ChiroTouch Review: Most Popular Chiropractic Practice Management Software

ChiroTouch is a leader in the chiropractic practice management space, with over 18,000 DCs and 11,000 practices using the software. Though there has been significant consolidation in the chiropractic software industry, ChiroTouch has recently made several notable acquisitions, including Autumn8, Future Health, and EON, which are all well-known names within the industry. ChiroTouch currently has over 170 employees, making it the largest chiropractic-specific EHR software vendor. In addition, it has the longest track record, having been in business since 1999. When selecting a chiropractic EHR, one of the most important considerations is the longevity and success of the software vendor -- this is because there can be substantial overhead in switching to a new EHR if your current software vendor goes out of business. ChiroTouch is one of the few chiropractic EHR software vendors which you can be confident will continue to thrive for years to come.

If you're looking to make your practice more compliant and efficient, and eventually move to a paperless practice, then ChiroTouch is a top option to consider. The EHR software is fully certified, and has helped thousands of practices attest for Meaningful Use since 2012. Given its rich set of features, it can also come with a learning curve, especially since the software is customizable. However, those who are willing to invest the time and money into fully utilizing the software's capabilities will be rewarded with a customizable solution that can address your practice's specific needs.

ChiroTouch prides itself on its customer support, claiming that through its online chat, the average wait time for a chat session is under a minute. Through a phone call, they claim that the average time to talk to a live support representative is under 5 minutes.


  • Most popular software solution designed specifically for chiropractors, with over 18,000 users acros 1,000+ clinics.
  • One of the most comprehensive options on the market.
  • EHR is fully-certified and has helped thousands of practices attest for Meaningful Use.
  • Exceptional documentation capabilities with customizable macros, and SALT (Same as Last Time) feature.


  • Does not offer a cloud-based solution. ChiroTouch owns SmartCloud, which is a popular cloud-based EHR, but this product is being sunset in September 2018.
  • Not ideal for those looking for a lightweight, low-cost system.

ChiroTouch Pricing & Cost

Here's an overview of ChiroTouch's cost:

  • $249/month, with 12-month contract.
  • One time setup fee.

The ChiroTouch system consists of various modules to help streamline your practice. We'll walk through some of the most important modules included in the system.


Documentation is one of ChiroTouch's biggest strengths, and has helped many practices remain compliant with Medicare requirements. The key to ChiroTouch's documentation capabilities is in its ability to provide customized macros to speed up the documentation process. Macros are commonly used buttons, which translate directly to text, and enable you to create SOAP notes entirely through touch when using an iPad. The system comes with many pre-loaded macros, which some users have found to be less useful than customizing their own macros for their own needs. Creating custom macros takes some time, but is a worthwhile investment. If you don't want to customize your own macros, there are 3rd party companies who create and sell ChiroTouch macros.

Another timesaving feature is the SALT feature (Same as Last Time), which preloads the notes from previous visits. This makes it so that you just have to update changes from the previous visit, which makes documentation even faster, and can increase the number of patients the doctor sees.

The documentation can be as thorough as desired, and can be printed out, which is helpful for creating personal injury narrative reports.

Front Desk

ChiroTouch has various features to help the front desk operate more smoothly, and ultimately enable the practice to treat more patients.

When patients arrive, they can quickly self check-in for their appointment by scanning a barcode, entering a PIN, or using a fingerprint scanner. This streamlines the patient check-in process, and saves the front desk staff time as well.

Chirotouch comes with various outcomes assessment forms that patients can fill out either online through the patient portal, or through an iPad upon arrival. This information will automatically get loaded into the patient's profile.

After the patient has finished their treatment, the doctor can immediately send over all of the relevant information to the front desk, detailing the treatments they received as well as when the patient's next visit should be scheduled.

Patients can be sent automatic appointment reminders through the software, which is helpful in reducing cancellations and no-shows.


ChiroTouch enables users to send EDI Claim Batches through the clearinghouse of your choice, and also includes automatic claim scrubbing. This identifies errors even before the claims get sent out, and maximizes your chances of getting reimbursed. When an error is detected, it has an attached error code, which gives detailed information about the error, and tells you how to resolve it.

Once you submit your claims, the software makes it easy to track the status of each claim, and identify claims that require follow-up.


ChiroTouch comes with various standardized reports to help you analyze your practice's performance. We highly recommend using these reports to your advantage, as analyzing your data is one of the best ways to increase your revenue. For example, you can analyze how much revenue your business has brought in month over month, analyze referral sources of new patients, and better understand patient demographics. With the Report Manager, you can schedule reports to run automatically, and also mange their settings in one location.

Bottom Line

ChiroTouch is a premier chiropractic EHR that has all of the functionality needed to manage your chiropractic practice from end to end. With over 18,000 DCs using the software, it's the most popular software designed specifically for chiropractors. However, given its price tag and its additional functionality, the software is only relevant for practices that are able to leverage all of its functionality, and customize it to their needs. If you won't need all of ChiroTouch's capabilities, then it may be worth considering a more lightweight solution at lower price point. In addition, if you're looking for a cloud-based chiropractic EHR, then you'll have to consider alternative options.

If you don't mind hosting the software on your own servers, and are looking for a premium software system that can help run your practice from end to end, then ChiroTouch is a must to consider.

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