patients, and capture valuable feedback.

Swell does not have all the bells and whistles found in more mature competitors. At the same, the team is rapidly launching valuable new features. In addition, the average practice will save a few hundred dollars per month by selecting Swell as their reputation management system.

If you're interested, visit Swell's website to schedule a demo today.

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